May 272016


Is it just me, or did Memorial Day Weekend seem to sneak up on you, too?  It was just a few days ago when I looked at my calendar and realized that my next week-day off was waaaaaaaaaaaaay sooner than I imagined.

Of course, the moment last Saturday when I realized that my pending weekend will gain an extra day, I immediately started moving things to my “next weekend to do” list.  Some may call this “putting things off” or procrastination.

A week from Monday I will be taking my first ever trip to Washington DC. If you’ve been around these parts before, you may know that I have a little “thing” for Presidential fun facts, and the idea of spending some time soaking in all the POTUS history the district has to offer leaves me elated, at the least. I’ll be traveling to work a tradeshow for my day job, but there is a good bit of free-time scheduled each day of our visit, too.  My boss-friend Jenn also loves history and digs Presidents [or at least pretends to when I start rambling about them…] and will be joining me for her first DC trip, too.  Add to the facts that her high school best friend who now lives in Tennessee happens to also be in DC that week, and you have two over-the-moon business travelers. 

This week we sat down and made a list of our must-see attractions and looked at our schedule to determine when we may be able to best fit them in.  I want to spend some time this weekend prepping for the trip, both in terms of packing lists and travel doc organization and binge watching The West Wing and any sort of DC travel/food shows I can find on the Food Network and Travel Channel aps. Apps. Aps. Is it app or ap? [I looked it up: it’s app.]


Now that summer is starting to roll into Sco-town, it’s also time for a furniture re-arrangement at THS HQ.  This year we have a 2nd air conditioning unit, meaning that my work-space and bedroom space can remain separate for the first summer since we started this here webspace in 2009.  The best window in THS HQ for the 2nd unit is in the dining area side of the kitchen, so we’ve got some plans to swap room purposes around this weekend, moving a piece or two of kitchen furniture into the living area where my desk and worktable currently reside.  We will see how this goes…

I haven’t looked at the weather forecast for the weekend yet [laziness? perhaps.] but if all goes well, I think I may go on my first outdoor run of 2016. I have been logging plenty of miles of the walking variety, but other than a handful of treadmill runs this winter, I haven’t felt the motivation to do any sort of jogging until very recently. 

It seems a little odd to me that I haven’t wanted to run this year; previous years I’ve ran through the winter, or if taking a season off, am ready to start a training plan in February or March of each new year.  This time around it’s definitely felt different, but a few days ago when walking I felt the urge to run and think giving it a try may be a good test for my heart; is running something I should continue to chase? 

I have a feeling once I start racking up some wog [walk/jog] interval sessions, I’ll remember all the things I’ve missed: pushing myself past previous bests, alone time with podcasts in ears, runners high, feeling accomplished, connecting with other runners, and food that has never tasted better than after a hard workout. 

I also, of course, have a task to do list a mile long, which I will tackle one step at a time. 

What about you? What is on the docket for your holiday weekend?