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Simply Saturday // Celebrate Youthfulness



Celebrate Youthfulness Activity: Find your inner child and add some play into your Saturday.  Think back to ways you liked to play as a child and reintroduce a favorite game or toy or activity into your life today. Some suggestions: go to the park, play a board game with friends, draw a comic strip or build a tent to hang out in for the weekend.

Celebrate Youthfulness Bonus Activity: Choose a way to support an organization that supports children and celebrates playing and imagination.  Consider supporting KaBoom!, a national nonprofit that envisions a great place to play within walking distance of every child in America or donate art supplies needed to a local school or day care. [Simply call the school to see if they have a wish list of supply needs.]

Celebrate Youthfulness Extra Resources:

  • Turn a favorite outdoor game from a childhood a fitness makeover: Kelsey’s Hopscotch Domination
  • Were you into arts and crafts as a child and want to add some creative fun to your life today? Get yourself to the kitchen! Make some stamp art with celery or try this really interesting milk art.
  • I will be coloring some of these designs today to celebrate youthfulness: Free Mandala Designs  I rarely find myself coloring, but when I do I always feel so calm – as if my mind and soul are being restored, somehow.
  • Remember that turn the cards over memory game you played as a child?  Check out this beautiful DIY fabric version
  • You will totally enjoy this site: The Secret Life of Toys
  • Do you collect Box Tops for Education?  It’s one of my favorite ways to give little bits of my energy! My neighbors, friends, and co-workers know I send my Box Tops to Lodi and donate their own clippings, too!
  • Love all these boxes for toddlers to play with: Keeping Toddler Hands Busy
  • It’s not too early to start planning your office, friend-group, or family collection of toys for Toys for Tots for the end of the year.  I recently stumbled upon a store close-out sale and grabbed a few toys for our annual office collection this December.
  • Six great Pinterest boards full of play: from ZallegraM, BugBeanBird, Momto2poshdivas, Pixelzen, danelle1jones, and mkbgibso.