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Delmar Dash 5 Mile Recap

A week ago today, I ran my longest race to date – The Delmar Dash 5 Mile!  I was so fortunate to be able to run this race thanks to an entry sponsorship from Mindy at Just a One Girl Revolution!


I was also majorly lucky to start the race next to my dear friend Jen.  I am so thankful to have this girl in my life! She is such a constant source of encouragement and support as I continue to set new running goals, tackling new distances and trying to build speed and endurance!  [Jen ran an AWESOME race!  She is such an inspiration to me.  You can read her Delmar Dash recap, too!

self 100  

A few notes about this super fun race:

  1. The course was very flat, through a nice residential area.  It was a nice course, but I agree with Jen who noted after the course that the Delmar Dash is a race that I would be perfectly happy only running once. 
  2. My favorite part of the course was that in a few places, children had written encouraging messages to the runners with chalk.  So cute!! 
  3. I didn’t make a public time goal, but I did tell Jen earlier in the week that I secretly wanted to finish in under an hour.

    Cutest couple (FBO) at the #delmardash @jenisgreen

  4. I started out WAY TOO SPEEDY to start. When we were lining up, I stayed near Jen and Chris (her super speedy boyfriend) though I thought I should probably move to the back of the pack.  Jen convinced me not to worry, and not to feel pressured. 

    For the first 3/4 of a mile or so, I stayed near Jen.  I didn’t think much of it, and continued to chug along.  Soon I realized EVERYONE was passing me.  When I hit the first mile marker I looked at my watch to see that I finished the first mile in 9:40.

  5. I realized right then and there that I had to pull back and slow down or I wouldn’t be able to make it the entire 5 miles.  So I did.
  6. Also, lesson learned: When you see a group of spectators along the course, if you yell “You Guys Rock!” as you run by, they will often cheer even louder for you! Such a great encouragement boost all around!
  7. When I hit 3 miles, I looked at my watch again and I was on schedule to PRed my 5K time!!! ahhhhh!! So exciting!!
  8. After that, I walked a lot more than I wanted to and had planned to with my DIY Interval playlist. Actually, I was "on schedule" for my intervals until a few yards before the 4 mile marker, in which case I realized that the Tour de Soft Serve I attended on Saturday + starting out super fast = the death of me.


  9. At this point, however, I was running near a very nice girl who wouldn’t let me quit.  We had both passed each other a few times in the mile prior, and when I started to slow to a walk she turned around and told me “Don’t Give Up!!!”  As we continued running side by side, passing the four mile marker, we high fived and trucked along.  
  10. I didn’t last too much longer before a side stitch caused me to slow down tremendously until I started to walk for 10-15 seconds.  Overall, I took about 4 walking breaks in the last mile (about 10-20 seconds each) and sprinted my way through the finish line.


  11. I’m happy to report that my clock time was 56:57!  Well under that secret goal of an hour!  [I had forgotten to stop my watch time, sadly.]  [Check out my friend Darlene’s recap – she caught me sprinting (and looking like death!) to the finish!]
  12. After the race, Jen, Chris and I headed to the Wine N Diner.  I loved the mod podge of modern art, casual atmosphere, creative menu items, and wallet friendly prices! 

    Wine-n-Diner on Urbanspoon

    I decided on the Hawaiian Burger.  I am so glad I went with my gut when ordering this, as it was FANTASTIC!  The burger was Coconut encrusted with Hot Ham, Pineapple & Spicy Aioli.  It was the most meat I’ve eaten at one meal in a long time, and it really hit the spot after racing my heart out!  Also, my burger was clearly just as happy to meet me as I was to meet it! ;) 


Now bring on that 10K!  Just a couple of week left until I conquer a new distance! I’m running the Albany Spring-off 10K (sponsored by It All Changes!!)  with a slew of blends on April 30th!  I’m super excited for race day – it’s both my and Jen’s Birthday weekend and I can’t wait to celebrate together!!

DIY Interval Playlists

It’s a bit of race tradition for me to build a special playlist for each race.  I have an ITunes folder labeled “Running Mixes” with an individual playlist for each race I’ve run.  I know it’s silly, but I don’t delete them – even long after the race has been run.  It a little digital collection I look to with fondness.

race music

Earlier this week, after logging a great [slower than race pace!] run as part of my training plan, I prepared my playlist for today’s 5 Mile Delmar Dash [sponsored by Just a One Girl Revolution! ]  Am I the only one who experiences playlist building time warp? I always tell myself “I’ll spend 10 minutes putting this thing together” and wouldn’t you know it, two hours later, I’m finally ready to upload it to my IPod. 

When I tweeted about making my playlist, I got a request from Elizabeth to share the deets.


Have you ever heard of the Couch to 5K program?  It’s a slowly building interval program that takes the participant from running for 1 minute at time, to being able to run an entire 5K, over several weeks.  When I first started running, I downloaded some awesome [FREE!] podcasts from Running Mate Media which are based around the same idea. Running Mate offer programs and interval episodes as well.


My favorite part of these interval podcasts is that they tell you when to run and when to walk. [or for the more advanced versions, when to run hard and when to recover more slowly.]  The podcast “coach”, if you will, gives these queues, which means I don’t need to focus on the time ticking – I can zone out to the music on the track instead.

When making my Delmar Dash playlist, I decided to try to make my own interval queues.  I found two short DMB instrumental breaks I had in my ITunes to use for my walking breaks.  Then I searched through my music files to find great songs to run to, and built 3-4 song running sets. 

When all was said and done, I have a serious set of intervals which leave me feeling confident and courageous for the race.  Especially when it comes to my determination to end the race on my power-through song.

race music

My run/walk interval plan [it’s important to note that while this is my plan for the race, I do intend to listen to my body and forgo these intervals if necessary.] for today’s race is as follows:

  • 13:40
  •   1:12
  • 11:23
  •   1:12
  •   9:37
  •     :43
  • 11:25
  •   1:12
  • as long as I need to cross that finish line, victorious after my LONGEST distance race to date!!!! [not that I’m excited or anything 😉 ]

I can’t wait to see how this DIY Interval Playlist works on the race course.  I think not having to focus on my watch or mile markers for my recovery walks will be so refreshing! (I usually time my intervals on a stop watch.)


Do you make specific playlists for races or other other events?  I also have specific playlists in my library for different parties I’ve hosted, trips I’ve taken, and general lists to listen to while doing various tasks [cleaning, writing, starting my morning, etc.]