Listen to at least one episode of new-to-me podcasts: 

  1. C-Span Podcasts of the Week
  2. The Comedy Nerds
  3. The Happiness Project
  4. The Film Vault
  5. Stuff Mom Never Told You
  6. Vanity Fair’s Writers Reading
  7. Joy the Baker
  8. The Crush
  9. The Table Set
  10. Making It
  11. The Apple Sisters
  12. Julie Klausner’s How Was Your Week
  13. Sex Nerd Sandra
  14. The ABC’s of SNL
  15. Nerdist Writers’ Panel
  16. Rock Solid
  17. Pod is My Copilot
  18. The Todd Glass Show
  19. The Because Show
  20. We’re About to Be Friends
  21. Jay and Silent Bob Get Old
  22. You Had to Be There
  23. You Made It Weird
  24. Big Pop Fun
  25. The Mutant Season
  26. Allison Rosen is Your New Best Friend
  27. Mike and Tom Eat Snacks
  28. Plus One

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