Start Writing

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Apr 222012

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It was November. I was reading an interview posted on one of my favorite blogs, Marta Writes. Marta’s mother, Marty Ann Halverson, had published a book, Son of a Gun.  Marta asked her questions, and the answers she gave seemed to speak directly to me.  I especially grabbed on to one quotation about writing that I knew I wanted to keep close to me. So I scribbled it down on a pale yellow index card.

The words fit in ever so nicely with the same advice I’d heard dozens of times in the past two years – from Chris Hardwick via the Nerdist Podcast [if you want to be inspired to get moving creatively, start with Nerdist #15 – it’s old, but a favorite!], from Anne Lamott, and from fellow writers/artists/musicians/creators I know in real life.

I’ve believed it, this advice. I’ve reminded myself of it, time and time again when I tell myself I just need to get it started in order to get it done. I’ve known it and I’ve adopted it as my own to-do philosophy.  But, shockingly [#orsomething],  I haven’t actually done it very much. I haven’t carved out time every month, or week, or day to sit down and get my writing on. 

But, I did make a sparkly frame.  I took a plain wooden frame from the dollar store, covered it in Mod Podge, then covered it in tiny sparkly heart shaped sequins.  I guess that means I’m serious now. Right?


Time to trade in the Mod Podge for some bum glue.