Oct 102011

Remember that time I turned 28 and made a list?
A list of 28 goals of 28 things to get done during this golden 28th year?

I’ve been work on it.  Want proof? Check out the 28 in 28 pages, which is sort-of-kind-of-updated on a “regular” basis.  If by regular, you mean “whenever I remember to update them,” then yes.

One goal that I’ve barely touched the base of? Make 28 recipes from cookbooks I own.
I own A LOT of cookbooks. This is great, right?  Well, there is a little problem here.
I rarely make anything from the cookbooks. Usually I am either throwing things together on the fly, testing a recipe I or a friend wrote, or following the steps in an “OMG-I-MUST-MAKE-THIS-STAT!” blog recipe.


I finally decided it was time to put this cookbook procrastination to an end.  I got out a semi-new cookbook and did some flipping. I received the Better Homes and Gardens Eat Healthy Lose Weight cookbook as a Christmas gift last year and have yet to make any of the recipes.  The Easy Oatmeal Bread caught my eye pretty quickly.


It may have been the key word “easy” right there in the title.  Plus, I’ve used yeast in pizza dough and soft pretzels, but I’d yet to face the bread loaf making.  May as well jump into that pool now, right? Get all the procrastination out of the way at once – that seems like a pretty great plan.


Can someone please explain to me why I have been cooking cookbook-free? This bread was AMAZING! Super easy to make, and pretty darn healthy, to boot.  [Plus, when friends came over that night, they seemed uber impressed and loved eating it up with some delicious jam I got from Kelly in August!] This bread was a total win.

Now excuse me while I go sit cross-legged on the kitchen floor flipping through each and every one of my cookbooks adding post-it notes to recipes to make STAT.  

Jul 072011

Since the loss of my beloved camera, I’ve been holding on to Tina’s advice that the best camera you have is the one you have on you, and doing what I can with what I DO have- in this case my blackberry, to capture moments in my day to day life and special occasions.

A few scenes of the food and drink nature I’ve managed to capture as of late:


Finally celebrated summer with some Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat that Nicholas picked up.  Unfortunately, I was not in the mood for drinking, and only enjoyed about half a bottle before handing it off to our buddy Kirk to finish.  Still, though – this beer tastes like the sweetness that is a warm summer evening surrounded by friends.


Getting spicy in the kitchen! Soon I’ll be presenting you with recipes I’ve created lately using only blackberry photos. I know you are excited.


Breakfast [almond milk French toast and a scrambled egg, real maple syrup, and a pot of black tea] at the kitchen table with Tina Fey to accompany me.


Bagels. I love bagels.  Sometimes, we get bagels at work for breakfast, and all-times it is splendid.  This is how much I love bagels: when I was a sophomore in college, Joseph bought me gift certificates for seven dozen bagels from Bagels Forever.  Yes, I’m serious.  That boy knows how to gift.


Recently snacked on carrot sticks and peanut butter while reading in my friend Kristine’s office.  There was too much noise in the break room and I needed to find a refuge of peace and quite to crunch and such.  She loved having me, I just know it.


Kitchen success!! Made Jess’s Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, with M&Ms replacing the chocolate chips. Also used light margarine instead of real butter. Please don’t tell her about that last part. 

Dipped the most adorable, patriotic strawberries thanks to Anne P’s recent post.


Gifted a bowl of said strawberries, some white chocolate bark, and a jar of homemade Sweet Southwestern Apple Barbeque Sauce to my good friend Jason.  [more details on the barbeque sauce coming soon eventually!]


He returned the favor by making me this epic smoothie in a pimp glass.  Pineapple, blackberry, and cherries with orange juice garnished with pineapple, strawberries and raspberries.  It was like a bloody mary’s younger [non-alcoholic], sweeter [like woah] cousin. DELICIOUS! 

Espresso. Straight.  When did that start happening?

Easter Dishes

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Apr 242011

This Easter, I have a busy day ahead of me. 
I plan to make myself a pancake in the shape of a bunny.
I plan to watch Easter Parade on Turner Classic Movies at 9:00 AM.
I plan to run 7 miles before lunch.
I plan to get bit by the Spring-cleaning bug and tidy up my apartment while listening to new episodes of my favorite podcasts.

No searching or rolling of eggs.  No filling a basket with treats.  No bringing a dish to brunch, or lunch, or dessert. 

If I was coming to your house today, I’d most likely bring something a bit un-traditional in terms of holiday celebration.  I might suggest an Italian feast covered in marinara, or a Mexican inspired FIESTA complete with many margaritas.

I’ve been staring recipes from great food blogs for a while now, and if I was headed to your place today, I would no doubt be taking inspiration from these great recipes.



The Perfect Bloody Mary from Green Dog Wine

Cookie Dough Pancakes from Savvy Eats 
Tiramisu French Toast from How Sweet Eats
Sweet Potato Hashbrowns from Rachel Wilkerson
Carrot Cake Scruffins from Oh She Glows


Boozy Mint Limeade on Eat Make Read
Goat Cheese Stuffed Pears from Live Laugh Eat
Pretzel Rolls from How Sweet Eats
Taco Casserole from Healthy Delicious
Penne with Rosemary Tomato Sauce and Balsamic Vinegar from Relishments


Peachy Keen from Eat Make Read
Chocolate Toffee Almond Bars from Can You Stay for Dinner
Homemade Samoa Bars from The Sweets Life
Apricot Bars from Spa Bettie
Lemon Blackberry Cake Sandwiches from Eat Live Run

Of course, after running seven miles there is a slight possibility that instead I’d show up with something looking like this:


But you’d be okay with that, right?