#THS13point1 Week 11

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Sep 222014

A few months ago I registered for my first half marathon.  I decided to document the process of my training, hoping that it will help to keep me accountable to train strong.  This is week eleven.

Monday September 15 – Sunday September 21
Total Miles Planned: 23
Total Miles Ran: 25 total miles: 21 ran // 4 walked


Favorite Run: Wednesday’s 5 miles felt really nice, at 10:01 pacing.  Especially considering my first 1.5 miles were run with a backpack on :)  [Last week I started all of my weekday post-work runs starting from the office, with a backpack of work clothes and such on my back.  I stop at home to drop off the bag and get a quick drink of water before finishing my mileage for the day.] 

Least Favorite Run:  Holy cow – was my long run a doozey this weekend.  All the elements were against me – horrible sleeping, woke up 45 minutes later than I planned, higher humidity than expected – just a general UGH! kind of day.  But I did not give up and I logged all 13 miles that I had declared I would run, which was good enough for me.

Other Workouts: Other than walking and lots of stretching, not a thing. Goal for this week: 2 strength training workouts.

Listening Notes:  So many podcasts.  Including the most recent episode of RadioLab which features the story of the Suskind’s, who I first learned about in the New York Times article Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney which I mentioned back in April.

Fueling Notes:  Lots of repeat fuel on last week’s long run. The only new-to-me experience was the Berry flavored Gatorade pouch, which was a nice flavor and had the same benefits as the Fierce Grape I’ve already raved about.

#THS13Point1 Reflections: This coming Sunday I’ll be setting a 5K personal record [#sayitdoit] which leaves my upcoming week of training a bit convoluted.  I want rested legs for race day, which means I’ll be completing my long run [dropping back to 11 miles] for the week one night after work which is something I’ve never done.  I’m considering Sunday’s race my speed work, and want to make sure not to go out too hard during any of my other training runs this week to keep my legs feeling as fresh as possible.

I’m happy I’ve been tracking my progress so closely this training cycle, because it’s allowed me to see trends in my training, and use those trends to my advantage.  When something is repeatedly going poorly [say, vomiting after my long run] I have an opportunity to evaluate and change my behavior to help the situation. [Say, finding a way to refuel during my post-run stretch even when I don’t have much of an appetite, rather than waiting until later when I feel more like eating. Thanks, chocolate milk!]

The most recent trend I’ve noticed in my training is a serious struggle during miles 3 and 4 of every long run.  My first mile has been my fastest during EACH of my long runs, which tells me I am starting WAY TOO FAST and should pay more attention to pace from the get go.  I plan to  focus on finding the balance I need to keep my energy and effort consistent throughout my entire workout. 

#THS13point1 Week 10

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Sep 152014

A few months ago I registered for my first half marathon.  I decided to document the process of my training, hoping that it will help to keep me accountable to train strong.  This is week ten.

Monday September 8 – Sunday September 14
Total Miles Planned: 20
Total Miles Ran: 17CYMERA_20140914_100319

Favorite Run:  My long run was AWESOME. The first four miles felt a bit odd, but once I found my groove, I held on to it and finished feeling oh so strong.  I skimmed over 10 minutes off my personal best for the 15K distance and felt really great about it. So much so that I’m thinking about signing up for the Stockadathon [which has a new route this year which seems extra appealing!] in November to PR.

Least Favorite Run:  Monday I ran two miles without stopping. It felt fairly fast, with negative splits, but the reason it was speedy and only two miles was that I didn’t feel like running and had to force myself out the door by promising a medium effort workout over in a jiffy.  One of those “glad that’s over” runs, for certain.

Other Workouts: Last October I received a yoga mat as a gift. Last week I used it for the first time and realized that a yoga mat is 100x better for yoga’ing than the living room floor.  I see lots more mat time in my future.

Listening Notes: Lots of podcasts consumed this week, but more worthy of noting are the two music filled playlists I created.  One for 5K pacing [8:45-9:30] and one for half marathon pacing [9:45-10:30] using Jog.FM as a reference.  I’m excited to give them a try this week!

Fueling Notes:  I am so glad I took Ari’s recommendation to try the orange Honey Stinger energy chews, even after I thought the pink lemonade flavor was “meh.”  Mid-run I used the orange flavor, along with the Peach Tea GU chomps during the 15K I ran Sunday morning.  I liked the flavor and texture of the Honey Stingers better than the GU Chomps, but I did like the extra boost I got after the chomps due to the caffeine they contain.

I had so much more success with chews/chomps this run than ever before, and I think this is attributed to my not stopping to walk while take the fuel.  Every other time I’ve tried a chewable fuel on run, I’ve taken a walking break to grab my fuel from my camelback, tear open the package, sip water and munch down the chews.  This time around, I prepped the fuel before leaving the house by opening the packages and pouring some of the chews into a Ziplock bag and folding the bag compact enough to fit into my Spibelt.  I was able to get to and consume the fuel by slowing my pace slightly rather than stopping to walk which made a  HUGE difference in my run overall.  And I ran over five miles without stopping for the first time EVER!!

#THS13Point1 Reflections:  Oh my gosh. How did I forget how awesome running in fall weather is?  For the first time in this training cycle, I felt chilly at the start of a run. Starting out my Sunday long run, the temperature read 47 degrees, leading me to layer up before leaving the house.  I wore long sleeves for the first four miles and I didn’t drink nearly as much water as I have been from my Camelback, either. 

Because the summer has been quite mellow in terms of heat, I’ve been quite comfortable running in 70-85 degrees for the majority of my runs thus far, but this week brought such rewards in the weather!  Each of my three runs from last week felt SO FAST, simply because of a drop in temperature making my effort show quicker pace results. I LOVE FALL and I’m really excited to put fall running speed to test at a 5K I’m running with Alicia on the 28th.  I’ve got sub-30 on my mind! #PRorBust