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Christmas 2011

[a day in the life approach to Christmas, suggested by Jenna]

This is how the 2011 Christmas happened in the world of THS Headquarters:


Christmas Eve dinner was festive winter holiday shape Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.  The stocking, snowmen, candy cane, and snowflake shapes were accompanied by flaked tuna fish. [one of my favorite quick dinners from the pantry that bring me back to childhood, for sure!]

We spent the evening watching DVDs and playing computer games in bed.  We enjoyed an Ellen Degeneres comedy special, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and Elf before falling into a deep slumber, dreaming of Santa’s arrival.


I woke up a little past 7:00 AM Christmas morning, and talked myself into staying in bed until 8:00 AM.  Then I woke up and started baking some of my favorite Christmas cookies [I had the dough chilling in the fridge for a few days prior.]

I also spent some time wrapping up treats [lots of cookies, candy, and this delicious Cranberry Apple Bread] to gift to friends I would be seeing throughout the day.

I also spent some time packing up a laundry basket to take with me on my journey to my favorite local coffee shop.  I had a very important Skype date to get to!


I Skyped with my parents and siblings who were all gathered together at The Shugarman Manor.  I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!!

I don’t have internet at my apartment, but thankfully, I am dating a thoughtful barista who made my internet date possible.  Nicholas helped me carry my laundry basket full of stuff and all the gifts my family had shipped earlier in the week to the coffee shop.

I made sure to bring all the essentials with me….


Bedhead, for example. I am a hott mess. With two t’s.


My favorite Yankee Candle scent of the holiday season, Christmas Eve.  Making it smell all Christmasy and such.


A Delicious Chai Nog made by my favorite barista. [Chai latte made with egg nog. A DREAM in a cup, I tell ya!] adorned by my favorite gift attachment – a shiny white bow from Mother.

And lots of citrus. Oranges of the navel variety, tangerines, and clementines.


I also brought blankets, chapstick, and a box of hint-of-salt Triscuits. See? Just like I said: all the necessities.

I video chatted with the family for well over two hours, as we each took our turn opening gifts, making jokes, and enjoying the company via the interwebs.  I was once again, completely spoiled and loved every single gift I opened. 

After a video tour of Dad’s Christmas village decorations, we headed back to the apartment to prepare for the remainder of the day.  First step? Be distracted by how adorable Benson is as he discovers all of his new toys.


Back on track, we got ready to head to Nick’s Grandmother’s house to celebrate with her and Uncle Andy.  We also got to chat with Nick’s Mom, Kathleen, who lives in Florida.


Once again we were totally spoiled.  We had a wonderful macaroni and cheese dinner followed by one million Christmas cookies and opened waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooo maaaaaaany gifts, again.  Seriously – I can’t get over how blessed and completely spoiled I am! 

Nick’s Mom is all about the details.  Check out this adorable holiday owl wrapping paper she found for me.  [We also watched MIB 2 – see it peaking in the background?]


I also LOVED the paper she found for Nick’s gifts.  Black and white snow flakes!  Classy and gorgeous!


Even Benson and Trouble, Nick’s Gram’s cat, had their own paper. Adorable paw prints!


Though, it seems like Trouble had his eyes on some other piece of packaging….


Next we headed to celebrate festivities with friends.  There was so much food, but I sadly had no room after our delicious macaroni and cheese dinner! [Did I mention there are leftovers in the fridge at the moment? I have a feeling I’ll be getting on those rather soon.] 

We hung out for a bit, I gifted some hand-me-down jewelry and CDs full of hand-picked songs to our friends’ daughters, and helped them load music onto their new MP3 players.  We watched a lot of people play Super Mario Brother’s on the Wii, and laughed along as the competitive nature of certain friends spilled out and over.


A wonderfully relaxing ending to a fabulous holiday, we played our computer games while laughing through the Marijuana-Logues before watching A Very Special Family Guy Freakin’ Christmas and cuddling with Benson, before bed.

I say laughter is the perfect way to end such a lovely day.  Don’t you think?