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Twosday XXIII

Television Shows Hitting it Out of the Park Each Episode this Year

  1. Parenthood. There isn’t a character on the show that I’m not invested in. And I love how very real certain aspects of the show are – for example, I loved that this past week, as it was the week after Christmas, all the houses still had some of their Christmas decorations and “Christmas Junk” out.  Like real Americans – not that POOF! It’s December 26th, all the decorations and wrapping paper and gifts are all away in their rightful homes, that is so common in fictionalized Television.
  2. Scandal. Love love LOVE this show. If you’ve not yet jumped onboard the Scandal train, I highly suggest it!  The dialogue is strong, with witty banter and jokes thrown in for good measure, and the plot is filled with lots of twists and turns. DO IT.


Television Shows Suggested to Me Which I’ve Recently Watched the Pilot of and Loved

  1. Suits. Why did it take so long for someone to tell me about this show? The quick jokes with attitude make me crack a laugh-out-loud several times an episode.
  2. Deception.  The pilot aired yesterday on NBC, but I watched it last week via a sneak preview on Hulu+.  The pilot hooked me more than enough for me to tune in again. 


Spark People Videos I Completed This Weekend

  1. Chair Cardio Workout – perfect for doing at my apartment, as I have recently been reminded that my neighbors are not too fond of my jumping around on their ceiling and rattling their walls when I’m trying to break a sweat.
  2. Seated Arm & Shoulder Workout – After completing the seated cardio workout, I decided to stay in the chair and do some upper body work. I had worked my shoulders hard [with my favorite workout from Courtney: 7 Moves for Shredded Shoulders] a couple of days before, and just running through these exercises one time through left my muscles burning. Love that “feels like Jell-O” sensation after good workouts of any length.

Races I’m Thinking About Running This Year

  1. Stockadeathon.  That would make this the third year in a row I’ve toyed with the idea.
  2. Scotia YMCA 5K.  I’d really love to sub 30 that race specifically this year. I came so close the last time I ran it and I know that I’ll be able to break 30 minutes this year if I train smart and diligently.


Calendar’s I’m Using [and loving!] This Year


  1. Letter C Design Weekly Planner – for all of my assignments, schedules, and due dates.  Love tat this little book has monthly and weekly calendars.  The daily boxes on the weekly layouts are the perfect size for holding the info I have for them. [I also bought the patterned wall calendar for my home work-space, and the monthly pocket planner, for keeping track of one specific goal for the year. Letter C Design is my current favorite stationary shop, clearly. ]
  2. Live, Love, Dream: Daily Thoughts & Inspirations – at my desk at my office. It should shock none of you that I love the daily quotations. [the best ones will no doubt be shared through my social media accounts, because I’m predictable like that.]

Newest Boards on My Pinterest Page

  1. Valentines. For inspiration on deciding on and designing the greetings I’m sending out this year.
  2. Julie. I’ve made a few boards for the people in my life that I love a whole bunch. Some are public [Like this one] – others are secret.  It’s fun to pin things that remind you of friends!



Books I Recently Ordered from B&N to Improve the Way I Work

  1. 168 Hours. After reading about the book on Healthy Tipping Point.
  2. The Nerdist Way. It’s been on Christmas Wish List for the past two years, and I finally caved in and bought it myself.  STOKED to read it would be an understatement.

Books I Recently Ordered from B&N to Read for Fun

  1. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future – The paperback was on mega sale [I think I got it for $2 – I tried to find the link on B&N, but it seems to have disappeared]
  2. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? – I never got into the office, so when Mindy Kaling’s book first came out, I glanced over the release without a care.  Then I started watching The Mindy Project, declared it one of the best new comedies of the season, and added a copy of this reviewed as hilarious book into my cart. 

p.s. some of the items I share [because I love them & think you’ll love them, too!] and link to on this post are available for sale in my amazon affiliate store. I’d love if you made amazon purchases through my store – you can search and shop for ANY item on Amazon as you normally would, by following this link. It helps to keep THS alive and well. xo

Get Your Act Together Cravings

Another weekend is upon us, and I certainly feel like this past week has gone by in a flash!
Things at the office are incredibly busy, which is making each day fly by.  I’ve said “Wait! How is it 4:00, already?!” the past four days, and it hasn’t gotten old yet. 

I have some PTO which needs to be used up before the end of the end of the year [yes! it’s true – tomorrow it will be December].  I’ve scheduled some afternoons off from the office, and today happens to be one of those afternoons.  Left work at 1:00 PM and have been singing “get the weekend started” to the tune of “Get the Party Started" all day long. 

Due to my busy work schedule, I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts and off my game in some of the non-work areas of my life.  I’m determined to put a stop to these feelings ASAP, which brings us to Weekend Cravings, the get your act together edition!  [If you don’t know Katy, the lovely lady behind the Weekend Cravings craze, check out her blog!]


This weekend I’m craving…


planning, plotting, organizing, and dreaming for the next 13 months.  I’ve got a stack of tools ready to go: 2013 wall calendar and date book, brand new notebooks and list making pads, and a whole grouping of my favorite pens and pencils. Let the list-fest begin!

correspondence.  Birthday greetings to share [ahem.], holiday wishes to send, two ideas to pitch, a phone call with my parents (We’re in a pretty epic game of phone tag at the moment.  Mostly due to my inability to keep my phone charged and off of silent.) and a trip to the post office to send love across the country; getting it done and connecting with people I love to know and admire and enjoy working with!


writing time in a quiet room.  I’ve been completing internet to-do list items each evening after work for the past couple of weeks, but I haven’t been spending much time writing down words that I’ve been meaning to write.  I have dozens of drafts started – for THS posts, of course, but also a TON of HLB things I need to work on, complete and polish. I need to remove myself from all noise and distraction and see what I can let spill out my fingertips, for sure.

crafting time while watching television.  Instead of being productive internet-wise while emptying my Hulu queue [a habit I am no doubt addicted to], I plan to work on a few homemade holiday gifts I’ve decided on for a few friends and family members. I hope to finish some knitting and paper projects I’ve got going on and get a start on a little something new, too.


a warm adult beverage. We picked up some Baileys from the local liquor store recently and I’m dreaming up a tasty ingredient combo to give a spin this weekend. We’ve sipped on small glasses of the Baileys on it’s own [and I must say, YUM!], but haven’t mixed it with anything yet. I see a Hazelnut Baileys Latte in my future!

What are you craving this weekend??