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Oct 062015

TV Podcasts I Discovered and Subscribed to This Summer

  1. Pop Rocket from Maximum Fun. I. LOVE. THIS. PODCAST.  I heard about it from another favorite pop culture podcast I’ve mentioned dozens of times, Pop Culture Happy Hour, when PCHH host Linda Holmes was a guest on Pop Rocket and suggested listeners check it out. I am so happy I took that advice.  I am a Guy Branum comedy fan, and he hosts this weekly show with four panelists discussing different topics and answering recommendation-based questions each week.  Sometimes guests join the party and all the times I am smiling and laughing through the episode. Highly recommended.
  2. Vulture TV Podcast. Nothing like my favorite TV focused podcast [Extra Hot Great from Previously.TV] but they do seem to talk about the same topics week to week, which is great!  It makes for filling my ears with different perspectives before I choose to give something a try sometimes. 

Podcasts I Recommend if You’re a Lover of Trivia

  1. Ask Me Another.  This show features puzzles, word games, and pop trivia in front of a live audience. Just trust me and try it.
  2. Doug Loves Movies. Okay, so I recommend this to EVERYONE, trivia-lover or not. Movie-buff or not. Comedy-nerd or not. It’s my favorite, my gateway podcast after This American Life and Wait, Wait [which don’t count because you know, NPR on the actual radio forever and ever,] and also the reason my cat is named Benson. Check it.

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TV Pilots We Watched Last Week That I Loved

  1. Quantico. This has a very Shondraland feel without being Shondraland, paired with an FBI/cop show and you’ve found my own personal catnip. I wasn’t sure I would like this going in, but so far I’m IN.  I can tell I like a show these days if when an episode ends I want to start the next episode immediately.  When the pilot of Quantico was over, I wished it was a Netflix show and binge-able.
  2. The Grinder.  Fred Savage has been sharing his comedy talents behind the camera on some of the best shows over the past decade [Garfunkel and Oates, Best Friends Forever, Happy Endings…the list goes on and on…] and Rob Lowe is one of my favorite actors in all of television [Sam Seabourne, duh.]

TV Pilots We Watched Last Week That I Liked

  1. Blood & Oil. I can easily see myself getting into this show in a Dawson’s, Revenge, Brothers & Sisters sort of way. [Yes, that’s a way, apparently.]  I liked the pilot about 20 times more than I liked episode 2 of either How to Get Away with Murder OR Scandal, neither of which held my attention enough for me to tell you what actually happened on them.
  2. Grandfathered.  I’m a Stamos fan, and Fox has been winning with comedies lately [see: The Grinder, above & Brooklyn-99, our favorite returning comedy. This one is fine for a pilot and shows promise for the coming episodes.


Recipes on My To-Soup List
Now that the weather has chilled, I’m craving the comfort of a mug of warmth for dinner just about every night.

  1. Crockpot Coconut Curry Chicken Soup from Amee’s Savory Dish.  These flavors are right up my alley and I love the ease of a crockpot dinner.
  2. 30 Minute Buffalo Chicken Soup from How Sweet It Is.  I still love all things buffalo and the idea of dinner in 30 is still so appealing to me!

Accessories to My To-Soup List Recipes
Because soup needs a companion sometimes, ya know?

  1. Cheddar Cheese Muffins.  I make these suckers with a bar of my favorite Cabot at least once a year.  They are great on their own, but perfect with chili or any sort of hearty soup or stew! 
  2. Buttermilk Chobani Naan from My Bizzy Kitchen.  This stuff would go GREAT with that curry soup from Amee.  Bizzy shares the best recipes because they are all so EASY when you follow her instructions and tips. Love that lady!


Enjoyed at Jade Bistro in Scotia. 

  1. Dad came to town for work recently and we met for dinner at Jade Bistro, where we had dined together before.  We started with the Dragon Feast featuring fried dumplings, spring rolls, BBQ pork tenderloin and Spicy Walnut shrimp.  The shrimp were FANTASTIC, but I really enjoyed all the items on the platter. 
  2. We then went with a trio of specialty rolls.  I honestly don’t remember what they all were, but they were all fresh and delicious.  I trust my dad when ordering out – he’s never let me down!  

All You Can Eat Deliciousness at Sushi X in Latham

This place is a sushi lovers DREAM. Or just a food lovers dream. Full disclosure: I was VERY hungry going in, but every single thing I ate tasted delicious.  We went the all you can eat route, which on the weekend runs $23.95 a person.  For the variety of food we ordered and enjoyed, it was QUITE the deal.  The All You Can Eat menus are two fold – sushi, which features fresh made-to-order sushi, sashimi, maki rolls and specialty rolls and a “Kitchen” menu FULL of options for appetizers, soups, salads, and protein dishes. 

We were a table of eight – which is a story in itself. It was a gathering of people who all kind of sort of knew each other through other people, but had connected on IG and decided through group message we were going to be friends.  This was my first hang with the group and it was a blast! 

Our group rearranged ourselves into two tables in order to make group ordering a bit more manageable, and as we settled in we commented on the 70’s disco vibe the place had going on with the “cool” lights and bead curtains.  My table of sushi lovers included one salmon allergy, one eel-hater, and one pescatarian, which was unexpectedly easy to deal with because eel is so easy to recognize and keep salmon orders to the sashimi menu.

  1. Round one Kitchen side included vegetable tempura [four perfectly cooked! pieces,] for Tia and I to split and crab wontons for the table. Our table mate ordered Chicken Teriyaki which he raved about, too.

    Round two Kitchen side was simply an order of Rock shrimp which was FANTASTIC.  After we put the order in I wished I would have ordered the Beef Negimaki didn’t notice until after our sheet was turned in.  Next time for sure! [there has GOT to be a next time!]

  2. Our sushi order round one included a plate of spicy tuna roll, sweet potato roll, dragon roll and Angel Roll which was mango, cucumber and avocado topped with spicy crab and mango sauce. We ended up just sharing everything across the board throughout the night, since the other table received our sushi platter and ate half of it before any of us noticed.  It worked out just fine since we all are the type of people who want to just take a bit of everything.

    Round two sushi order was a bit crazy. It took a while for the waitress to come back to the table for the order sheet and as we sat there staring the menu we just kept adding to the order until she came back.  That photo on the right above includes all the goodies of our 2nd order: salmon and pepper salmon sashimi, spicy tuna roll, spicy crab roll, Super Lobster Roll, Volcano Roll, Dynamite Roll, Snow White Roll, and another Angel Roll.  We were in sushi heaven!

    Sushi X also has a $3 hot or cold SAKI or beer from the list special if you are going the All You Can Eat route, which is a great deal.  I can totally see this place becoming a go to for celebrations, birthdays, and special nights on the town.  It’s a little pricier per person than we would normally pay, but for what you get it’s totally worth the price! Also, lunch Monday through Friday is $14.95 for the All You Can Eat menu, which means that future PTO days will definitely include sushi lunches! Highly recommended – everything was so fresh and delicious.