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Jul 152014

I Can’t Stop Laughing at These Videos

  1. Jimmy and Kevin Ride a Roller Coaster  Maybe because I had a very similar experience with my siblings last summer in Tampa…which you can see photo evidence of here: That’s How the Sibling Thing Goes
  2. Fan Favorites from “The Pete Holmes Show” Yup. The entire playlist.  Chromecast-able, too.

Shows I’ve Been Binge-Watching on Netflix

  1. Crossing Jordan.  I’ve been waking up unable to sleep in the wee-hours of the morning lately, and have started a little daily ritual of taking the iPad to the recliner and watching an episode or two of this show.  It’s like the earlier, Boston version of Bones. 
  2. Forgotten Planet. I am completed fascinated by the idea of abandoned cities across the globe, but especially in America.  The idea of “Urban Exploring” sounds super interesting, which leads me to also recommend this short video: The Art of Urban Exploration


 Orange Spotted in the Office Garden

  1. The first of our tomato bulbs, turning shades of summer!
  2. We added some orange lilies to the garden this year, and I’m loving the pop of brightness this time of year.

Recommended Reading for Orange is the New Black Fans from Previously.TV

  1.  Who Are Litchfield Prison’s Ten Biggest Bad-Asses?  The individual and relational character development between such a diverse group of female roles is the best part of the story and this post gets it all right.
  2. Sophia’s Anatomy Lesson Was Maybe Directed At Somebody Other Than Her Fellow Inmates.  Because the discussion needs to happen and keep happening, so that those who have thought and said ignorant words can also learn to reasons to apologize like Katie Couric. 


New Scotia Date Spots to Try ASAP

  1. The Greatful Dawg.  Because what small town in CDNY doesn’t need an adorably named mini hot dog establishment? Yup – mini hot dogs. Apparently they are a thing here, and I’m stoked to give them a try!
  2. Mohawk Taproom & Grill.  Was happy to see the interaction on their Facebook page when they first posted a “Coming Soon” sign outside a recently closed old favorite, and the Yelp reviews within the first weeks of opening seemed like a good enough reason to head to the Taproom [yep, already nicknamed it!] with some work pals to watch Germany crush Brazil [oops.] last week.

Deliciousness Enjoyed at the Mohawk Taproom & Grill

  1. The Mohawk Golden Nachos are LEGIT delicious.  I love mustard and the Carolina Gold sauce paired with tomatoes, jalapenos, and sautéed onions was a terrific combo – especially when topped with pepper jack!  I will be going back for these often – you can count on that.
  2. Strongbow Gold Apple Cider.  I’ve seen so many advertisements for this brand and this is the first place I’ve seen it while out and it was calling to me.  The crispness totally hit the spot and I loved that it wasn’t too sweat or too beer like.  Speaking of, the beer list at this place is stellar, with 20 drafts – most of which are regional favorites.  I know where I’ll be bringing visitors to THS HQ for local dinners from here on out!


Amy & Brian Naturals Products Recently Sent to Try & Review and How I’m Using Them

  1. Coconut Juice. [note: coconut juice is no different than coconut water.]  I have a can of this in the fridge at the moment, and am thinking of giving this recipe a try soon: Thai Mango Coconut Rice
  2. Coconut Juice With Pulp.  I split this can into two when I opened it; half went into a ball jar and into the fridge, and half went into the ridiculously awesome smoothie I mentioned in yesterday’s #THS13point1 Training Recap.  I REALLY love the “with pulp” version – so wonderful in the smoothie with the little bits of pulp coming through the straw – deliciousness.

Other Ingredients in the “New Favorite, Most Delicious, Uber-Hydrating Smoothie”

  1. one part Market Pantry frozen dark cherries
  2. one part Market Pantry frozen blueberries #sosimplesogood


#THS13Point1 Week 1

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Jul 142014

A few months ago I registered for my first half marathon.  I decided to document the process of my training, hoping that it will help to keep me accountable to train strong.  This is week one.


Monday July 7 – Sunday July 13
Total Miles Planned: 13
Total Miles Ran: Ran 6, Walked 17

Favorite Run: On Monday evening I ran a “for time” mile after warming up via a walking-commute home from the office [a little over a mile and a half].  I didn’t look at my Garmin at all as I ran, until I knew I had to be within the last tenth of a mile, and was able to finish strong.  I was pretty pleased with how my legs felt after running 10K the day before and I was REALLY pleased for my first “timed mile” in a long while and can’t wait until the next time it comes up on the plan so that I can try to race myself!

Least Favorite Run: On Wednesday the temperature seemed to drop right after a storm, and I decided I had enough time to squeeze out a run before the next batch of storms came in.  I tackled the 3-miler that was on my plan for the week – run a mile, recover, repeat three times and it was OH-SO-HUMID.  I was happy to get the run done [it was supposed to be my 2nd to longest for the week, but ended up being the longest] and felt accomplished afterwards, but it was GROSS out there.

Other Workouts: Nicholas’s mom, Kathleen, is in two for a few days and we got up early Sunday morning to tackle a nice long, speedy walk together.  We chatted the whole way [except for a hill or two] and I had such a great time!  We clocked 9.18 miles in 2 hours and 12 minutes. And my bum hurts. #thankshills

I also did upper body workouts with my body bar at home while watching TV twice this week.  Instead of using any prewritten workouts, I simply choose five upper body exercises I’ve done in group fitness classes and crank out three sets of 10-15 reps.  I’m digging the no-pressure strength training approach right now.

Listening Notes: I’ve gone months without listening to This American Life, so I’ve been binging on the episodes lately.  Two favorites: #241 20 Acts in 60 Minutes[downloaded 7/6/14] and #524 I Was So High [downloaded 5/4/14]

Fueling Notes: Nothing of note for my pre-run or post-run fueling, but I surely did not think about fueling before the walk and managed to get out the door having just a small glass of juice.  When we got home, I felt mega drained and weak.  Raisins helped immediately. But THEN I created my new favorite, most delicious, uber-hydrating smoothie that you can hear more about tomorrow! ;)

#THS13Point1 Reflections: Still feeling pretty good about this whole “I’m going to run a half marathon in less than 100 days” thing.  I traded in a 7 mile wog with a 9+ speedy walk and I feel my effort in the walk was just as good of a training day endurance wise, which is great.  In past training plans, I’ve stressed if I strayed at all from the plan I had discovered or written.  I think we call that growth, friends.