A Few November Updates

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Nov 082015

Here’s what has been going on over at THS HQ and beyond this month.


I’m currently running through some antibiotics to fight an abscess tooth.  Last week I turned into half a chipmunk overnight, but I’m on the mend now. It’s been several days of soup and mashed potatoes and I have been day dreaming about sandwiches for many more minutes than any human should consider acceptable.

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I’m heading to Wisconsin for work this week.  It’s always fun to shake things up and get out of the office once in a while, but I’m walking the line of stress over all that I have on my to-do list for normal at-my-desk weeks. I have been meditating each morning on simple truths such as “I can only do what I can do” and “the world will not end” and #fightworry motivating mantras like “one step at a time” and “forward motion.”  This is a fairly new habit, but I find myself taking a moment to step back, breathe, and repeat these words to myself times I’m feeling anxious at the office.

One other thing I am having a lot of anxiety about right now is how my mouth/tooth will feel on the flights I’m taking this week.  I’ve loaded my iPod with a “Save for Travel” podcast playlist filled with favorites and my iPad with a bunch of free e-books [thanks, Kindle App] and free TV episodes because I completely believe in the “entertain to distract your pain” plan. 


There are some definite happy points to the Wisco trip that TOTALLY make up for any pending long work days or mouth pain. At the top of that list is getting to see this lady and meet this lady, followed by cheese. Plus, it’s always nice to return home to the Badger State, even if I’m not going to be spending any time in Madison.


We have a few office newbies who have settled into the Bridge Division over the past few months and we figured November is a good time to get back at the 2015 Connect Goal of Office Trivia Teaming. I hadn’t been out to Schenectady Bar Trivia since late July and a trip to Nico’s Rooftop was in order.  1 Heather + 4 local pals + 4 co-workers + 1 co-workers SO = a 10 person team of awesome.  I had a blast!  I’m already planning another Trivia Night on Thanksgiving Eve and I’m STOKED.


And because I can’t help but share the stuff I’m loving, here are two new things I’m obsessing over:

1. Naked Chia Cherry Lime which is oh-so-delicious and not at all difficult for me to get down, like other chia-focused beverages I’ve struggled with in the past.  I don’t drink bottled juices and smoothies too often, but I will definitely be going back for this flavor the next time I do. 

2. Alisa Burke’s new PRINTED coloring book. Her downloadable-printable pages are also terrific, but I love a bound book, ya know?  I’m really happy that the rest of the world is catching on to this adult coloring trend. I’ve been a big fan of evening coloring and doodling to decompress in the evenings for a while.  Now that there are so many awesome new adult-focused/trendy products out on the market and plenty of talk about how meditative of an activity color can be [like here, here, and here, for example,] I’ve found it even easier to make time for the creative hobby.


And last, but certainly not least, the #HLBTea swap is BACK!  You don’t have to be a blogger to participate! ALL ARE WELCOME! Sign up by Tuesday to join the fun!!

It’s super easy. You sign up on the form and then a few days later get emailed with who you send 2 bags of tea.  Then someone else sends you 2 bags of tea.  Simple as that and who doesn’t love snail mail and trying new flavors of teas without committing to an entire box?

Here’s the post that has all the details and the participation form information: November 2015 #HLBTea Swap I genuinely hope that you sign up to join the fun!