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Twosday XXXIII // Celebrate Writing


Memories of the First Times I Identified as a Writer

  1. When I was in the third grade, we were assigned some sort of sentence writing with vocabulary words as homework.  The next day in class, we each took a turn reading one of our sentences aloud.  I don’t remember what my sentence was exactly, but I know I used personification for some silly object like the remote control in my sentence and when I read it aloud the whole class laughed.  I was so confused by their laughter because the sentence made sense to me when I wrote it and I didn’t know what I had done wrong.  Thankfully, Mrs. Robinson, my teacher, used this moment to teach a lesson on personification and asked the class to come up with other sentences to use as examples. She later pulled me aside to compliment my writing and encourage me to continue with it if I enjoyed it.
  2. Later that year I took a creative writing class.  I remember feeling wonderfully confident when I was writing and specifically remember confessing that I hoped I never stopped telling stories with words.  

Favorite Music to Write To

  1. The score from the movie Lincoln.
  2. The Gin Blossoms Pandora station.


Places I Love to Write

  1. Twice I’ve escaped to a friend’s cabin on a lake a short drive away to battle a creative block.  Both trips have resulted in a feeling resolved before we left for home. 
  2. At the table on the back porch. As shown last summer.

Etsy Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

  1. Make Time for Writing Doodle Print. A great reminder for every writer – It’s important!
  2. Dictionary Dice. A game for getting through writers block!  Great idea for a DIY gift, too!


Activities to Choose from to Celebrate Writing:

  1. Create a Mind Map.  Do you remember mind mapping?  It’s a technique I still use today when I’m working out the beginning stages of an topic.  Here’s a great post on how to create a mind map visual tool!  You can make your mind map for any sort of topic that you want to creative plan through.  I’m going to be mind mapping my priorities and goals for spring!
  2. Bloggers, accept the Healthy Living Tuesdays challenge for April.  Write a post about your Favorite Fitness Tools at some point this month, then link up with us at HLB the last Tuesday of the month to show off how you creatively tackled the topic.

 Celebrate Writing Bonus Activities to Choose From:

  1. Support an 826 National Chapter in your region.  826 National is a nonprofit organization that provides strategic leadership, administration, and other resources to ensure the success of its network of eight writing and tutoring centers.
  2. Support Write Girl.  There are several different ways to give to this organization which helps girls write their way to more positive futures.  You can donate money directly, give by shopping at Ralph’s or iGive, or purchase one of the Write Girl anthologies or other books


Books Which Had a Large Impact on My Writing

  1. Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott.  Anne Lamott has been a great literary and spiritual mentor to my adult life.  I often find myself recommending Bird by Bird to my friends who write.  Her books and essays on faith are great reads, too. 
  2. Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life changed the way I understand storytelling.     

Celebrate Writing Extra Resources:

  1. 5 Ways to Beat Writers Block from SITS Girls
  2. How to Write Courageously from Marta Writes [I keep this post visible in my Chrome bookmark bar and reread it often!]

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Get Your Act Together Cravings

Another weekend is upon us, and I certainly feel like this past week has gone by in a flash!
Things at the office are incredibly busy, which is making each day fly by.  I’ve said “Wait! How is it 4:00, already?!” the past four days, and it hasn’t gotten old yet. 

I have some PTO which needs to be used up before the end of the end of the year [yes! it’s true – tomorrow it will be December].  I’ve scheduled some afternoons off from the office, and today happens to be one of those afternoons.  Left work at 1:00 PM and have been singing “get the weekend started” to the tune of “Get the Party Started" all day long. 

Due to my busy work schedule, I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts and off my game in some of the non-work areas of my life.  I’m determined to put a stop to these feelings ASAP, which brings us to Weekend Cravings, the get your act together edition!  [If you don’t know Katy, the lovely lady behind the Weekend Cravings craze, check out her blog!]


This weekend I’m craving…


planning, plotting, organizing, and dreaming for the next 13 months.  I’ve got a stack of tools ready to go: 2013 wall calendar and date book, brand new notebooks and list making pads, and a whole grouping of my favorite pens and pencils. Let the list-fest begin!

correspondence.  Birthday greetings to share [ahem.], holiday wishes to send, two ideas to pitch, a phone call with my parents (We’re in a pretty epic game of phone tag at the moment.  Mostly due to my inability to keep my phone charged and off of silent.) and a trip to the post office to send love across the country; getting it done and connecting with people I love to know and admire and enjoy working with!


writing time in a quiet room.  I’ve been completing internet to-do list items each evening after work for the past couple of weeks, but I haven’t been spending much time writing down words that I’ve been meaning to write.  I have dozens of drafts started – for THS posts, of course, but also a TON of HLB things I need to work on, complete and polish. I need to remove myself from all noise and distraction and see what I can let spill out my fingertips, for sure.

crafting time while watching television.  Instead of being productive internet-wise while emptying my Hulu queue [a habit I am no doubt addicted to], I plan to work on a few homemade holiday gifts I’ve decided on for a few friends and family members. I hope to finish some knitting and paper projects I’ve got going on and get a start on a little something new, too.


a warm adult beverage. We picked up some Baileys from the local liquor store recently and I’m dreaming up a tasty ingredient combo to give a spin this weekend. We’ve sipped on small glasses of the Baileys on it’s own [and I must say, YUM!], but haven’t mixed it with anything yet. I see a Hazelnut Baileys Latte in my future!

What are you craving this weekend??

Goals and Stuff

Let’s talk goals and stuff, eh?


This past weekend, I wrote a list of five tangible, weekly goals to work towards for the next 6 weeks.  All of them will keep me moving forward towards my mid term [in between short and long, of course!]  goals. Somehow, three of the five are fitness focused. [Didn’t see that coming.] All of them have me pumped up for success. Let us review!

1. Continue on my current eating plan. What eating plan you ask?  Well, for the past few weeks I’ve been following an (unintentional at first!) pattern in my meals.  I’ve been eating meat free Monday through Friday, and then eating meat in 2-3 of my meals during the weekend.  I’ve also been making sure my meals are full of nutritious ingredients, and a balance of proteins, produce and carbs.

I love this because I’m not depriving myself of anything by skipping out on meat during the week.  Instead, my focus is on enjoying all of my favorite veggie-ful meals!  Then, when Saturday morning rolls around and I want a sausage & egg sandwich, I feel 100% guilt-free in enjoying it because I feel so good about what I’ve been eating all week long.  [feeling good both physically and in terms of my weight loss efforts!]


I also like that this eating plan doesn’t call for a “cheat day” or full blast “weekend mode.” I’ve learned from experience that I am most successful working towards any goals when I keep the momentum strong.  This doesn’t mean 100% of my actions are perfectly healthy, or even smart.  It does mean that I continue to walk by the “Make one healthy decision. Now make another.” mindset and try very hard to make more healthy choices than unhealthy ones.

2. Write four times a week. I would love to say that I’m going to publish content four times a week, but I don’t really see that happening as we draw closer to HLS.  I do want to set some time aside each week to write some words. You know – get the bum glue out and just do it.

pj cross processed

3. Run 31+ Miles. Last Sunday night, after dinner, sitting on the back porch at 8:52 PM, I remembered it was the first of July and decided to start my own damn run streak since my clumsy ass fell on the stairs walking up to my apartment in the rain the last time I tried to join in on the rw run streak.

Now. I know there is a good chance that at some point I’m going to try to talk myself out of running this streak one of these days.  And I don’t want to miss a day, for some reason or another, and then not run for 9 days because “well…I already broke the streak…” So, I’m setting the bar LOW – and saying I’m going to run a total of 31 miles for the month of July. 

This is what I like to call a safety net goal – it doesn’t necessarily set me up for TOTAL success [it’s basically a free pass to stop the run streak at any point], but it does set me up AGAINST failure. [Failure in this case would be missing one day of running & then beating myself up for it, and using it as an excuse to be lazy!] 

What I’m really wanting to do is prove to myself I CAN run at least a mile a day for an entire month and maybe even keep it going until HLS, too! We’re several days into the month now, and I’m still going strong on at least one mile a day!

4. Shred my shoulders.  I’ve only mentioned about 100 times my love for Courtney’s 7 Moves for Shredded Shoulder workout.  [Honestly, I love almost all of her workouts, but this one is my favorite muscle specific work out of all times.]  I’ve noticed that when I make it a priority to a strength training workout I love, I’m more likely to fit other strength workouts in throughout the week as well.  Here’s hoping that by dedicating 30 minutes or less to this workout once a week, I’ll be motivated to work in some other strength and circuit workouts each week as well.

5. Core work.  It’s something I know is good for me.  Every time I make a list of habits to form in strength my running, core work is on the list.  The reason it’s on the list every time? I NEVER STICK TO IT.  I am confident that I can squeeze in at least one strong core workout a week for the next month and a half.

I’m no doubt a “cross it off”, list happy, task orientated person. Because of this, I thought the best way to stay focused on making time for core work is to narrow in on specific  workouts from my favorite fitness bloggers that I’d like to try.  Over the next six weeks, I plan to try each of these core workouts at least once each.

Do you have a favorite blogger built core workout you favor? Please leave a link to it in the comments!  I’d love to have some others to temp me to do MORE core strengthening this summer.