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Twosday XCVI

Favorite Travel Snacks I Enjoyed in the Air Last Week

  1. DIY Snack Mix Mix. I dumped a bag each of Goldfish Mix Honey Mustard and Pretzel, classic pub snack mix, and extra mini pretzels into a large bowl to create an ultimate mix of mixes! I filled a small reusable to go container with the mix for my carry-on, and enjoyed it during two of my four flights along with a tequila and orange juice during beverage service. 
  2. Jerky Duo: Teriyaki Beef and Original Chicken.

Favorite Louisiana Meals

  1. Cocktails, Dinner and Dessert at Restaurant R’evolution. The chef’s interpretation of Beef Wellington was tender and so flavorful my mouth watered as I enjoyed each bite.  The Mascarpone Grits were rich and comforting the way Southern food should be, but I made sure to stop eating early enough to save room for a little dessert. We enjoyed our dessert so much that we returned the following night to indulge, again.  Throughout the two evenings I tried several flavors of the house made ice cream: chocolate coconut, toasted marshmallow, and crunchy peanut butter. 
  2. Lunch at Sammy’s Grill. Our waitress was witty and AMAZING and had great recommendations and descriptions of dishes which brought me to choose one of the menu items she recommended: The Prime Rib Po’ Boy.  WHAT A SANDWICH. This is the kind of dish that I was sincerely sad I was too full to keep eating; I could only eat half! I think I’ll be dreaming about this sandwich for a long, long time.  Maybe a DIY recreation is in my future?


New Orleans Tourism “Musts” We Crossed Off the List

  1. Café Du Monde. We did what you are “supposed to do” when in the French Quarter: get beignets and café au lait. It was….fine?
  2. St. Charles Street Car through the Garden District. Such beautiful homes and University buildings!

New Orleans Tourism “Musts” We are Saving for January

  1. The National World War II Museum.  About a dozen people recommended it to us, but we didn’t have the time to get over to the museum this trip.  We will be back in town in January 2018 for a  tradeshow and this is definitely on the list of things we hope to do on that trip.
  2. New Orleans History Tour.  There are several available that interest us!


Travel Media: Movies I Downloaded from Netflix and Watched in the Air

  1. Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened.
    I had noticed that this documentary had shown up on my Netflix recommendations, but after I read Glen Weldon tweet, “So BEST WORST THING THAT EVER COULD HAVE HAPPENED is streaming on Netflix and you – every last damn ONE of you – needs to watch it YESTERDAY” and the thread that followed I decided to download it for flight consumption. I have been thinking about this movie daily since I watched it and I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Broadway musicals. 

    You may not be familiar with the story of Merrily We Roll Along, a Broadway musical that closed after sixteen performances in 1981, despite being the talk about town leading to the opening.  This film shares the story of the creation of Merrily and the young performers whose lives were changed by being a part of it. Best Worst Thing is directed by Lonny Price and features many members of the original cast, lending to a greater understanding of the impact the original

  2. Sing Street.
    As I’m writing this, I now realize that both of the movie I watched on this trip come recommended from Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast folks, as Sing Street was on Linda Holme’s list of 50 Wonderful Things from 2016. It’s got a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and I totally understand why; would highly recommend this coming of age modern musical featuring a love for the music of the 80’s and a beautiful focus on a variety of relationships. 

Travel Media: Television I Downloaded from iTunes and Watched in the Air

  1. America’s National Parks at 100 from the Smithsonian Channel
  2. LA Clippers Dance Squad from E!


Reading in 2017 Updates

  1. I remain WAY ahead of schedule in my Good Reads Challenge to read 12 books this year, having finished 9 books as of now.  At the start of the year I made a stack of books in the apartment that I hadn’t read and have been working my way through them, one by one.
  2. I have made very little progress in March.  Everything I started reading I lost interest in and ended up putting back on the stack. I decided to take a break from the pile and gave myself permission to purchase some used books that interested me in an attempt to get back into the reading groove again.  I’ve only read two of Meg Wolitzer novels at this point, which is the only hesitation to my stating that she’s my favorite fiction writer, so I decided to search for some good priced used copies of her other works to read next.

Meg Wolitzer Novels Up Next on My Reading List

  1. The Ten-Year Nap. “a feverishly smart novel about female ambition, money, class, motherhood, and marriage-and what happens in one community when a group of educated women chooses not to work.”
  2. The Uncoupling “a funny, provocative, revealing novel about female desire.”

Twosday XCV

Easy Non-Recipes I’m Eating a Bunch of Lately

  1. “Leftover Party Quesadillas.” Shredded cheese and tortillas are two ingredients we always keep on hand. At least once a week I find myself transforming some sort of leftover into a quesadilla filling for a warm, quick, and delicious weeknight dinner. I’m thinking of getting a variety of different types of tortillas and wraps next grocery trip to raise the flavor variety levels. 
  2. Eggs and toast.  A few weeks ago I started to make this for myself for breakfast just about daily. Taking the 5-10 minutes to make myself a quick plate of simple and yet still uber-yummy food has added a dose of joy to my mornings, a special kind of self-care.  Some mornings I make runny-yolked eggs to dip my toast, other times I may scrambled eggs with leftover roasted veggies and toss with goat cheese. Most often I fry eggs in butter and eat them on toast, sandwich style.

Easy Slow Cooker Recipes Found in the #BlogHealthy Community I Want to Make ASAP

  1. Slow Cooker Barbacoa Beef Tacos with Pickled Onions and Pineapple Pico from How Sweet It Is.  I mean REALLY. My mouth is watering just looking at Jess’s photos, I can’t imagine what will happen once my apartment smells like this deliciousness.
  2. Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken and 3 Easy Meals from A Nutritionist Eats. Talk about making a meal plan EASY on a girl! I could totally see myself making this slow cooker recipe on a Sunday and using the goods for several lunches and dinners throughout the week.


Iced Coffee Recipes I’ve Got My Eye On to Welcome Spring

  1. Iced Lavender Dirty Chai Latte from The Almond Eater.
    Dirty Chai’s are one of my favorite warm lattes to indulge in when working at coffee shops or traveling, and this recipe offers a cold brew concentrate version which is perfect for warm mornings when I’m too lazy to use our espresso machine.
  2. Toasted Coconut Cold Brewed Iced Coffee from Ari’s Menu
    Coconut is a flavor I can easily become obsessed with, and Ari’s simple cold brew with a tropical punch thanks to toasting coconut DIY style is the way I like to spend my time in the kitchen; taking simple recipes and adding special details. This iced coffee is something I want to drink every morning this spring. 

Google Play Music Playlists I’ve Been Listening to While Working

  1. WISCONSIN MEMORIES.  This playlist brings me BACK. You know that feeling of hearing songs that seem to rewind your mind to high school? A good portion of this playlist brings all those emotions back.  It’s a lot of upbeat pop punk and alternative jams, which is why I’ve found myself bopping along and pushing through administrative tasks while this is on.
  2. Work Mix Feb. I made this for February, but haven’t been able to give it up yet. All of my most favorite cast recordings from Broadway, plus a dose of Ben Folds and Mates of States.


Media Consumed While Working on #THSTheJesusYears Journal Transcription

  1. Jolly Napier’s Twentyone Even album. I adore this album to this day and remembering it existed is definitely on the list of favorite things to come of this transcription process. 
  2. Project Runway All Stars on Hulu Plus. Perfect background noise that continued to be perfect background noise for HLB tasks this weekend, too.

Recent Additions Saved to My Pocket

  1. Ask Polly: Am I Pretty? from NY Mag
  2. 12 Fantastic Pieces of Fiction from 2016 You Need to Read from Buzzfeed


Artwork I’ve Got My Eye on for the Location Gallery Wall We’re Building

  1. Ideal Bookshelf NYC from Jane Mount. I’ve always liked these bookshelf prints, and the location theme to this print would make a great addition to our collection.
  2. DIY City GPS Coordinates Sign from Little Glass Jar. Would love to have our little village coordinates added to our wall!

Frame Inspiration for the Gallery Wall

  1. I’m going to be transitioning the wood and colored frames to black options, but this Hallway Gallery Wall from Little Bits of Home has me thinking that pairing black with a few white frames will look fantastic, too.
  2. We have been looking for ways to incorporate more poster-sized art to the wall, and this photo found on Lonny helps me visualize how we could better arrange our collection if we were to frame and add some of the location themed posters in our collection and from our wish list.

Twosday XCIV

Full Disclaimer: I am a member of the Beef Expert Bureau.  Though this post is NOT directly sponsored by The Beef Checkoff, my trip to NYC was and falls under my Bureau membership activities, which is a paid position.


Additional Introductory Notes About My Trip to NYC

  1. Due to work priorities, I came into the group late.  Most of my fellow Bureau members and the Beef team got into the city and got to work on all the awesomeness early on Thursday afternoon.  I took a train in late Thursday night, eager to join my friends on Friday morning
  2. It’s a miracle I was able to be there for as much time as I could. My original plan was to come in late Friday night in order to be in the city for a 2-hour meeting on Saturday morning.  During post-work workout two weeks before the trip, my boss and I discussed the trip for a while and decided I should take some PTO and enjoy NYC with my beef friends.  [She’s fabulous about supporting what I do outside of the office!] I was able to take all day Friday off and leave by 6:00 on Thursday to assure I could catch the train.  So v. THANKFUL for my work situation and how it allows me to follow some passions, too!

The Major Focus of the Trip: Video

  1. The lessons started way before I got to town, when the crew enjoyed Google’s Port Authority Building and YouTube Studio Space visits you can read more about here >> Amee’s Recent Trip to New York with The Beef Checkoff from Amee’s Savory Dish.
  2. I was SO THANKFUL to be able to make it for Friday morning’s video workshop with the brilliant minds behind Chez Us, Denise and Lenny.  It was totally hands-on and JUST GET STARTED energy was passed on to our group of bloggers.  We did lots of note taking, question asking, practice lighting, take one-and-two-and-three-ing, tip swapping and it was FABULOUS.  We also got to talk a bit about food and did a lot of laughing [the background noise on my practice videos brings smiles to my face!] so it was basically the perfect morning.


Filming Takeaways from ChezUs

  1. The basics:  Just start shooting with what you have and move forward step by step.  Starting a new medium/art form like video can be really overwhelming, but like anything you just need to get started and keep moving forward in order to build  skill.  It takes practice and learning by doing.
  2. The simplest lighting note: the light should be behind the camera, facing the subject – and you know, lighting the subject.   In the photo above I’m videoing with the front facing camera, and am using the natural light through the hotel window to light me as I talk to the camera.

Tacos I Want to Takeaway to My Kitchen from ChezUs

  1. Chipotle Lime Butternut Squash Tacos << oh. my. WORD. Could these BE anymore perfect for fall? #ChandlerBingVoice
  2. Carne Asada Tacos.  If you read Amee’s post I linked to above, you too may be having serious dinner envy after their Thursday night meal.  Everyone was raving about ALL the food, but especially the tacos, which more than one person had claimed were the best they’d ever had.  Ever since my first mouth watering jealous moment, I’ve been thinking about a taco night dinner party of my own.  This classic is totally going to be on the menu!


Butcher Shop Stops on Our #KnowYourBeef NYC Walking Tour

  1. Fischer Bros & Leslie, 230 West 72nd Street
    A Kosher Butcher on a Friday afternoon, as customers were preparing for the Sabbath.  It was incredibly interesting learning about the Kosher process.  I had assumed going in to the tour that Kosher laws impacted what is done at establishments like Fischer Bros & Leslie, but I didn’t really know about the intense monitoring of all the special arrangements being made!
  2. Lobel’s, 1096 Madison Ave
    Celebrating their 5-Generation strong 175th anniversary, we loved talking to Dave Lobel about the care that goes into each customers experience at this classic NY butcher shop.  Lobel’s is known for USDA Prime beef and fine cuts of all sorts of meats; the order form covers all the bases with steaks and roasts and other beef cuts, but it also includes a long list of lamb, poultry, pork, and “special variety” items including venison, quail and more.  They also offer mail order service, which brings my gift giving to the next level for sure: Shop Lobel’s of New York

Other Stops on Our #KnowYourBeef NYC Walking Tour

  1. Morton Williams Supermarket which seemed like a market dreams are made of, and was a great place to chat about super market case beef and the goodness that can be found there with our pal Suzy Sirloin.  Karli pointed out one of my personal favorite tips – shop the Manager’s Selection/Special section and cook the meat with-in a day.  There is nothing wrong or “bad” about the meat found here with marked down stickers… the butchers just know it’s getting close to the sell by day and want to help get it home and in your kitchen pronto.  Hunting down those stickers and stopping by the “specials” section is one of the ways I save money on beef and other meats.
  2. Parlor Steak & Fish for a Q&A with Chef Carlos and a DELICIOUS dinner.  The Chef surprised the table with a round of meatball slider appetizers which were AMAZE-BALLS. Literally.  I then had the most amazing chopped salad on the recommendation of Suzy Sirloin, which had ice berg, cucumbers, red peppers, onions, kalamata olives, basil, feta, and balsamic.  It was LEGIT and I need to recreate it in the THS Kitchen STAT.
    For my main I had the Marinated Bistro Filet and whipped potatoes, which you can see below and all I can say is WOW. Possibly the highest quality meal I’ve had all year and seriously divine.  The beef was so tender and richly flavorful and the whipped potatoes were oh-so-smooth and buttery.  << worth the bold.


Friday Night Out with My #ProteinPartner Melissa

  1. Dylon’s Candy Bar was the first stop on our long walk & talk after dinner. I’d been to Dylon’s at the Houston Galleria several times before, but this place is ALWAYS fun for me.  Not only because #rainbowismyfavoritecolor and Shugarman is literally my last name but also because – CANDY.  We had a blast browsing the store and picking out treats for our loved ones back home.
  2. Pig & Whistle on 3rd. We continued walking for a while, then turned back to head towards the hotel and decided we wanted to keep talking for a while and grab a drink.  We found ourselves at this standard Irish Pub which you can apparently find on several different Avenues and Streets across the city since the first one opened in 1969.  We spent some time creative planning and bouncing ideas off each other which brought me to my happy place. I love this kind of quality time with my blogging community!

Fitness in NYC

  1. A few long walks, because when in Rome NYC…
    I got a lot of site seeing in, including both a street light lit and day light filled Bryant Park/Chrysler Building stroll thanks.
  2. 15 minutes of hotel room yoga…while watching a RHONY special.  Now that’s balance.