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Weekend Cravings: 2.01.13

Time for another look at what I’m hoping for this weekend:Weekend Cravings!  [If you don’t know Katy, the lovely lady behind the Weekend Cravings craze, check out her blog.  She’s a darling woman with a heart threaded in kindness and gentleness, and a soul moved by beautiful noise and inspirational stories.  I cherish her, and I bet you’ll dig her, too!]

This weekend I’m craving:

  • A jumpstart on my February goals with some interesting multi-tasking. I’ll be combing some cardio fitness minutes with donation drop offs while listening to my way-too-full queue of not yet listened to podcasts. We have several donation locations all within a mile of our apartment and I plan to take some carry-able boxes and bags to each of them this weekend.  It may not be the most efficient way to get all of the donations out of the, but I think it will be a good start to getting some of them out the door with some creative cardio to boot!
  • A little TV watching session.  My Hulu Plus queue is also way too full these days – I haven’t even watched the Parenthood season finale yet! I’ve been doing a fine job at watching the “have on in the background while I work” shows, but the programing I really want to focus on while watching is a plenty at the moment – Parenthood, Scandal, Greys, Deception, and now three episodes of The Carrie Diaries, which I still haven’t started watching, yet!


  • Some time in the kitchen. When we went grocery shopping on Wednesday, my meal plan for the next seven days included three recipes from How Sweet Eats.  So far, I’ve made one of the recipes [30 Minute Buffalo Chicken French Bread – holy cow, was this delicious, especially for how easy of a meal it was to make!] and am really looking forward to giving the other two recipes I chose a try.  I’ve been loving my time in the kitchen this week and have made several gold-star dinners in a row. I’m planning to keep that trend up over the weekend, too.
  • A clean apartment.  Julie will be arriving Wednesday evening. Kelly and Alicia will be here on Thursday.  My apartment looks a little bit like a bomb went off and considering I still haven’t really unpacked from our trip to Ithaca last week, the many piles of laundry in several rooms of the house [both clean and dirty], and the two kitchen tables are currently covered with all of the things, I could afford to spend a few hours getting everything in order.  I am in no way pretending that the apartment will be spotless when everyone arrives, but having a place for people to sit will certainly be helpful.
  • Yoga pants. Because doesn’t it sound like the perfect fit for my weekend? I may have already set out a pair to change into the moment I get home from work today.  

Get Your Act Together Cravings

Another weekend is upon us, and I certainly feel like this past week has gone by in a flash!
Things at the office are incredibly busy, which is making each day fly by.  I’ve said “Wait! How is it 4:00, already?!” the past four days, and it hasn’t gotten old yet. 

I have some PTO which needs to be used up before the end of the end of the year [yes! it’s true – tomorrow it will be December].  I’ve scheduled some afternoons off from the office, and today happens to be one of those afternoons.  Left work at 1:00 PM and have been singing “get the weekend started” to the tune of “Get the Party Started" all day long. 

Due to my busy work schedule, I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts and off my game in some of the non-work areas of my life.  I’m determined to put a stop to these feelings ASAP, which brings us to Weekend Cravings, the get your act together edition!  [If you don’t know Katy, the lovely lady behind the Weekend Cravings craze, check out her blog!]


This weekend I’m craving…


planning, plotting, organizing, and dreaming for the next 13 months.  I’ve got a stack of tools ready to go: 2013 wall calendar and date book, brand new notebooks and list making pads, and a whole grouping of my favorite pens and pencils. Let the list-fest begin!

correspondence.  Birthday greetings to share [ahem.], holiday wishes to send, two ideas to pitch, a phone call with my parents (We’re in a pretty epic game of phone tag at the moment.  Mostly due to my inability to keep my phone charged and off of silent.) and a trip to the post office to send love across the country; getting it done and connecting with people I love to know and admire and enjoy working with!


writing time in a quiet room.  I’ve been completing internet to-do list items each evening after work for the past couple of weeks, but I haven’t been spending much time writing down words that I’ve been meaning to write.  I have dozens of drafts started – for THS posts, of course, but also a TON of HLB things I need to work on, complete and polish. I need to remove myself from all noise and distraction and see what I can let spill out my fingertips, for sure.

crafting time while watching television.  Instead of being productive internet-wise while emptying my Hulu queue [a habit I am no doubt addicted to], I plan to work on a few homemade holiday gifts I’ve decided on for a few friends and family members. I hope to finish some knitting and paper projects I’ve got going on and get a start on a little something new, too.


a warm adult beverage. We picked up some Baileys from the local liquor store recently and I’m dreaming up a tasty ingredient combo to give a spin this weekend. We’ve sipped on small glasses of the Baileys on it’s own [and I must say, YUM!], but haven’t mixed it with anything yet. I see a Hazelnut Baileys Latte in my future!

What are you craving this weekend??

Cravings & Memories

True story: 3 times this morning, I remembered it was Friday and did a little dance. BRING ON THE WEEKEND.

Yes, I suppose that means that at least 3 times this morning I had forgotten it was Friday, as well.  This may or may not have something to do with the fact that, as I’ve mentioned before, it is officially “busy season” at the office.  Busy season of normal work stuff PLUS physical inventory going on EQUALS a whole lot of a reason to dance every time you remember it’s Friday.  Just trust me on this.

I’ve mentioned Katy’s lovely little series of Weekend Cravings before, and when I found myself with some time to spare [FINALLY! It’s felt like a lot of go-go-go this week!] I decided a perfect way to welcome the weekend would be to participate today with my own post.  Bring on the list making – WooHoo!!!!!!!! [<- This may be the sugar free red bull talking.]

Katy Loves

 1. Viewing something dark and twisted. It’s Friday the 13th, after all.  Doesn’t it seem like scary movies are the right thing to do on such a fated day?  This year instead of a horror movie, I’m hoping to convince Nicholas to watch an episode or two of Grimm.  We started watching it on Hulu a few weeks ago, and have been making our way through a few episodes each weekend.  I love that Grimm is dark at the core yet manages to have interesting story lines and a bit of witty banter and well written jokes along the way. WIN.

2. Lots of hours spent on HLB. A lot of new and exciting changes may be on the way for the site soon – and I am pumped to jump in and get to work on it all.  I have a few days to pull together a bunch of information before a very important meeting early next week.  I’m thinking a good chunk of the next two days will be spent working on HLB stuff at the coffee shop I love so much. Bring on the Americanos!

3. A new running route. So far this week, I’ve managed one out of three of my goal runs.  I’ve still got one 40 minute and one 70 minute run to cross of the list.  I think it’s time for me to head in a new direction in my neighborhood to add a bit of freshness to my training.  And after reading [and re-reading] this post from Ashley, I’m thinking I should finally surrender and add the hill side of the village to the route planning. I’ve been avoiding those inclines for far too long!

4. Frozen cherries. Especially after reading Sarah’s post today and learning she found them, and other frozen fruits, at a steal of a deal at her local market. So jealous!  As I said in a comment on her post, “I am longing to try frozen cherries and chocolate milk blended up for a post run recovery drink [research shows both are great refueling choices after running hard – those cherries carry anti-inflammatory goodness that is essential for my shin-splint prone self!]” – which I’m pretty sure I already mentioned when I shared the awesomeness that is the Strawberry Chocolate Milk-shake.

5. A trip down memory lane. Earlier this week, Nick found a year book from his Senior year of high school, buried in a box.  When I saw that the book had been brought into the apartment, I took it as a sign that it was time for me to dig out my own year book collection.  And by “dig out” I may or may not mean pick up the lot of them from next to my side of the bed.  Apparently this says something about my love of nostalgia and being a “life romantic.” 

Once we brought the yearbooks out, we made plans to spend some time flipping through them together soon.  I love the idea of sharing pages with one another, swapping stories filled with memories of all sorts. I think it’s a fun way to get to know a bit more about our individual histories – don’t you?

Of course, I didn’t want you to feel completely left out of this trip down the lane of memories, so I did some digging up of the files to put together a little walk of Heather’s history of your own 😉  I hope you are ready to enjoy some embarassing old photos of my life. Ha!

When I was in high school….

Clearly, I was involved in all kinds of extracurriculars during my days at Lodi High School.  I even participated a bit in athletics! [read: Athlete is not a dirty word!]  I did a little bit of this and a little bit of that and I look back on those four years with a-whole-lot of fondness!  What about you? I’d love to know what kind of things were you active with in high school?