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This Week I Will 3

A review of last week’s goals:

>>Take a daily multivitamin. Check! I’m continuing with my keep them in eyesight plan to hope my habit is easily reformed.
>>Core workout: completed!
>>Three training runs: boom. boom. boom. Each was a-okay in it’s own right. I’ve forgotten how much I love short intervals of run fast and walk to recover.  Gladly would train that way 90% of my runs if I didn’t want the strength that variety provides.
>>Take a real lunch break. Not a total failure, but most days of the week I worked through lunch to some extent; most of the time fitting in HLS work while I ate at the office.
>>Hydrate: rocked it. I’ve recently realized that I drink more water during the day if I have a large straw-less bottle at my side at all times.  I’m currently refilling a 1.5 liter plastic bottle and drinking 3-4 of them a day! 
>>Complete a full strength training work out: I stuck with a 15 minute arm workout in an old issue of Women’s Health Magazine I have  been meaning a try.  It was a short workout, but I made sure to finish each rep and kept my motions controlled and complete.
>>8+ hours of sleep: if I didn’t make this goal, I was within minutes.

All in all, I felt like I made fairly good decisions throughout the week. Let’s carry that momentum on, shall we?


This Week I Will:

Finalize my #SuperSummer Plan.  If you want a fun challenge [with adorable free printable downloads!!] for striving towards a healthy mind and body this summer, I suggest you read this introduction post from Cassie of Back to Her Roots, and when you’re quickly ready to jump on board, get acquainted with the how-to and free resources provided for your participation.  I spent time this weekend working on my own #supersummer plan and will definitely be ready with my lists and reward ideas comes June 1 when the challenge officially kicks off.

Take a FULL REST DAY!!!. See all those exclamation marks? That means I’m serious. I’ve got a busy, busy week ahead of me in both my office life [we’re in the middle of a bunch of HUGE projects at the moment, so it feels like EVERY week is just a bit more stressful than the one before it.  It’s funny, too, because every Friday I pretend like “oh, FINALLY! Next week will be so much better!” and it never.fucking.happens.] and with HLS stuffs, too.  Also, with my training slowly increasing, I want to make sure I’m making FULL REST days a priority for me, at least once every other weekend.  One full day of no obligations is now a necessity.  I’m making it happen.

3 Training Runs on the Plan. For each week of my #PRorBust training plan, I have written a post-in note, to-do task list style, listing the running and strength workouts I want to complete for that week.  This week on the running plan I have a speedwork session, a 3 mile long interval session of a quarter mile recovery after three quarters of a mile run, and a 45 minute easy run.

Read from a book daily. I have been pretty consistent at reading once or twice a week.  I’ve still got A LOT of pages left in the #hlbbookclub May selection, The Interestings. And not because I’m not loving the book – I AM! I just haven’t made taking the time to read a priority. That’s changing this week as I pledge to take some time to read from my book each day this week.

Conquer 2 Strength Training Workouts. I actually have three strength workouts on the #PRorBust plan this week, but one is simply a few moves I came across in an issue of Runner’s World that suggest you do the exercises after 1-2 of your runs each week. I have two workouts I’ve yet to try marketed in various Women’s Health Magazines to test out this week, too.

What healthy intentions are you setting for the week?  Tell me about them on twitter and show me the proof on Instagram by using the #Make1HealthyDecision hashtag!