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Cheers! To Life!

One day I went to college.
I met three girls who changed my life.
Meet the BBC. 

n104700831_30048794_7464 [BBC + Me = BBHC, or in this case, the BCHB]

This is a story more specifically about the beautiful B.

bridgelucky basaket bridge bridge glasses 



One day I went to B’s wedding.
I was her personal attendant and had big important jobs to do.
Meet said importance.

bridge dress

At B’s wedding I was introduce to an “amaretto stone sour.”  Apparently the “stone” in the drink meant orange juice.  The bartender at the reception was making the drinks using Fresca instead of sour mix. And it was good.  So good, in fact, that I deemed this drink the “liquid Flintstone vitamin.” (seriously. it tastes JUST LIKE IT.)  And so good, in fact, that there was dancing. Mucho, mucho, dancing.


And so good, in fact, that the other B and I tried to recreate this photo from our past.

brend bird 1n104700831_30154628_4447 

B & A’s wedding was gorgeous and I was so blessed to be part of their special day!

A few years later I was living in Beaumont, TX in an apartment my friends and I called “the 2204”.  Over the course of my time in the 2204, I was lucky enough to have several different roommates.  Including these three lovely Southern Belles, Jessica, Ashley and Kelly.

2204Here we are at my going away party.

This is a story more specifically about the amazing Ashley.

ash heep ash- lodi africa ashbday



The Christmas that Ashley and I lived together, her parents were traveling during the Christmas holiday.  Instead of Ashley staying at the 2204 by herself, she came to Denton with me.  Bring on Ashley’s first flight EVER.


Since I have been traveling via flight since I was a wee little one, I don’t remember my first flying experience at all, so I was more than happy to be a part of Ashley’s first flight experience!  We flew Southwest, because what could be better than an airline with a heart with wings for a logo?

sw asahash heart

And of course, we documented all the important parts of the flight. We purchased our favorite magazine (Real Simple!) at Hudson News before boarding.  Waiting to be seated on the plane to read the issue was not an option- we opened it up before we even got on the plane. Ash was a little concerned when she started seriously looking at the emergency card.  But things were all good by the time the snacks arrived. It seemed that for the few weeks before our trip, every time she would share with a friend that she was going on her first flight, they would point out the snacks.

ash real simplefireash peanutes    

While we were in Denton we spent a lot of quality time with the fam [my favorite activity!] – playing board games, watching movies, and goofing around with Guitar Hero. 

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This was the first time I ever played and I was NOT very good at all. In all honesty, I’m still not very good, which was proven this past Christmas by my siblings.

Ashley and I had a great time during our trip.  Actually, this trip was the first one I referred to as “A Very Denton Christmas”.  Ever since I’ve been adding the year to the title as I prepare for my stay at the Manor- this year, of course, was “A Very Denton Christmas 2009”.

A few things have been reoccurring during every Very Denton Christmas Vacation.  I always, without fail, have some photo shoot sessions with my mom’s awesome camera – whether it be her point and shoot or her ‘fancy camera’.  I always wear my smutty Christmas pajamas that gained their namesake because they say “ho, ho, ho”.  We always have our individual photos taken in-front of the tree. And as long as I’m a good girl throughout the entire year, Santa comes!  [he left gifts for Ash, too!]

 kkkmorn ashtree

And I always treat myself to a few Disaronno Stone Sours!  [oh- NOW you see the correlation! 😉 ]

Usually I request Fresca for full Liquid Flintstonian taste- but this year, I decided to save a few calories and use Diet 7-up instead. [edit: The FABULOUS Stepfanie, from The Daily Spark, has informed me that Fresca is a diet, 0 calorie soda as well! BRING ON THE FINTSTONIAN TASTE!  Thanks, Stepfanie!]

DSCF2089 DSCF2090 DSCF2092 DSCF2093

Tips for a good celebratory adult beverage such as this:
1. Use cubed ice, not crushed. (this is hard for me because I LOVE the crushed ice at the Manor)
2. The nutrients of the Orange Juice cancel out the lack of nutrients in the alcohol. (okay- maybe not. that could just be an example of Rachel Ray’s girl math)
3. Drinks as such are especially tasty when enjoying the company of good friends and family.
4. I like to use the biggest glass I can find. Even when every time I pull it out of the cabinet someone tells me it’s a beer glass.
5. The drink tastes best when toasting to life!  L’chaim! & Cheers!


What is your favorite drink to toast with?  I’m not much of a champagne fan, so these amaretto stone sours are a nice fizzy go-to drink for me during the holidays.  I plan on going for a wine search tomorrow for the New Years celebratory drinking and am hoping to find something I’ve never tried before but find delightful.  Are you drinking anything special for New Years Eve?