Mar 222016

Hi, friends! A very special guest post brought to you today by one of my favorite creative humans, Megan Dollarhide. Here’s three things to know about Megan: her Etsy shop goods make perfect gifts for littles, her IG shares featuring her family of four will melt your heart  and her recent #onemonthofstarwarsshirts is my favorite thing on the internet from 2016 thus far.  Like everything Megan creates, I think the post below is a real treat. Enjoy!  xo – Heather


Hey, y’all! Megan here. You might remember the post that circulated last year — I Let My Toddler Dress Me For A Week.  Basically, Summer let her 3 year old son pick out her outfits for 5 days and it made for a super fun post with some funny results. I had several friends send me the post because I have a 3 year old myself.

Emery is sweet & spunky & a little bit sassy. She is super independent & hilarious. She loves dinosaurs, reading books, cookies, and picking out her own outfits (and they’re pretty great.) So I considered trying this fun little experiment, but I’m a major t-shirt & jeans girl and I don’t have an extensive wardrobe, so I just filed it away in my brain… (and totally forgot about it.)

Fast forward a few months & I bought a maxi skirt that I had no idea how to wear, but Emery loved it. And that’s when I remembered Summer’s post & decided to give it a go. I explained the idea to Em to see if she felt up to trying it. (She totally did, duh.) We pulled out my whole (tiny) wardrobe and laid it out on my bed so she could see all of her choices. She was especially excited about a basket of belts & tights that I had completely forgotten about. Let’s get to the fun part:

Day 1

Day 1: Girlfriend loves bright colors so she went for the few bright pieces I own & completed the look with a pearl headband. She kept telling me I look “beautiful and so COLORFUL!” I felt a little self conscious that morning, but it was really comfortable. This was probably my most popular outfit of the week on social media. A few people told me they would wear this exact outfit. (I was also compared to a La La Loopsy doll. I can see it.)

My favorite part of today: these are some of my very favorite shoes – faux suede fringe!

My least favorite part of today: too many colors going on for me.

Day 2

Day 2: “Emery, I have work today, so I don’t really want to look crazy.” “You will never look crazy, Mama, you will look GREAT!” Enter maxi skirt I mentioned. Paired with one of my (ahem, many) Star Wars t-shirts that she insisted I tuck in with a black belt and gold braided sandals. I was super curious to see if anyone at work would say anything because I always wear jeans, but no one said a thing!

My favorite part of today: This is the most comfortable skirt I’ve ever tried on. Why have I not been buying these for years?!

My least favorite part of today: I haven’t worn this belt in 5+ years. I’ve had 2 babies in that time and it was definitely tight. Also I just don’t really like it.

Day 3

Day 3 (featuring Em’s photo skillz. She’s multi-talented, ya know): This outfit started with Emery picking out the shoes and then matching every other piece of clothing to them. Cool. I thought it was going to be a pretty great day to run errands until she ran out of my room and came back with this bow, declaring, “I found the PERFECT last little thing!!!” The bow is leftover from our Powerpuff Girls Halloween costumes from two years ago.

My favorite part of today: New American flag shoes!

My least favorite part of today: Hello, that bow. Luckily, she decided she wanted to wear it herself about halfway through our errands.

Day 4

Day 4: I got a new shirt as an early birthday gift. Em was so excited to have another more colorful option and styled the whole outfit around it. Obviously. Blue-green forever.

My favorite part of today: Someone said I was a mermaid! And I do love this color.

My least favorite part of today: The tights. Also, at this point in the week I was over wearing belts.

Day 5

Day 5 (featuring my tiny stylist): Another day, another Star Wars shirt… of course tucked in with another belt. She paired it with a polka-dot skirt I’ve never worn but Em LOVED.

My favorite part of today: Star Wars shirts forever is my jam.

My least favorite part of today: The shoes. Hahaha, my cozy around-the-house moccasins just didn’t work great with this. And another too-small belt.


While I set out thinking this was just going to be a fun & funny week for us, I actually came away from it with some realizations.

First, Emery did such a good job?! Haha, but seriously! I thought this was going to be hilarious and potentially disastrous, but for the most part, I loved what she put me in! And seeing her little face so excited and proud everyday was so awesome and worth it. When I felt silly, I tried to remember what Summer said in her post: “Don’t take yourself too serious: they’re just clothes.

I had more stuff in my closet than I thought I did… and a lot of it had never been worn! About half of the pieces Em picked out I likely would have never chosen myself. A lot of this comes from insecurities I’ve had with my body after 2 pregnancies & lots of changes. But when my friends & family looked at these photos, they didn’t see the imperfections that I saw – they saw a fun week for me & Emery. That’s what I want to see, too.

Every day this week, Emery would pick the outfit and wait impatiently as I got dressed. And then, every single day, she would yell excitedly, “MAMA!! YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL TODAY! I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT! I LOVE YOU!!!” After 5 days of hearing that, all I can think about is how I want her to see herself that way – and right now, at 3 years old, she thinks she is pretty awesome. But I want her to continue to know that she’s awesome and beautiful and so much more than that. And one of the best ways I can do that is by truly thinking those things about myself and modeling confidence for her.

I’m ending this week with a determination to step outside of my t-shirt & jeans comfort zone & a promise to love my body more.

Also, I learned that Emery really likes to style belted outfits 😉

Megan Dollarhide is a stay-at-home mama & wife, reader, writer, and maker committed to her faith, her family, & raising strong, capable girls. She captures their little moments on Instagram and fills her Etsy shop with cheerful goodies for babies & children.