#THSGetsFaster Week 7

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Jul 222015

In the spring of 2015 I set out with a goal to get speedy, aiming to PR each of the common race distances I’ve crossed the finish of thus far [5K, 5-mile, 10K, 15K, half marathon]. I decided to document the process of my training, hoping that it will help to keep me accountable to train strong.  Up first, I’m chasing the train to 5K PR city – currently at 29:35.  This is week seven.

Monday July 13 – Sunday July 19
Total Miles Planned:  6 miles + a 5K Race
Total Miles Ran: a 5K Race


Favorite Run: Errrrrr… So, my cat got sick, like really sick, and coupled with back-to-back house guests, suddenly running dropped to priority ZERO for exactly 18 days.  That’s the number of days between the last time I ran [Monday, June 29] and my….

Least Favorite Run: This 5K, MY FAVORITE LOCAL 5K, sucked so hard this year. Okay, so not exactly.  The volunteers were great, the shirts were great, the new “Hawaiian” theme addition was great, the course was the same, and so – you know, GREAT…. and I went in saying I had “no expectations.”

Turns out I had expectations, I just didn’t really realize it until after looking at my Garmin after hearing the 2 mile beep and feeling so many emotions in what seemed like an instant. My finishing time wasn’t at all horrible, but it was far from a course PR, let alone a PR, and I wasn’t expecting to finish with such a large gap between where I was last October and where I am now.

The humidity on race day was KILLER and I really had to convince myself to start running again after every walking break. I started out running the first mile without stopping, then took planned walking breaks based on water stops.  I got thrown off when I misjudged where one stop would be and then never quite got back into the grove.  I was running 90 seconds, walking 30 for a majority of the race, which meant sprinting over the finish line was possible, which always feels great even when you want to punch the clock for saying a time that makes you angry.


Other Workouts: Lots of walking, but not much else.

Listening Notes: I listened to a really fun playlist filled with music from Megan, but I think all the speedy pop took a toll on my pacing. I was ALL OVER THE PLACE PACE.

Fueling Notes: Half a bagel with cream cheese a couple of hours before the race. A delicious brunch at one of my favorite Scotia spot, Sally’s Streetside Café, after the race.  My sandwich – Sally’s Rueben, a Rueben made with delicious roast beef – and home fries totally hit the spot.  As a special post-run treat, I basically dove head first into a bottle of Adam & Eve Orange-Carrot Juice. This stuff is SO delicious and though I don’t drink fruit juice very often, I have officially made a note on my grocery list in hopes I can find it at the local market to keep stocked at THS HQ.


#THSGetsFaster Reflections: Now that I ran again, I guess I’ll keep it up.  My previous written-out-calendar plan ended on Saturday, so I’m taking some time this week to write out a new plan for the rest of summer.  For this week the goal is simple: put on my shoes and run some miles, at least once before the weekend and at least once during the weekend.  Walk as much as possible on any day I don’t run.  Then I’ll start whatever self-written plan I hope to scribble out while watching TV Tonight when Monday arrives.

I know I’m still wanting to hunt down that 5K PR, but I think a few weeks of steady training BEFORE picking a race to solidly speed train for may be a good idea in terms of getting me back into the running groove. I’m missed my time on the streets and trails and sidewalks and hills and I can’t wait to plug my ears with podcast noise and log as many miles as my heart desires.  Ready, set, run.