Handmade Christmas


In 2010, I celebrated the holiday season with Handmade Christmas 2010.

For me, this meant:

-Hand making all the Holiday Greeting Cards I mail out to friends and family across the country.

-All gifts I give this Christmas season will be either be handmade by me, or purchased from an individual who created it themselves.

-All wrapping, packaging, and gift tags will also have a handmade touch.

-For an added bonus, this year I will also be decorating a Christmas tree in all handmade, paper ornaments and decorations.

Even though Handmade Christmas 2010 has come and gone, I invite you to consider having your own kind of Handmade Christmas this coming holiday season. You do not need to keep the same guidelines and goals as I’ve stated – find what works for you! I’d love to hear about what your plans are to incorporate Handmade Christmas into your holiday plans. [Also, may I encourage a Handmade Hanukkah, Kwanza, or generally winter merriment?]


Many More Handmade Christmas Resources from THS:

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15 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas

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  3. Devon

    Love this! We’re totally doing handmade Christmas–well, mostly, anyway. All new tree decorations will be handmade, and I am handmaking/creating most of the gifts I plan to give. Looking forward to seeing more of this project from you!

  4. Sara

    Hi Heather! Hope you are doing well! I noticed this on your blog and wanted to let you know I opened my own Etsy shop recently! I only have aprons right now but more will be coming soon!

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  6. Rachael

    I love this idea Heather! I’m totally going to join in and do handmade Christmas myself! There’s just something so special about making your own cards and really taking the time to individualize something for the special people in our lives! Count me in! =)

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  12. ashlie

    Hey girl,

    I LOVE this idea!! I too am a HUGE supporter of the whole HOMEMADE Christmas thing. To be honest, I am a huge fan of Homemade Gifts for every holiday. My gifts this year are including handmade Headbands/hair clips, embellished tees, calenders, and of course homemade goodies from the kitchen… 🙂 So much more fun to give stuff like that!!!

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