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Oct 062015

TV Podcasts I Discovered and Subscribed to This Summer

  1. Pop Rocket from Maximum Fun. I. LOVE. THIS. PODCAST.  I heard about it from another favorite pop culture podcast I’ve mentioned dozens of times, Pop Culture Happy Hour, when PCHH host Linda Holmes was a guest on Pop Rocket and suggested listeners check it out. I am so happy I took that advice.  I am a Guy Branum comedy fan, and he hosts this weekly show with four panelists discussing different topics and answering recommendation-based questions each week.  Sometimes guests join the party and all the times I am smiling and laughing through the episode. Highly recommended.
  2. Vulture TV Podcast. Nothing like my favorite TV focused podcast [Extra Hot Great from Previously.TV] but they do seem to talk about the same topics week to week, which is great!  It makes for filling my ears with different perspectives before I choose to give something a try sometimes. 

Podcasts I Recommend if You’re a Lover of Trivia

  1. Ask Me Another.  This show features puzzles, word games, and pop trivia in front of a live audience. Just trust me and try it.
  2. Doug Loves Movies. Okay, so I recommend this to EVERYONE, trivia-lover or not. Movie-buff or not. Comedy-nerd or not. It’s my favorite, my gateway podcast after This American Life and Wait, Wait [which don’t count because you know, NPR on the actual radio forever and ever,] and also the reason my cat is named Benson. Check it.

_talking tv

TV Pilots We Watched Last Week That I Loved

  1. Quantico. This has a very Shondraland feel without being Shondraland, paired with an FBI/cop show and you’ve found my own personal catnip. I wasn’t sure I would like this going in, but so far I’m IN.  I can tell I like a show these days if when an episode ends I want to start the next episode immediately.  When the pilot of Quantico was over, I wished it was a Netflix show and binge-able.
  2. The Grinder.  Fred Savage has been sharing his comedy talents behind the camera on some of the best shows over the past decade [Garfunkel and Oates, Best Friends Forever, Happy Endings…the list goes on and on…] and Rob Lowe is one of my favorite actors in all of television [Sam Seabourne, duh.]

TV Pilots We Watched Last Week That I Liked

  1. Blood & Oil. I can easily see myself getting into this show in a Dawson’s, Revenge, Brothers & Sisters sort of way. [Yes, that’s a way, apparently.]  I liked the pilot about 20 times more than I liked episode 2 of either How to Get Away with Murder OR Scandal, neither of which held my attention enough for me to tell you what actually happened on them.
  2. Grandfathered.  I’m a Stamos fan, and Fox has been winning with comedies lately [see: The Grinder, above & Brooklyn-99, our favorite returning comedy. This one is fine for a pilot and shows promise for the coming episodes.


Recipes on My To-Soup List
Now that the weather has chilled, I’m craving the comfort of a mug of warmth for dinner just about every night.

  1. Crockpot Coconut Curry Chicken Soup from Amee’s Savory Dish.  These flavors are right up my alley and I love the ease of a crockpot dinner.
  2. 30 Minute Buffalo Chicken Soup from How Sweet It Is.  I still love all things buffalo and the idea of dinner in 30 is still so appealing to me!

Accessories to My To-Soup List Recipes
Because soup needs a companion sometimes, ya know?

  1. Cheddar Cheese Muffins.  I make these suckers with a bar of my favorite Cabot at least once a year.  They are great on their own, but perfect with chili or any sort of hearty soup or stew! 
  2. Buttermilk Chobani Naan from My Bizzy Kitchen.  This stuff would go GREAT with that curry soup from Amee.  Bizzy shares the best recipes because they are all so EASY when you follow her instructions and tips. Love that lady!


Enjoyed at Jade Bistro in Scotia. 

  1. Dad came to town for work recently and we met for dinner at Jade Bistro, where we had dined together before.  We started with the Dragon Feast featuring fried dumplings, spring rolls, BBQ pork tenderloin and Spicy Walnut shrimp.  The shrimp were FANTASTIC, but I really enjoyed all the items on the platter. 
  2. We then went with a trio of specialty rolls.  I honestly don’t remember what they all were, but they were all fresh and delicious.  I trust my dad when ordering out – he’s never let me down!  

All You Can Eat Deliciousness at Sushi X in Latham

This place is a sushi lovers DREAM. Or just a food lovers dream. Full disclosure: I was VERY hungry going in, but every single thing I ate tasted delicious.  We went the all you can eat route, which on the weekend runs $23.95 a person.  For the variety of food we ordered and enjoyed, it was QUITE the deal.  The All You Can Eat menus are two fold – sushi, which features fresh made-to-order sushi, sashimi, maki rolls and specialty rolls and a “Kitchen” menu FULL of options for appetizers, soups, salads, and protein dishes. 

We were a table of eight – which is a story in itself. It was a gathering of people who all kind of sort of knew each other through other people, but had connected on IG and decided through group message we were going to be friends.  This was my first hang with the group and it was a blast! 

Our group rearranged ourselves into two tables in order to make group ordering a bit more manageable, and as we settled in we commented on the 70’s disco vibe the place had going on with the “cool” lights and bead curtains.  My table of sushi lovers included one salmon allergy, one eel-hater, and one pescatarian, which was unexpectedly easy to deal with because eel is so easy to recognize and keep salmon orders to the sashimi menu.

  1. Round one Kitchen side included vegetable tempura [four perfectly cooked! pieces,] for Tia and I to split and crab wontons for the table. Our table mate ordered Chicken Teriyaki which he raved about, too.

    Round two Kitchen side was simply an order of Rock shrimp which was FANTASTIC.  After we put the order in I wished I would have ordered the Beef Negimaki didn’t notice until after our sheet was turned in.  Next time for sure! [there has GOT to be a next time!]

  2. Our sushi order round one included a plate of spicy tuna roll, sweet potato roll, dragon roll and Angel Roll which was mango, cucumber and avocado topped with spicy crab and mango sauce. We ended up just sharing everything across the board throughout the night, since the other table received our sushi platter and ate half of it before any of us noticed.  It worked out just fine since we all are the type of people who want to just take a bit of everything.

    Round two sushi order was a bit crazy. It took a while for the waitress to come back to the table for the order sheet and as we sat there staring the menu we just kept adding to the order until she came back.  That photo on the right above includes all the goodies of our 2nd order: salmon and pepper salmon sashimi, spicy tuna roll, spicy crab roll, Super Lobster Roll, Volcano Roll, Dynamite Roll, Snow White Roll, and another Angel Roll.  We were in sushi heaven!

    Sushi X also has a $3 hot or cold SAKI or beer from the list special if you are going the All You Can Eat route, which is a great deal.  I can totally see this place becoming a go to for celebrations, birthdays, and special nights on the town.  It’s a little pricier per person than we would normally pay, but for what you get it’s totally worth the price! Also, lunch Monday through Friday is $14.95 for the All You Can Eat menu, which means that future PTO days will definitely include sushi lunches! Highly recommended – everything was so fresh and delicious.

Twosday XCII

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Sep 292015

Television Devoured This Summer via Hulu+

  1. The Astronaut’s Wives Club. I loved this much more than I thought I would going in.  The clothing. The food. The very female focused everything. The refresher on space travel history perfect for my trivia-loving-brain. Plus the Previously.TV recaps and especially the discussion from Tara on Extra Hot Great episodes made the experience even more awesome.
  2. The Amazing Race. All the Amazing Races, I should say.  I have never watched this show regularly and decided to see if it could be good background noise while organizing and task completing. [It is!]
    I started on the most recent season available on Hulu+ [22, though in real time CBS is on 27] and then began season 21 the moment I finished the finale.  And then I started season 20 after that finale. And then season 19…you get the point.
    I did choose to skip over the seasons that feature returning teams [Unfinished Business and All Star seasons] since by going backwards I don’t yet know all the teams.  I think it will be really fun to go back to those seasons after I make my way down to season 1.

Returning Television I was/am STOKED to be reunited with this Month

  1. Shondaland TV – My trio of favorites; Greys, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. I love watching these shows every Saturday morning while list making for the weekend and meal planning for the week.  I also love talking to Kelly about them.  Sometimes we even schedule Friday Night viewing time, long-distance style.  We start the shows at the same time and text/Gchat about them during commercials. Good golly, I love technology.
  2. Chicago PD – I am a cop-show loving lady and a fast-fan of most Chicago-set & filmed productions. This one in particular totally wins because of the cast [loved Sophia Bush and Jason Beghe going in] and the natural chemistry and bonding that seems to come when a bunch of LA-based actors move to the Midwest to work together several months a year.  I’m also pumped for the upcoming new addition to the Dick Wolf’s Chicago-based life-saving teams, Chicago Med, which is coming to NBC in November. Along with Chicago Fire, I see ALL THE CROSSOVERS in my future.


Favorite Games Played Dave and Busters this Summer

  1. Super Trivia – after my 2015 quest to bar trivia on the regular, I was STOKED to see a trivia game that even had REAL BUTTONS, just like we were on the game show network.  I loved this game!
  2. Basketball Shooting Games.  You know, every time I shoot hoops, even at an arcade, I usually have so much fun I tell myself afterwards that I should get a ball to take to the local park and play H-O-R-S-E.  New fall goal alert!

Phone Trivia Games Played This Summer

  1. Trivia Crack.  Still. I love to host a daily challenge with a group of friends, and play classic games, too. I am learning lots of random facts through this game.
  2.  Big Web Quiz. This is a game that connects to your Chromecast to play on the TV screen. I really liked playing on my own when Nick and I first checked it out, but I think it will be a great party game for when friends are over, too!


About Running and Walking

  1. Several weeks ago I rolled my ankle while walking home leading me to take some weeks off from running. It’s my extremely busy season at work, meaning I’ve been going in extra early, and leaving extra late and my lack of running hasn’t annoyed me, yet. I’m feeling like my ankle is ready for some jogging and with fall weather arriving ALLOFTHESUDDEN, I’m just starting to get eager to lace up those sneaks this week and see what a couple of miles does for my soul. And soles.
  2. Instead I’ve been doing a lot of walking for fitness, one of my favorite ways to break a sweat. I love turning a walking commute opportunity into a cardio workout by really hoofing it and I’ve been logging MANY, MANY miles while shuffling along the sidewalk with podcasts in ears. 

Resources for At Home Workouts

  1. In Fitness and In Health. I love Ellyn’s blog for at-home workouts of EVERY kind!  She GETS the desire to do a workout without all the fancy equipment that some of us just don’t have the funds to purchase every time something new hits the market.  I really love Ellyn’s focus on getting up out of the desk chair and getting your co-worker to join you for a fitness break – like in this Work Your Legs Fitness Friday! Totally speaks to my office-drone heart!
  2. Greatist has ALL THE WORKOUTS.  I love this site as a resource for ALL things health and wellness.  I trust their research and that they are sourcing their work properly, and they are huge supporters of giving credit where credit is due.  The Greatist MOVE section never disappoints; it’s filled with so many different types of workouts from bodyweight workouts to specific fitness-tool workouts, from classic do-anywhere to trendy what’s-new.  Get browsing and I’m sure you’ll find something that appeals to your fitness style. 


Tape as of Late

  1. Washi + small ziplock bag = adorable packaging for tiny gifts like buttons, magnets, gift cards, jewelry, and such. I’ve wrapped a handful of tiny gifts this way the past few months and I really love the look – especially the one above because #rainbowismyfavoritecolor.
  2. Project organization at the office.  I have A LOT going on at work right now, and the only way I feel any sort of calm is if I feel I’m on top of the organization of things to do.  Designating one clip board per project helps me keep the stack of papers organized.   

Other Office Supplies helping #ProjectOrganization

  1. These giant [8”x6”], lined, super sticky post-its. I like to add one on the top page of each clip board with important info and to-dos for each project.  I have them in several colors so I can color code by region and product line when ULTRA organization is needed.
  2. Elizabeth told me about these awesome wax-based “gel” highlighters by sharpie.  I love them for anything I need to be smear-proof, because they don’t cause my pen ink to smudge, no matter what kind of pen I’m using [and in a move that shocks no-one, I have several.]

Twosday XCI

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Sep 302014

New to TV Dramas I’m Already Loving

  1. Red Band Society.  I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I am already.  Of course, I am a fan of Dave Annable, so his presence is surely helping. If this show sticks around for several seasons, it will likely be my “teary and smiley at the same time” weekly hour of television tradition – especially with this being Parenthood’s last season.
  2. How to Get Away with Murder. Yep. I’m a fan of all things Shonda, apparently.

Television Shows Watched at Alicia’s this Weekend

  1. The League. This has been recommended to me dozens of times and now I know why.  I am familiar with just about every face spotted in the 7 episodes consumed on Alicia’s couch – totally lovable and endlessly laughable. I’ll be binging this the next time I’m in bed sick, for sure.
  2. Criminal Minds. At 6:45 in the morning, on my phone with ear buds, while I was getting ready for the race, trying not to wake anyone up. Little did I know Alicia had been downstairs watching my recommendation, Steven Fry in America. [<< which you can apparently watch on YouTube.]

Petite Creme

I am honored to be a member of the Stonyfield Clean Plate Club. I received product or coupons for writing this post, but all opinions are my own.

Favorite Flavor Combinations When Creating Stoneyfield Petite Creme Yogurt Bowl Breakfasts

  1. The above pictured Vive La Vanilla mixed with Bonne Maman Cherry Preserves and sliced whole natural almonds.  The richness of the cherries was a perfect blend to a classic, silky vanilla.
  2. Belle Blueberry [this was also my favorite flavor!] with shredded unsweetened flaked coconut, plain granola, and crushed walnuts. I love how smooth these petite cremes are, and the fact that they are less tart than Greek yogurt, but still pack a protein punch gets a huge A+ from me!

Local Grocery Markets the Stoneyfield Petite Creme Yogurts Have Been Spotted

  1. Glenville Hannaford! Our favorite local spot for frozen pizza and cat food purchases, so you know I’ll be loading up on my trio of favorites: Vive la Vanilla, Belle Blueberry, and Mon Cherry Amour.  Aren’t the names adorable?
  2. Niskayuna ShopRite, according to my co-worker who was happy to report he found them the weekend after I gushed about them at the office. 


Three Course Meals of “WOAH!” Deliciousness Enjoyed in Schenectady Recently

  1. Lunch at Mexican Radio with my boss, to celebrate the completion of a MAJOR project at the office.  We started by splitting small plate appetizers – Mexican Spring Rolls and Radio Nachos.  I loved that most of the appetizers are available in half portions – splitting one spring roll and a tiny plate of nachos between the two of us was the perfect snack before our meal arrived without filling us too much that we wouldn’t have been able to eat our lunch plates and later enjoy splitting an order of fried ice cream, too.

    Speaking of plates – my Triple Enchiladas Mole was AMAZING.  You can create any combination you’d like for each of the enchiladas, choosing from sixteen fillings [including vegetarian and vegan options] and six sauces.  I went with spicy ground beef with salsa verde, spicy shredded chicken with a Raspberry-Chipotle Mole, and pulled pork with the House Mole and each choice included perfectly seasoned meat and flavorful sauces. I can’t wait to go try more combinations, soon! [I’m looking at you mushroom mix!]

    The margaritas are also known for being 100% chemical free, using fresh juices in place of the ‘rita mix you find at many other locations in town.  I’m thinking girls night dinners need to happen here, STAT.

  2. Another work meal, dinner at Johnny’s. I’ve been here a handful of times and always enjoyed the experience but this time they knocked it out of the park!

    Appetizers were the special of the day Caprese salad with oh-so-fresh Mozzarella and the Italian Antipasto Plate [a favorite we enjoy each visit to this place!]  Skipping ahead to dessert, we also took part of the special of the day with a Pistachio Gelato Cake [WOAH!] and Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Spiced Gelato and Almond Brittle.

    The star of the show was my dinner choice – the Chicken Scarpariello.  This is BY FAR the best dish I’ve had at Johnny’s and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to order a different dish from the menu again.  The boneless chicken medallions are sautéed with sweet Italian sausage, onions, spicy cherry peppers, potatoes, and garlic in a white wine and lemon sauce. I was so thrilled the portions were huge so that I could have leftovers for lunch the next day. OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Other Schenectady Establishments on My CDNY Bucket List

  1. Union Cafe. It’s been recommended to me when I was on a hunt for delicious Greek food.  It’s only open from breakfast and lunch, so I’m thinking my next PTO day may call for a lunch date for a gyro platter!
  2. Tara Kitchen. I’ve never had Moroccan before, and I’d love to a take a trip here with a few friends to order several dishes to share.  Who is in?


Tiny Running Things Making Me Extremely Happy

  1. Long sleeved running weather is here! Though it may keep disappearing from time-to-time, I’m thrilled to have been starting a few runs lately with sleeves on my arms and easier effort thanks to the cooler temps.
  2. Finally feeling like I know what kind of fuels work best for me.  And which don’t work at all.  Thanks #THS13point1 training recaps for helping me track it all along the way!

Recommended Reading for All My Runner Friends

  1. I Think We Need a Break from A Healthy, Happier Bear. 
  2. 6 Yoga Poses for Runners from Love Life Surf