Feb 012016

These are the steps of Procrastination Heather turning into Productivity Heather:

1. Suddenly feel all the inspiration to do all the creative things.  Write some words. Draw some lines. Dance like no one is watching.

2. Snapchat. Tweet. Instagram. Scope. Etc.*

3. Realize what time it is. !!!!!!

4. Pretend to self that “pulling a college-Heather” and staying up late is not a problem at all.

5. More time on social.

6. Make potential convincing arguments to self about the following day’s schedule, including wake-up time and caffeine-intake.

7. Bargain with self while reviewing to do list about which tasks can be done while “watching” something on “TV”. [have something streaming on a second monitor in the background]

8. May as well start the caffeine-intake. Lightly.

9. Or an adult beverage? COIN TOSS!

10. One last social update and catch-up.




*I’m @thenheathersaid anywhere you’ll look. other than the book.

This Week I Will 15

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Jan 252016

A weekly post of healthy-intention goals for the sake of accountability; [inspired long ago by Jess and her #sayitdoit style]

A review of last week’s goals: 100 oz of water daily. I hit this goal every day but one, and was fairly close on the day I missed the mark.

Complete travel fitness plan.  Yoga every morning was a success. I’ve definitely found a favorite YouTube channel for beginner yoga videos in Boho Beautiful. Easy Morning Yoga for a Positive Mind is a 9 minute video I completed every single day at the hotel, and sometimes I added this 5 Minute Rise and Shine Sleepy Bear Yoga to the start of my day before getting out of bed, too.

We hit well over 10K steps every day, and I went on 3 #walkforfitness adventures on the Riverwalk, plus walked to and from dinner each night, and around the Alamo gardens twice.  The first Riverwalk adventure of the trip was the warmest and was over an hour long, and including jogging up and down every staircase we came across on the return of the out-and-back route we took.  I would have loved to get a walk that long in every day, but the weather was MUCH colder than we expected and I so didn’t pack for 40’s and wind.  I also seem to have caught a cold during my travels and started feeling a tickle in my throat and a bit of a stuffy-nose on Wednesday, so my fitness motivation quickly slid to second priority AFTER getting all the rest possible.

I didn’t do any strength training or body weight training that I had planned to do in my hotel room, but I’m still feeling pretty good about the walking and yoga I did! 


Eat greens. This was a goal met without much effort.  Jennifer and I love to order two things off the menu and share, so lunches most days meant splitting a fancy salad and a sandwich or appetizer.  Each dinner out except from one included a salad at the start of the meal.  The only day I didn’t get greens was Friday, when we traveled home. I decided comfort food was the way to go and the one meal we ate that day [late lunch due to our flight schedule] was a buffalo chicken sandwich I hoped would help clear out my stuffed-up-ness.

Prioritize sleep. I tried to make sleep a priority, but there were a few nights that I didn’t get as much sleep as I wanted because I couldn’t fall asleep or stay asleep.  I did make sure to make REST a priority in these instances, though.  Staying in bed and trying to think calm, relaxing thoughts. 

Prioritize alone time. I made sure to take some time alone each day, usually before dinner, to decompress and chill-out before gathering together with the group again. 


This Week I Will

Continue yoga-ing before work. Never before last week have I taken time to stretch/yoga so consistently. I want to continue taking 10-15 minutes before getting ready for work each day to complete one or both of the videos linked above.  This practice  

Eat in week. After dining out for a week straight thanks to travel, my body is craving some home cooked meals. I’m super thankful for the time I spent over the holidays prepping the freezer full of meals for easy dinners!  The meal plan for the week includes a bunch of freezer meals for dinner, with leftovers for lunches each day.  I’m going to try and go with a no ordering in and no dining out until February mini-goal!

Three indoor cardio sessions. Either going to the gym on getting on a machine or using my at-home stair stepper, I want to get at least 30 minutes logged three times this week.

Three upper body strength training sessions. After not doing any strength training last week, I’m looking forward to tackling some of my favorite body bar and dumbbell exercises throughout the week. 

What healthy intentions are you setting for the week?  Tell me about them on twitter and show me the proof on Instagram by using the #Make1HealthyDecision hashtag!