Nov 192009

This week, I brought a co-worker an apple.

He swore to Jen and I that he only liked Red Delicious apples and that he would never like another kind of apple.

Then Heather Said, “Ummmmm….hello??? Are you doubting the power of the Honeycrisp?”

So Tuesday, I brought him a Honeycrisp and SURE ENOUGH- he now likes “two kinds of apples, afterall.”


Last fall, when my former fiance and I were deep in the midst of wedding planning, we discussed a cookie/coffee bar at the reception. I had high ambitions back then (hell- I had a future husband back then 😉 ) and I was planning on baking all the cookies by myself. In order to decide what kind of cookies to include on the bar of yumminess, I started experimenting with every recipe that looked fabulous and took them to work to be taste tested.

Soon, cookie testing days started falling on co-workers birthdays, becoming duel purpose treats and not too long after cookies became cupcakes, brownies and other treats.

It didn’t take much time before I was unofficially declared the birthday baker, bringing treats to share in order to celebrate the birth of each of my co-workers.

After the whole apple lesson, we got in a bit of a discussion about my baking lately. We have an office birthday to celebrate tomorrow and the ‘what to bake’ conversation was in full force. I’m pretty sure there were some comments made regarding my wanting to “make everyone healthier” in the office. (While I was not the one to make said comments, I will not deny that this would be nice: how much easier would making healthy choices be if everyone around you made healthy choices too? THIS is one of my favorite things about talking to healthy living bloggers everyday.)

As the conversation continued, I mentioned something about vegan treats. Everyone in the room looked grossed out and two guys asked me what ‘vegan’ means. After some discussion, I was informed that my coworkers would NEVER eat, let alone enjoy, a vegan baked good. No dairy? No eggs? That must mean dry and tasteless, clearly! As many of you know; NOT THE CASE. The challenge wrote itself- afterall -even though I’m not participating, it is Blogger Vegan Week hosted by Michelle and Katy, and Thursday is Blogger Vegan for a Day. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to spring a sneak attack on my coworkers.

I turned to everyone’s favorite vegan baker, Angela of Glo Bakery and Oh She Glows fame. I remembered two posts from several weeks ago that seemed to be ALL THE RAGE when Ange first posted them; her Glo Bites posts!

So tonight I got to work on both the vegan spiced pumpkin and PB&J glo bites
along with some chocolate vegan cupcakes. And, of course, being the trickster that I am- I don’t plan on saying A THING about the vegan-ness of the treats until Friday 🙂 (I am tricky like that!) Stay tuned for details on how it all pans out.

Have you ever tried to “trick” friends or family with a healthy version of an often unhealthy treat or snack?

Top Ten Tuesday

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Oct 272009

Top Ten Tuesday; the Photo Edition

Another photo of Danielle and I at the corn maze. I feel like I was a little spoiled by two full days of girl time! I wish we lived closer!

Last night, I did have long-distance girl time with another one of my very close friends, Rachel. I’m stoked, because we decided that Monday nights will definetely be a Rachel&Heather long-distance girl time date! Starting at 8:00 PM Eastern, of course, for some One Tree Hill! 🙂 We discussed the show as we watched, her in Texas and me in New York. and it really did make me feel like we were enjoying one anothers company and doing something “together(ish).”

Remember when I told you about my making a necklace early this year and promised a photo? Here you go.

I’ve started my Christmas Shopping. A bit early? I don’t know about that. I’m quite excited about getting everyone on my list something fabulous!

Also have been working on my wish list. And I may have recently listened to a Christmas CD. And thought about takin out my decorations “just to look at”. And have started planning my Christmas Cards [with an extra special twist this year!]. Perhaps I’m a little excited for the holidays?

This past weekend I tried to like beer, again. This happens every so often. I decide it’s time that I give it a whirl. I tried this Post Road Pumpkin Ale. I didn’t like it. I will stick to my red wine.

Does anyone want to come over and play trivial pursuit? I am in desperate desire for a game night! I’ll even serve some treats.

Did you see this lovely little piece of work on Operation Beautiful?? During the carving of this fab pumpkin, I also seemed to have accidently carved my hand. But it is bandaged up and healing well. Woot.

Friday night, I went to see comedian Kathleen Madigan at the GE Theater at Proctors with my boss Jen and her husband, Jeff. Kathleen was FABULOUS. Laughing for a few hours was the perfect way to end my week 🙂

Do you watch THAT Morning show? It comes on E! and I have been loving having it on as I go about getting ready in the morning. Mark, from the original Road Rules and about a MILLION of the RWRR Challenges is one of the hosts, and I’ve always been a fan- does anyone else watch this?

Don’t forget to enter the Starbucks Thank You Giveaway!

I had this realization Sunday during my run, and decided to post an Operation Beautiful Note for MYSELF on my apartment door, so that everytime I leave the house to go out on a run, I remember it’s truth.

Before my run on Sunday, I told myself I was going to run 3 miles, no stopping, no matter what.

I often struggle with pacing myself. I have been running under 10 minute miles if I’m only running a mile at a time. But if I try to run two 10 minute miles in a row, I get really tired by the one and a half marker. I have been trying to slow my pace down to 11 or 12 minute miles for a leisurely jog and to be able to (hopefully) increase my milage. It’s not going so well. I have a hard time running anything more than around 10 and a half minute miles- and that is even difficult.

I ran to a point of exhaustion and found myself in a spot I did not want to be about two miles in. On the side of the path ready to lose my lunch. I walked it off, and after my recovery walk, I was back to jogging again. During this jog was when I remembered a video that Caitlin posted months back. In it, she was mid-bike-ride just after coming off her injury break and she had stopped to take a video because she realized that she should be greatful for what her body CAN do and not try to push it farther than it could go.

I thought long and hard about this as I ran another mile before needing to walk again. I should be happy with what my body can do. Yes, I should continue to condition and train my body to go farther, faster, and BETTER- but I also need to be HUMBLE ENOUGH to be OKAY with not being able to run 3 miles right now. I am still NEW to running. I am still FIGURING OUT the best ways for me to prepare, fuel, and recover from runs.

So often I compare myself to other runners. Especially my friends who run, that have been able to run 3 miles for a long time now (Laura), and people who are celebrating their PDRs and going farther each day (Stef). And I tell myself I haven’t been running ENOUGH, or hard ENOUGH, or pushing myself ENOUGH- but that’s just silly. I need to go at my own pace: no one elses. Even if that means running 10 minute miles and recovering for 30 seconds before another 10 minute mile, recovery, and 10 minute mile to complete my 5K on Saturday.

Because this running thing is not about ANYONE ELSE but me.
My Body is Strong enough to run at my own pace. To pound the pavement several times a week. To Stretch and Stride. To carry me through my goals. To feel the wind, the sun, the cold, and the rain that I run through.

My Mind is Strong enough not to compare myself to everyone or anyone else, and to keep pushing myself AT MY OWN PACE, to get further and faster. To not give up because I don’t match up to someone whom I think I should run LIKE. I should run like ME. And my mind is strong enough to know this.

My Heart is Strong enough to continue to chase my love for the running, and to be humble and thankful for what I can do. To desire and drive towards my goal of racing in all 50 states. My heart is strong enough to face the finish line I will find on Saturday morning, in costume (still not sure
what), no matter how fast I run or how often I walk as long as I’m ready to push on to the next race.

In Disguise

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Oct 222009

Friday afternoon. At the corn maze. In disguise.

I’ve been sick all week.
I don’t know what’s going on, truthfully, but I know I haven’t been myself.

Sunday morning, after a 4:15 AM wake up call to get Danielle to the airport on time, I went on a search for a grande soy two pump pumpkin spice latte. Can you believe no Starbucks were open at 4:50 AM? True story.

So instead, I headed home and realized I had been coughing all morning.
But I didn’t feel sick.
But, since I had gotten approx. 4 hours sleep, I decided it would be best to take the morning off and battle away any kind of illness that was trying to come my way.

Woke up at 11:30. Met a friend for lunch at one of my favorite places, Smokey Bones BBQ, ran some errands, and came home to create my sneaky mac and cheese.

Monday morning, I woke up feeling fabulous. Thankful that I spent Sunday morning napping and ready to face my week. Until about noon, when suddenly, I felt dizzy and nauseous. Apparently, I started to look pretty bad too, because my boss, Jen, made me take my temperature and sent me home at 3:30 PM.

Tuesday morning, I woke up and felt a-okay; but I had strict instructions not to return to work until my fever was gone. And so I took my temp: 100.4. (this seemed to be a magic number in the blog world as of late. If i remember correctly both Megan and Lauren had 100.4 temps when they were sick recently.) But I didn’t feel sick. So I talked to Jen, and was told to stay home and get some rest and fluids. So I went back to bed (hey- I’m not going to complain about getting more sleep), and woke up for lunch and lots of SVU.

Wednesday, I came to work, fever free and happy. HOORAY! I was a bit anxious about the piles of “to-do” on my desk, but I came in early (6:30 AM) and tried to knock out as much as I could. Until 12:00, when the nauseous-ness came on strong and I found my self suddenly losing everything I had eaten for the day. [was that TMI?]
But I didn’t feel sick.
Of course, that didn’t matter because Jen sent me home in a flash, and there I was, watching TV and reading magazines and taking a nice long nap. [which was nice at the time, but after waking up led me to be cranky with my mother whom called in to check on me (sorry, Mom!) and then have trouble getting to sleep at night time. And wake up every.single.time.i.heard.any.single.tiny.sound.all.night.long.)

and today I don’t feel sick, still. And I am determined to get through the ENTIRE work day.

I have no idea what the heck was wrong with me yesterday- was it the flu? But I didn’t feel sick. maybe it was something I ate- this is most probable. It would seem that now I am terrified to eat anything I ate yesterday morning, which is making me a bit sad, because I am now AFRAID of oats. and might maple peanut butter & co. peanut butter. and chobani yogurt. All of which are on my current “favorites” list.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Then Heather said, “Let’s run.”
So, I have not run. I was going to run Monday, until I went home ill.
I decided I would make it up Tuesday. But running with a fever scared me. What if I passed out. What if I passed out and no one is around. What if I pass out and then a dog eats me? [and i still haven’t ordered my roadID.]
So then, I woke up yesterday knowing I was in for a GREAT run after work.
Until 12:00 came along, and I realized that I couldn’t keep any energy in my belly.

especially considering that my first 5K is next week Saturday. EEK. [why am I suddenly terrified.]

I seem to have a little fear going on right now since it’s been over a week since I’ve been on the trail. I don’t know why. It’s completely unrational. It’s not like I forgot how to run. It’s not like a week is going to take away all of the progress I’ve made completely. It’s not like my legs are no long strong enough to carry me a few miles. Right?

regardless, I am scared. my mind is playing tricks on me and I am determined to fight it.

so, your job, if you choose to accept it: text me, twitter me, email me, comment me, call me: MAKE SURE I RUN TONIGHT. I may need some encouragement.

Then Heather Said, “Help!”:
My first 5K is on Halloween. It’s actually the TROY FAMILY YMCA MONSTER MADNESS DASH – 5K RUN/WALK. And do you know what that means? I need a costume. Costumes are HIGHLY encouraged- which is SO MUCH FUN, right?

My co-workers have suggested I dress up as some kind of superhero because, truly, who wouldn’t want to run with a cape. While I agree, I also fear that my clumsiness may lead to my getting tangled in said cape and either a)injuring myself or b)injuring someone else.

I’m looking for creative costume ideas that would be relatively inexpesive, easy(ish) to run in, and not make me look like a total goon. So, help me brainstorm:

What should I dress up as for the Monster Mash 5K?