Twosday LXXXIV

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Jul 222014

Nervous About A Big Day Tomorrow?

  1. Spend 5 minutes prepping tonight what you usually spend time doing in the morning. If you make your lunch before work every day, try making it ahead of time and keeping it ready in the fridge overnight.  Lay out your clothes, pack a bag, or get the coffee pot ready to brew when you press “start!” upon wake up.  Future you will thank you for the time you take today!
  2. Plan something to look forward to for after your big event.  Ice cream date with your BFF, a movie you’ve been wanting to see, a trip to the beach chair for some leisurely reading.  Having something to look forward to AFTER I’m done with my important responsibilities for the day always seems to keep my anxiousness and stress at bay.

When Was the Last Time You…

  1. Tossed out expired products; from the fridge, pantry, cabinet, freezer, or body product stash?
  2. Replaced the air filters in your home?  Give yourself the gift of less-dust!


Produce I’m Choosing Because of the Potassium Content…Beyond Bananas

  1. Avocado
  2. Tomatoes 

Recipes I’m Loving to Use These Potassium Rich Ingredients

  1. Sweet Potato Avocado Salad from Ari’s Menu
  2. Balsamic Caramelized Onion and Cherry Tomato Grain-Free Tart from Nourishing Flourishing


How I’m Hydrating These Days

  1. Water with lime slices.  It just makes it feel so much fancier, ya know?
  2. I’ve been drinking so much water lately that I now fill two water bottles at a time, one 16 ounce with a straw, and one 32 ounce that I use to refill the straw-filled one when empty.

How-to #make1healthydecision NOW:

  1. Decide on a bed time for tonight.  If needed, set a “get ready for bed” alarm on your phone to remind you of the healthy intention you set for yourself.
  2. BONUS points: Can you unplug for 30 minutes before bed? Make it happen!


Apps I’ve Been Digging on My Healthy Living Journey

  1. Nudge.  Nudge is great because you can connect your other health tracking apps, like fitbit, runkeeper, and the like, to get one health score overall.  I love competing against myself to watch the score rise [I started at 19 when I first logged in!] and the colors turn from red to yellow to green!
  2. RunKeeper.  I just started experimenting with this app after hearing several people raving about it and being reminded of the raving via IG a couple of weeks ago. I like that the app speaks your pace audibly as often as you set it, so you don’t have to look at the app constantly.

Recent Podcast Subscriptions
both from Nerdist Industries, naturally

  1. Today We Learned.
  2. Humans from Earth.



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Jul 152014

I Can’t Stop Laughing at These Videos

  1. Jimmy and Kevin Ride a Roller Coaster  Maybe because I had a very similar experience with my siblings last summer in Tampa…which you can see photo evidence of here: That’s How the Sibling Thing Goes
  2. Fan Favorites from “The Pete Holmes Show” Yup. The entire playlist.  Chromecast-able, too.

Shows I’ve Been Binge-Watching on Netflix

  1. Crossing Jordan.  I’ve been waking up unable to sleep in the wee-hours of the morning lately, and have started a little daily ritual of taking the iPad to the recliner and watching an episode or two of this show.  It’s like the earlier, Boston version of Bones. 
  2. Forgotten Planet. I am completed fascinated by the idea of abandoned cities across the globe, but especially in America.  The idea of “Urban Exploring” sounds super interesting, which leads me to also recommend this short video: The Art of Urban Exploration


 Orange Spotted in the Office Garden

  1. The first of our tomato bulbs, turning shades of summer!
  2. We added some orange lilies to the garden this year, and I’m loving the pop of brightness this time of year.

Recommended Reading for Orange is the New Black Fans from Previously.TV

  1.  Who Are Litchfield Prison’s Ten Biggest Bad-Asses?  The individual and relational character development between such a diverse group of female roles is the best part of the story and this post gets it all right.
  2. Sophia’s Anatomy Lesson Was Maybe Directed At Somebody Other Than Her Fellow Inmates.  Because the discussion needs to happen and keep happening, so that those who have thought and said ignorant words can also learn to reasons to apologize like Katie Couric. 


New Scotia Date Spots to Try ASAP

  1. The Greatful Dawg.  Because what small town in CDNY doesn’t need an adorably named mini hot dog establishment? Yup – mini hot dogs. Apparently they are a thing here, and I’m stoked to give them a try!
  2. Mohawk Taproom & Grill.  Was happy to see the interaction on their Facebook page when they first posted a “Coming Soon” sign outside a recently closed old favorite, and the Yelp reviews within the first weeks of opening seemed like a good enough reason to head to the Taproom [yep, already nicknamed it!] with some work pals to watch Germany crush Brazil [oops.] last week.

Deliciousness Enjoyed at the Mohawk Taproom & Grill

  1. The Mohawk Golden Nachos are LEGIT delicious.  I love mustard and the Carolina Gold sauce paired with tomatoes, jalapenos, and sautéed onions was a terrific combo – especially when topped with pepper jack!  I will be going back for these often – you can count on that.
  2. Strongbow Gold Apple Cider.  I’ve seen so many advertisements for this brand and this is the first place I’ve seen it while out and it was calling to me.  The crispness totally hit the spot and I loved that it wasn’t too sweat or too beer like.  Speaking of, the beer list at this place is stellar, with 20 drafts – most of which are regional favorites.  I know where I’ll be bringing visitors to THS HQ for local dinners from here on out!


Amy & Brian Naturals Products Recently Sent to Try & Review and How I’m Using Them

  1. Coconut Juice. [note: coconut juice is no different than coconut water.]  I have a can of this in the fridge at the moment, and am thinking of giving this recipe a try soon: Thai Mango Coconut Rice
  2. Coconut Juice With Pulp.  I split this can into two when I opened it; half went into a ball jar and into the fridge, and half went into the ridiculously awesome smoothie I mentioned in yesterday’s #THS13point1 Training Recap.  I REALLY love the “with pulp” version – so wonderful in the smoothie with the little bits of pulp coming through the straw – deliciousness.

Other Ingredients in the “New Favorite, Most Delicious, Uber-Hydrating Smoothie”

  1. one part Market Pantry frozen dark cherries
  2. one part Market Pantry frozen blueberries #sosimplesogood


Twosday LXXXII

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Jul 082014

About Emotions

  1. Last week we announced that the 2014 Healthy Living Summit has been cancelled. It’s been a really emotional several days in these parts.  I’ve been rolling through a range of emotions at a rate that doesn’t seem normal, which as I remember from previous disappointing and heartbreaking events, is actually completely normal.
  2. I am so thankful for all of the people in my life who have been there for me and/or reached out to me via text, email, Gchats, and phone calls to check to see how I was doing.  Thank you to those who let me lean on them, cry to them, process ramble with them, and seek happiness alongside them.  I’m crazy about my people.

Ways I’ve Been Dealing with Having ALL the Emotions

  1. This sounds so emo, but I’ve found a lot of peace in sitting in a dark, quiet room during my lunch break at work.  I meditated on short, truthful word reminders like “I don’t have to be in control to feel okay” and “let it be.”
  2. Focusing time and energy on half marathon training. [Obviously. From yesterday’s post, right?]   Running has always been a great way to get out my emotions, no matter what kind, and with my race now less than 100 days I wrote out a training plan that is sure to give me time on road to process emotions.


Comfort Found at Home

  1. Wine.  I opened a bottle early last week and had a glass after dinner a few nights along the way.  I tried the Apothic Red that I’ve heard so many great things about and really liked it, though I did notice that every night that I enjoyed a glass of wine, I also woke up at 3:00 AM, unable to fall back asleep.  (Which explains why I’m now watching Crossing Jordan on Netflix.)
  2. Kitten cuddles.  Benson isn’t the most snuggly of cats unless he is scared and wanting to feel safe.  Between the thunder storms we’ve had lately and all the 4th of July fireworks being set off this past weekend, I’d say we’ve now experienced the most cuddly week of his life.

Comfort Found at Work

  1. Can we get a “HOORAY!” for the short week last week?  I was so happy to have a three day weekend away from the office.
  2. Lunch splurge with my co-worker.  She suggested a comfort-food lunch on Thursday to help fight the sadness and frustration I was feeling. One buffalo chicken sandwich and lots of laughter later, I was ready to pick myself off the ground and get back to work.


Words of Wisdom I’ve Been Reflecting On & Calling My Own

  1. Don’t fear stormy weather. Learn to dance in the rain.
  2. Inside of a ring or out, ain’t nothing wrong with going down.  It’s staying down that’s wrong. – Muhammad Ali

Songs on Repeat These Days

  1. Pompeii by Bastille.  And mostly the Glee Cast version.  I can’t stop singing the lyrics “How am I gonna be an optimist about this?” at the top of my lungs every time I face a problem, no matter how big or small.
  2. Talkin’ Bout a Revolution.  Doesn’t everyone binge on Tracy Chapman when sad?


Recently Ordered from

  1. Plantable Seed Coins. LOVE these seed coins and can’t wait to share with friends.  Each coin grows a different type of plant, quarters are lettuce, dimes are carrots and turnips, nickels are herbs, and pennies are wild flowers.  SO COOL.
  2. Kindness Grab Bag.  Love this little pouch of kindness tasks to complete.  It’s like a mini Be Nice Box and I have already gotten started completing the seven tasks on the list.

Activities Completed from the Kindness Grab Bag Kit

  1. Treat someone to a cup of coffee by sharing the Kindly Coffee beans included in my kit.  My friend Tia is a fellow coffee-lover and I took the opportunity to share the awesomeness of the Be Nice Box and Diana’s Kindness Crusade while I gifted her the coffee beans.
  2. Purchase a $5 gift card and hand it to the person behind you in line. I did this at the corner store in the midst of a really bad day last week and was REALLY thankful for the rush of happy that surrounded everyone in the store when the transaction took place.  Thank you Kindness Karma.