28 people I deleted from my facebook friend’s list:

  1. Guy I met at an open mic once.
  2. Girl who married a friend I haven’t talked to for a decade.
  3. Guy I’ve never met.
  4. Friend of a friend of a friend I went dancing with once.
  5. College freshmen I’ve never spoken to but used to frequent the same coffee place as me.
  6. Some person from Lodi who won’t stop asking me to help them farm things.
  7. Guy who I once thought would marry my good friend, but ended up marrying some other girl who was never v. nice to me.
  8. Some name that looks familiar but I really can’t place her.
  9. Fellow blogger who is the opposite of pleasant to myself and my blends.
  10. A guy I went to college with in 2002, and haven’t thought of since.
  11. I have no idea how this person became my facebook friend.
  12. Cousin of an acquaintance I don’t see any longer.
  13. Maybe this person was added by accident? Who is she?
  14. Old one-of-my-favorite musical artists’ personal page.
  15. Another person I don’t know, who has a baby as their default photo, and our mutual friends make absolutely no sense to me.
  16. Lady who asks me to join her in various applications on FB daily.
  17. Apparently this girl went to high school with me, but I have no idea who she is.
  18. I think this guy asked me to friend him on accident.
  19. Mother of my former student when I was a youth pastor.
  20. A business in Florida I’ve never visited.
  22. Rude things in status updates man.
  23. I do not care about your baby.
  24. Ex boyfriend of a high school classmate I haven’t talked to since 2002.
  25. Your dogs’ facebook page.
  26. Celebrity I should have never followed in the first place.
  27. I don’t need to be friends with anyone related to my ex.
  28. Poor soul still living in Beaumont, TX that I haven’t talked to since I moved.

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