Oct 132014

A few months ago I registered for my first half marathon.  I decided to document the process of my training, hoping that it will help to keep me accountable to train strong.  This is week thirteen.

Monday October 6 – Sunday October 12
Total Miles Planned:
3; plus that one tiny thing called MY FIRST HALF MARATHON!!!
Total Miles Ran:
19; including that one tiny thing called MY FIRST HALF MARATHON!!!


Favorite Run: Not counting my race of course, the four miles I ran last Tuesday felt oh-so-good. I ran Garmin-free and ran without stopping, rather than once to cross a busy street.  I also added a short but steep hill to the near end of the run and my ability to conquer it without stopping to walk really boosted my confidence.

Least Favorite Run: Originally I had planned on keeping my running last week to one simple 3-miler, but after realizing that my half marathon was going to be run SEVENTEEN days after my last long run [11 miles] and the already implemented taper doubt I was feeling, I decided to try to get 2-3 shorter runs in for the week. 

The two miles I ran on Thursday were fine. I ran home from work, taking a detour to lengthen the run.  It wasn’t horrible in any way shape or form, but in comparison to the four miler, this was definitely my least favorite of the week.

Other Workouts:  Lots of yoga, includes some restorative and relax-centric sequences in my office at work.  A 15-minute strength training routine focusing on upper body.  A 2-mile walk during the week, and lots of leg-stretch walking at the expo and while shopping on Saturday. 

Listening Notes:  The Nerdist Podcast Network Super Panel from Comic-Con and an episode of the Joy the Baker podcast. 

Fueling Notes: Nothing of note with the short little runs this week.  I did fuel my mind with lots of positivity and relaxation, though!

#THS13Point1 Reflections:  I think I’ll save this answer and these words for my race recap… stay tuned!

#THS13point1 Week 13

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Oct 062014

A few months ago I registered for my first half marathon.  I decided to document the process of my training, hoping that it will help to keep me accountable to train strong.  This is week thirteen.

Monday September 29 – Sunday October 5
Total Miles Planned: 13
Total Miles Ran: 7.5


Favorite Run:  I ran home from work on Thursday, super speedy style.  A mile and a half in just over 14 minutes.  WOOT! It was probably my favorite run because it was so short.

Least Favorite Run:  I am so happy that I took some time for myself on Sunday to get some miles in, but it was definitely a “meh” run.  I was feeling all sorts of defeated last week and the fact that I didn’t make logging miles a priority really didn’t help.  I set out Sunday morning telling Nick I’d be home somewhere between 6-8 miles.  I decided by mile 5 that I wouldn’t be going the full 8, and took the early turn to end up at the apartment at 6 miles.  

I’m trying to determine if I’m feeling burnt out from ALL THE MILES I ran this summer, or just had an off week.  I’m trying not to beat myself up that I was so off my game last week; the plan said 3, 4 and 6 miles… I ran 1.5 and 6.  It’s taper time after all, right? 

Speaking of taper… when explaining tapering to a co-worker Friday afternoon when, he asked me if my endurance from my last long run [11 miles on 9/25] will last me to race day.  I know my fitness level hasn’t dropped that much in the two weeks, but his words really got in my head. I also know that running is such a mental challenge more than anything else and I’m trying to keep my mind on the prize!  Send me all your mantras!!

Other Workouts: TWO strength workouts and THREE yoga sessions. And it felt so good. I am loving my time on my mat these days. 

Listening Notes: Extra Hot Great during my “me time” on Sunday morning.  I love podcasts with multiple segments for running an hour or more, especially.

Fueling Notes:  GU Rocktane in Blueberry Pomegrante and GU Chomps in Watermelon before and during my mid-distance run on Sunday.

I placed an order at REI last week, because EMS, where I usually get my fuel, was out of the Orange Blossom Honey Stinger chews that I loved so much and I really wanted to use them on race day.  I also found three of the GU flavors I’ve been hunting for, so I added those to my cart, too – root beer, salted caramel, and caramel macchiato!  I’ll be saving those three for long running after my half marathon. 

#THS13Point1 Reflections: Race day is THIS SUNDAY and it’s been on my mind constantly the past few days.  I spent a good few hours of the weekend reading race recaps, and a good few minutes at the end of my yoga practices envisioning crossing the finish line.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what to wear [nail art included] and pack and bring [including my A-game ;)] and have been falling asleep thinking about the fact in just a few days, I will have reached a goal I never thought possible.

I am also SO STOKED that my Dad happens to be in town today.  We’ve got plans for dinner tonight and I’m so happy that the universe has brought some in-person family love into my life during this week full of expectations and hopeful goal reaching. 

Speaking of goals, I shared mine in some IG commenting last week and am excited that my friend Jen is going to be pacing me for the race on Sunday.  I’ve never run with a pacer before, so that will be another first for me!  


  • Goal A, achievable goal: cross that damn finish line.
  • Goal B, stretch goal: 2:20:XX.
  • Goal C, kicking butt and taking names goals: sub 2:15.