28 CDNY locations I’ve visited for the first time my 28th year:

  1. Washington Park – Birthday Co-Celebration with Jen
  2. Village Tavern – after reading words that broke my heart, and healed it, too
  3. Scagandaga Lake – refreshing with Ryan Stanley, Matthew, and Emerald
  4. Peebles Island – with Nick, Emma, Andrei and the girls
  5. Stillwater, Ray’s place – with Nick, Emma, Andrei, Richard and Liz
  6. Riverfront Park, Schenectady
  7. Jackson’s Garden, Union College Campus
  8. Orion’s, Schenectady
  9. Plotter Kill Preserve
  10. Corning Preserve
  11. X’s to O’s Bakery
  12. Sephora, Colonie Center
  13. Sportsman’s Bowl
  14. Peckham’s, Scotia
  15. Twenty North, Schenectady
  16. Sweet Temptations, Schenectady
  17. The Standard, Crossgates
  18. Lark Fest, Albany
  19. Mac and Cheese Bowl
  20. Trails near Rexford Bridge
  21. Denny’s near Union

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