This Week I Will 31

A weekly post of healthy-intention goals for the sake of accountability; [inspired long ago by Jess and her #sayitdoit style]

A review of last week’s goals:

Continue #30DaysofYoga. I have yet to miss a day of practice during this 30 day challenge, and challenging it has been. Every time I start to struggle right up to the line of wanting to call it quits, Adriene says exactly what I need to hear to keep me on the hunt to find what feels good. I can’t recommend her youtube yoga channel enough.

Make room for creativity. In very practical ways, yes. I allowed myself to get distracted by the face of the fridge and spent 20 minutes de-cluttering and reorganizing the magnets. I spent A LOT of time creating kitchen content for clients, THS, and HLB this weekend. I also brought markers and sketchbook to my relaxing zone one night and coloring books another, yet both evenings managed to get on my laptop and work on social media pitches. Creativity used? Totally. But probably not what I was thinking when I set the goal last week.


Add some cardio to my life. One mid-day mile long lunch walk + one long weekend interval walk + one short evening dance workout = success!!

Drink MORE water. I rocked this goal Monday through Friday and was within reach over the weekend. I started drinking out of a wide mouthed Ball quart jar while at my desk at work. Seeing the measurements on the side of the jar is totally motivating me to drink more throughout the day, I’m sure of it.


This Week I Will

Do #30DaysofYoga PLUS.  I’ve been very successfully managing my daily yoga practice along with a daily short strength program [currently working through this Butts & Guts challenge] for a while now.  Adding a dose of cardio goals last week worked well for me. This week I’d like to focus on adding SOMETHING more every day. It could be an additional yoga video or self-guided flow to work on poses I may struggle transitioning into, a cardio session on the step machine, or another favorite at-home workout video or internet tutorial. I’m loving this active lifestyle and I want to celebrate that by making it a priority this week!

Continue my healthy intentions. The past several mornings I’ve gotten onto Marco Polo to send a quick video stating my healthy intentions for the day. Some are repetitive [yoga…water…] and others appear to my mind due to circumstance, such as a focus on calmness on a morning I’m feeling especially anxious. Exploring my thoughts, struggles and desires each day and stating my plan out loud has been an extremely encouraging habit to adopt as I work to make healthy choices each day.

Read my Daily Pep Talk. One of my healthy intentions on Thursday, after an especially hard few days at the office, was to write a daily pep talk for myself. I wanted words I could read either silently to myself or out loud every morning before work. Words to guide me and remind me of lessons I’ve already learned, but that anxieties and insecurities try to block out of my memory on the regular. It’s short and simple and I want to test it out for two straight weeks, even if it feels silly from time to time.

Make progress on #THSTheJesusYears. Have I mentioned I’m transcribing my journals from the “Jesus” years of my life? [2003 to 2009.] I set a goal to complete that transcription project in 2017 and that means making progress each month.  I’ve got a jump start in early January, and I want to add at least a few more months of transcription to the document by next Sunday. I’ve been sharing a tiny bit mid-transcriptions on Twitter as I work; you can see that oddness here: #THSTheJesusYears

What healthy intentions are you setting for the week?  Tell me about them on twitter and show me the proof on Instagram by using the #Make1HealthyDecision hashtag!

This Week I Will 30

A weekly post of healthy-intention goals for the sake of accountability; [inspired long ago by Jess and her #sayitdoit style]

A review of last week’s goals: Continue #30DaysofYoga. I haven’t missed a day yet! There have been parts of each video that have been challenging and parts that have felt rewarding. I have enjoyed gentle practice moments and struggled through series full of frustration. I have not given up and that is enough for me.

Don’t let freggies go bad. The only thing saving me here is my habit of making stock with veggies on the verge of death. The freezer has been re-stocked. #SoPunny

Get back to the bedtime routine. I didn’t manage the routine the night I went out to the bar, but every other night of the week I followed through with the tea, stretch, teeth, and face checklist.

Keep up my reading momentum. What a win! I’ve been spending at least a little time reading a book almost every day. I have finished my first book of 2017 and am half way through my second. I’m not sure how long this love of quiet time with a book will remain in my day to day life, but I’m going to keep soaking it up while I’m enjoying it so much.

Earn the hydration pin.  When it came to water intake, I reached the daily goals I set each morning and plan to up my game this week! I have been using a Habit Tracker app to remind myself to check in with where I am with my hydration throughout the day which I think has been helping a lot.


This Week I Will

Continue #30DaysofYoga. I know I can follow through on this goal and just doing it every day, no excuses, is the way I’m going to get it done. Just do it.

Make room for creativity. As often as I can. However I want to in that free time; writing, crafting, drawing, coloring, video editing, building, creative planning – whatever I want to do.

Add some CARDIO to my life. Last week I went on a bundled up lunch break walk with a work pal. It was a cold, brisk mile that brought pink to my cheeks and a chill of tears to my eyes. It also made me feel AMAZING.

It’s going to be in the 40’s a few days this week and I want to bundle up and take a 15-30 minute walk outside a couple of days. If the weather and my schedule don’t cooperate, then I want to spend at least that much time on the air step machine I have at the apartment. My yoga practice has been so consistent over the past 45 days or so.  I can add in a mix of movement to my schedule now that I have more time for it.

Drink MORE water. I’ve been doing fairly well reaching my 80 ounces of water each day, but I want to start reaching for 100 ounces.

What healthy intentions are you setting for the week?  Tell me about them on twitter and show me the proof on Instagram by using the #Make1HealthyDecision hashtag!