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Little Bits


Ice cream. It’s a major part of my life in the summer time.  I treasure the treat and that’s no secret around these parts.  Back in June, when Nick and I were at the local Stewart’s Ice Cream Counter, we counted that Stewarts currently offers 29 flavors.  Nick pointed out that, being my twenty-ninth year of life, and all, it would be a pity to not try each and every flavor this summer. I concur! 

I’ve been ordering 2-3 flavors at a time and am now to the point where I’m mixing flavors I’ve most enjoyed recently with flavors I’ve been avoiding since the beginning. I’ve still yet to try Cotton Candy, but I’m thinking if I mix it with either black raspberry or strawberry, both shown above, it’s bound to be more palatable than I’m imagining. 


I know that a fur coat MUST be hot during the summer months, but our drama king Benson seems to think the world is ENDING anytime the temp rises about 90 degrees.  He’s a little bit hilarious and a little bit pathetic about it, laying himself across the floor as if death is upon him. Over dramatic kitty? Perhaps – but doesn’t stop me from putting out a dozen bowls/mugs of water for him on these days either. 


Favorite quick weekday dinner meal: start with some butter and minced garlic in a nonstick skillet and when it starts to smell extra-delicious add chopped broccoli, diced tomatoes, red pepper strips,chopped celery, and any other veggie bits you’d like [thin carrots and diced squashes would be grand!].  As that cooks in the pan, crack and whisk in an egg or two to create a bit of scramble.  Add rice or another grain – I usually make this when we have left over rice from Chinese take out or a cup or so left of a batch cooked quinoa.  Continue to pan fry with a few shakes of low-sodium soy sauce.


Saw this cursive S out of string while on a walk the other day.  Nick and I have been taking more and more walks in the evening.  It’s good to get outside and explore the neighborhood.  We recently walked up a street I’ve passed HUNDREDS of times but never had turned down and found some very interesting looking buildings which lead us into a long conversation of design and history and the town we find ourselves in.


Love my yellow union chair from Kelly.  That owl face on the chair is some sort of nut Nick found in the driveway at his Grandmothers when we first started dating.  The basket is also an owl.  I have them all around my apartment; they’ve been a favorite creature since long before they popped up EVERYWHERE.  I’ve had a few of the owls in the apartment since I was a teenager, though my collection of owl stuff has grown majorly since they became so popular.  Also, my reading of the Harry Potter series this year has cemented my desire for a real live owl of my own. I’d also like a time turner, please.

Around These Parts

One of my favorite parts about having a blog is the ability to look back on important moments, lessons and accomplishments in my life. I love reliving PRs, travel adventures, and holidays simply by reading my past posts.  I think that my favorite thing to look back on, however, is the everyday details.  Isn’t this why “a day in the life” posts are so popular in the blog-o-sphere.  We want to see and share how we live our lives – both in the big pictures and the small details.

I’ve been doing a great job of capturing everyday moments with my camera lately, but not-so-great a job of sharing these moments post-capture.  There’s no time like the present, right?  Here’s a look at what’s been going on around here during the month of May.

When we eat treats [in this case, burgers and watermelon slices!], Benson eats treats, too. [In this case, catnip flavored crunchy ones.]

I got new glasses.  They are bigger than my old glasses.  I like them. I did not, however, enjoy my eye doctor appointment.  Shudder.

Post 15K refueling included [but not limited to] apple juice and a delicious uber-simple smoothie: bananas, cherry juice, and my favorite post-run protein powder [more on that very soon!].

Tried a new-to-me tea at work one afternoon when I felt the dreaded 3:00 PM need for a nap creep on.  It was caffeine free, but the sweet and spicy flavor combo excited my taste buds and somehow seemed to trick my body and mind awake.

I am pretty sure it was either Laura or Julie who sent me this tea – both ladies are so good at sharing their tea goods with me that I’ve forgotten which one! Thanks for all the tea swapping, friends! We should start a blogger/reader tea swap or something.

One of my favorite places to work at the apartment: the back porch table.  This day included many necessary working accessories such as my calendar, water, blackberry, several of my favorite pen, a to-do list I no doubt ignored, and yes! – a bowl of ice cream.

Benson also seems to love when I work outside.  He’s always near by on the railing, bird watching or plotting his next foolish prank.

The goal is to take a few moments before the start of every work day to read from either of these books; Good Morning!, which I shared about before when speaking of passions, by Brook Noel was a gift from the wonderful Kelly and Living Juicy from SARK is a book I’ve relied on for years. [you can find both in the THS aStore]

I don’t always remember to take the time each morning, but I truly think the days I take the time to focus my thoughts in a positive place at the start of my work hours helps me. My attitude set on the correct path for the day makes me a more pleasant and productive person. I’m a fan.

I received this vanilla nut extract as a gift this winter and finally put it to use when I made French toast earlier this month.  I had purchased a loaf of French bread to accompany a picnic dinner one evening and barely made a dent.  I knew we were in for a treat a few days later and set the remaining loaf aside.  When I came across the extract while organizing my baking cabinet, I felt the universe may be writing my brunch menu and I’m so glad it did.  I topped my stack of slices with crushed mixed nuts and real maple syrup.  Divinity on a fork.

I’ve started putting all my coins in this old growler.  I want to fill it up, cash it in, and do something unexpected, yet reasonable.

The day or two following a hard race, I generally give myself the go-ahead to purchase and drink ANY sort of tea, juice, or water I want in an effort to force myself to make hydration a priority.  The day after the 15K, I brought a bag full of beverage choices to work with me and proceeded to enjoy four throughout the day.  This Sweet Leaf Green Tea with mint & honey was a new-to-me choice from the corner store the night before.  I’m a big fan! [also – shocking! In this photo my desk is a mess and I’m working on a to-do list or two!]

I sent in a huge pile of Box Tops to Lodi Elementary. [< read that post to find out why I collect & send them to Wisconsin when I live in New York!]  A few local friends and readers have started to collect their Box Tops and give them to me to send to add to my own envelope I send to Lo-town.  All I can say about that is: AWESOME.

I walked home from work over an hour before the pre-Memorial Day parade was to take place in Scotia and people were already out and about finding their own perfect seats.  It was my favorite walk home of the year: lots of puppies, smiling neighbors and that community feeling I love so much about this little village [which reminds me so much of Lodi, Wisconsin, by the way!]

Let’s be honest, though –the group of friends who had gathered on the porch of the corner pub had the best seats, and brews, in town.  Smartest neighbors I have, right there.


Oh my word, I’ve been obsessed with fresh cut pineapple this month.  They’ve been on sale for $2 bucks and change at our local market, and I’ve enjoyed the cutting into chunks whilst listening to podcasts process four times this month.

I took my second trip of the season to Jumpin’ Jacks – the local legendary drive-in burger and ice cream joint of wonders.  I decided a few weeks ago that the next time I was there I would branch out and try something beyond my “normal” veggie burger with coleslaw on top [practicing what I learned my golden year, no doubt] and I did so with a grilled chicken sandwich [and twister fries, of course!]  I ordered it plain but added my favorite sweet pepper relish to it at the table.  Not bad, but next time I’m adding cooked onions and coleslaw to the top, too.

[PS – local readers: I just saw on the website that Jumpin Jacks has online ordering for pick-up! How crazy cool is that?]

Jumpin' Jack's Drive-in on Urbanspoon


Spring Clean-Up day at the Bridge Division.  This year we added more plants to the patio garden [including some delicious herbs. I’m v. excited to pesto the basil!!], another sunflower garden, lots of yard work and water-sealed our picnic tables.  I was on the water-sealing team with my friends Kristine and Jennifer.  And the cook-out enjoying team with everybody.

Memorial Day weekend was a four day J. Watt’s Barista House remodeling extravaganza.  As most DIY projects, what we expected to finish in about 40 hours ended up taking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than that.  Nicholas and Kirian were a kick but painting team, clearly.

Everyday when I get home from work, I spend a few minutes with Benson no matter what my evenings plans have in store.  Sometimes we take a 10 minute cuddle & cat nap before I start writing.  Others we play in the living room while listening to a podcast before I head out on a run.  In this photo I had just returned home from our Spring Clean Up day at work and found Benson in hot pursuit of a fly on the back porch.  Those are what I call his panther eyes.


Late night bubble blowing going on at the apartment.  Benson liked chasing the bubbles but was all sorts of confused when they disappeared into thin air all-magic-like.

Tried this refreshing beverage tonight after searching for it for DAYS. [visited 5 locations, called 6 others.]  Michelob Ultra Lite Cider.  Crisp and light and a full review coming very soon.

What everyday things have you experienced this month?