Twosday LXXI

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Apr 012014

About this Twosday

  1. I wanted to come up with something hilarious and April Fools-y for this post, but alas – I’m not that clever.
  2. I now know how to write 71 in Roman Numerals.

Podcasts I Downloaded to Try for This Week

  1. Off the Charts Business Podcast with Nathalie Lussier
  2. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes


Songs I’m Guarenteed to Dance to No Matter How Early it May Be as Evidenced on a Recent Monday Morning with the Feelin’ Good in the ‘90’s Songza Playlist

  1. All I Wanna Do – Sheryl Crow
  2. Hey Jealousy – Gin Blossoms

Other Songza Playlists I’ve Been Loving Lately

  1. Soft Pop.  I just started listening to it this past weekend. It’s nice because I don’t know many of the songs, but none of the songs (okay, MOST of the songs) are not hate-able.  I’m enjoying this while writing lately.
  2. A Garden State of Mind.  Probably no need to explain this one, right?  Inspired by the Garden State soundtrack – one of the bests.


Benson’s Favorite Activities as of Late

  1. Watching Spring arrive.  Birds. Squirrels. Wind. SO MANY THINGS to see at the window all day long.
  2. Chasing the laser light.  He has even gotten to the point to somehow “ask” for a game of laser tag, by bringing a different toy over to me that has come to signify the laser game.  The first time I brought the laser out it was because I noticed he was being playful with that specific toy, and I choose to believe he is smart enough to make the connection.

It’s Officially April

  1. It’s physical inventory at work, meaning things are SO hectic and busy.  Send all stress-fighting advice my way, please.
  2. I’ll be turning 31 at the end of the month and plan to celebrate with a Presidential road trip and fresh fruit slushes. Notice the plural.


Places I Plan to Visit for Dinner While I’m in Madison this September

  1. Noodles & Company.  I know it may seem silly to visit a chain while I’m in a city filled with local establishments I love, but this one is my favorite and I make it a priority to go as often as possible when I’m near enough to one.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I picked up to-go noodles a few times while I’m in town, actually.  If my college memory serves me right, Noodles makes amazing late-night get-work-done food.
  2. Wingra Cafe.  If I missed the opportunity to order from the college cafe I find myself craving something silly from once or twice a year, Future Heather would never forgive me.

Places I Plan to Visit for Treats While I’m in Madison this September

  1. Greenbush Bakery. Which I’m sure shocks no one who has ever been there. I’m on a mission to convince our Dream Team Mini Mingle Manager, Katie, that we need to plan a late night mingle trip to Greenbush for my favorite donuts in town.
  2. Babcock Hall Dairy.  I want ice cream. Obviously.