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Sep 022014

Coming to Television this Fall Sitcoms I am Excited to See Soon

  1. Cristela. I’m a fan of Cristela Alonzo’s comedy so much so that I follow the brilliant woman on Instagram.  I’ve been eagerly following along her journey of being picked up and creation over the past months and look forward to watching!
  2. A to Z. I like projects that chronicle a relationship or event from beginning to end, and this show promises to do just that.  I dig the cast, which includes the Mother and my Guardian Angel Fred. [POINTS! for anyone who knows all two three references.]

Coming to Television this Fall Dramas I am Excited to See Soon

  1. How to Get Away with Murder. I’m a total fool for the new Thursday night with all Shonda Rhimes, as a dear fan of both Greys and Scandal. I’ve been watching the promos with the trio of leading ladies chatting with Shonda on large couches you’ll expect to see in their character’s living rooms later this year.  This show is a legal thriller with a law school twist and I can’t wait to see what drama comes to campus.
  2. Forever.  After falling in love with Crossing Jordan during some major binge watching earlier this summer, I’m all about giving another medical examiner character a try.  The supporting cast are all folks I’ve come to love in other roles so I’m really hoping this one impresses and stays around for a while.

twosdaybooks2 Coming this Fall Books I was Stoked to Read About in Entertainment Weekly

  1. Choose Your Own Autobiography – Neil Patrick Harris.  Of course NPH shares his life in an exciting, refreshing way.
  2. Belzhar – Meg Wolitzer. The Interestings was the best book I read in 2013, and I haven’t read anything since to take the title of “favorite recent fiction.”  I was so happy to see that another Meg Wolitzer read is launching at the end of September.

Returning this Fall Shows I’m Totally Looking Forward to the Season Premiere

  1. Parenthood. I’ve missed it. And though this is the last season, I’m oh so ready to spend some emotional time with the family I’d most want to become a part of….other than the Cosbys.
  2. The Mindy Project. I’m really excited to see how well the writers handle Mindy and Danny actually being together.  I love the comedy chemistry between the two!


Realized During the Great Book Clean Out at THS HQ

  1. I have SO many books that I have no intention of rereading [or for some, ever reading] taking up so much space in my apartment.
  2. The collection of titles in the “no longer needed” piles tell a very interesting story about my life.  I could lay out the books in a timeline of my life, easily.

What I’m Doing with ALL the Books

  1. Holding a book sale. YEP.  Funds are really tight around these parts lately, and selling off some of this collection could really help cover some life-costs.
  2. Filling the Little Free Library nearby with a small selection of favorite neighborhood friendly reads.


Favorite Items in the Vitality VoxBox
I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

  1. Pure Leaf Sweet Tea. I’ve had the Pure Leaf Not Too Sweet Honey Green Tea before [love!] but this was the first time I had the Sweet Tea variety.  Verdict: It tastes like Southeast Texas memories – a delicious afternoon treat.  I would definitely try it again, and love that there are currently ten total flavors to try from this brand. I’ll be making some Pure Leaf popsicles with the next bottle I buy!
  2. Softlips Cube in Vanilla Bean. I’m on the hunt for the Fresh Mint variety! Softlips was a favorite in middle school and high school.  I remember collecting the classic thin tubes and applying the product constantly throughout the school day.

Reasons I Totally Dig the Softlips Cube

  1. I like when my lip products come with a bit of sun protection, and these cubes come with SPF 15.
  2. It makes my lips feel soft and hydrated, thanks to the Shea Butter added to the formula to restore moisture. I like keeping the cube under my computer monitor and using it a couple of times throughout the work day.

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#THS13point1 Week 8

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Sep 012014

A few months ago I registered for my first half marathon.  I decided to document the process of my training, hoping that it will help to keep me accountable to train strong.  This is week eight.

Monday August 25 – Sunday August 31
Total Miles Planned: 22
Total Miles Ran: 32 total miles: 19 ran // 13 walked


Favorite Run: Totally a tie between the shortest and the longest.
A timed 1 mile in which I broke 9:00 – a 41 second PR from my fastest mile prior.
My 12-mile long run turned into a half marathon when I missed a turn and added about a mile onto my route.  Major OOPS, but I now have no doubt that I will cross that finish line in October.

Least Favorite Run: Super hot and sweat 5 miles wog on Wednesday.  I loved the run when it was over [averaged 10:37 while wogging 4:1 intervals,] but it was a STUGGLE to get out there and stay out there after a hard day at the office.

Other Workouts: LOTS more stretching than my normal. I’ve been trying to remember to spend a “distance-ratio” amount of time after each run stretching out and rolling with my Tiger Tail.  This just means that I spend more time stretching and rolling after my mid-distance and long runs than I do with my short little zippy runs. 

Listening Notes: I found a new podcast to run to, and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to find it. Put Your Hands Together is a comedy show that takes place immediately following Doug Loves Movies at UCB each week, ergo I was very familiar with the name. I’ve also recently seen/heard PYHT host Cameron Esposito on a handful of shows and really dug her style.  I added two recent episodes to my long run playlist and loved the experience of running while listening.  Each show includes a collection of comedy sets and conversations, so it really helped break up the run into smaller chunks – always appreciated.

Fueling Notes: Can I get a “booyah!” for not vomiting after my long run? This seriously felt like a major victory after my last two post long-run experiences.

I believe the success came from fueling correctly before, during and after the run.  I started with a piece of toast with Earth Balance coconut & peanut spread [the best!] with a glass of water about an hour before my run.

While running, I took a fuel break every 38 minutes.  First: Honey Stinger Gold.  Not bad at all – it’s what you would expect from honey, but less gooey. Second: GU CherryLime Roctane. I definitely prefer the Blueberry Pomegrante flavor – the CherryLime did not go down easy. Third: Gatorade Prime Sports Fuel Drink in Fierce Grape. This was surprisingly my favorite fuel experience to date.  Both of the gels were a bit hard for me to swallow, so a pouch of liquid was a welcomed break from what often feels like run-snacking. I don’t know if I would be able to run on only Gatorade pouches, but I think a Gatorade and GU/Gel combo may be the way I go on race day.  I also really like that I can get the Gatorade products at my local grocery store – super easy.

After the run I sipped some water and then poured myself a coffee-mug of chocolate milk which I enjoyed while stretching.  After a shower, I drank half of a Post-Game Recovery Gatorade, but wasn’t crazy about the Mixed Berry flavor.  

Also – a bunch of runner friends shared their favorite mid-run fuel while I was out running, and I’m going to be finding a few of their suggestions to try ASAP.


I’ve added a count down sign in my eyesight line at my office.  It’s a visual reminder to HYDRATE for my evening runs and a queue to my co-workers why I’ll be walking slowly come October 13.

#THS13Point1 Reflections: I was asked for the first time last week if I had a time goal for the half marathon.  I hadn’t thought about it before being asked, but I’ve been thinking about it during each run since. 

Last weekends accidental half marathon rounded out at 2:33:16.  I was running intervals according to my queues from my Gymboss timer, which I had set for an 18:2 run:walk, and was feeling pretty good throughout.  [Also – holly cow! The Gymboss has really upgraded since I first bought mine. There are SO many colors and a MAX option!]

In running discussions before, I’ve admitted that I often feel a little lost when setting race goals.  I don’t want to set unattainable goals and I also know I often have a hard time pushing myself to my limits.  When it comes to clocking a specific time for a new race distance, I honestly feel a little fearful to call out numbers that I want to chase.  While Rational Heather knows this is f-ing stupid, Self-Doubting Heather disagrees.

The truth is, goals like “crossing the finish line” are wonderful goals.  But for me, at this time, after just clocking a 13.1 mile training run 42 days before race-day, that seems like it would also be a really wonderful SAFE goal.  And I want to push myself to go after goals that take hard work – hard work is good for you!

I have been reading a little about setting A-B-C race goals, and I think this is a great fit for me – especially when facing a new race distance. ““A” is an achievable goal, “B” is a stretch and “C” would be essentially kicking butt and taking a few names.” – from Prairie Princess Runners.  Setting ABG goals is on my to-do list for this week.

[This post from Monica is a good chat on Race Day vs Ultimate Goals, too: RunEatRepeat on Running Goal Setting

How do you set goals for races?