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Win $10,000 to Split with a Hunger-Relief Charity in Your Community!

If I had to guess, I’d say that everyone who reads this here little blog would like the opportunity to split $10,000 between themselves and a charity that shares food with the less fortunate. Think of how many meals $5K can buy for the hungry mouths in your community! Think of how baller the holiday gifts you give this year would be if an extra $5K was helping to cushion the purchases!

I love the idea of a contest that rewards the entrant AND does some good for the universe, too. My friends at contacted me about an AWESOME recipe contest they are hosting on the recently re-launched [Remember when I recently shared about my love of SparkPeople and SparkRecipes a few weeks ago? If not, check out this post for more details: A New Cookbook for Your Library ]

I’m so thrilled to be able to share the details here on THS for you to have the opportunity to enter to win, too!


As you probably picked up from the spoiler alert above, the grand prize is $10,000, split between you and a hunger-relief charity in your community. The contest is a slow-cooker recipe contest. Check your blogs for past crockpot recipes, or let the contest inspire you to  create a new recipe! Even if you’re not a “food blogger” I encourage you to give the contest a try.  I don’t consider myself a food blog in ANY regard, and I’m proof that you can win a blogger recipe contest no matter WHAT you blog about.

Once you have your recipe ready, you only need to enter the recipe on, click the checkbox at the bottom of the recipe entry page to enter the contest, and then share your recipe link with your friends, family, co-workers, and followers, encouraging them to vote daily.  Each time your recipe is shared, liked, tweeted or +1’d on Google, it counts as a vote—and popular vote is a part of the judging process.


Submissions close on November 6th, so let’s get cooking, friends!  I’m taking the challenge to create a new recipe to share with you soon; don’t you want to join in the fun?  Let me know if you decide to enter your recipe at I’d love to test out your recipe and support you in the contest! Oh, and add your recipe to our new Crockpot Recipes of Awesome Pinterest board!

A Dozen Challenge: 12 Recipes in 12 Weeks

Earlier this week I went through my cookbooks, cookie magazines, and recipe collection making lists of things I plan to make for the holidays this year.  Which treats will I send in care packages across the country?  What cookie recipes make the short list for cookie swaps?  What kind of food gifts will I be making for my coworkers and neighbors?

DSCF7718After color coding my selections with post it tabs in The Cookie and Biscuit Bible and creating coordinating lists from cookie editions of food magazines, I grabbed the old index card box covered long ago with recipe copies, red borders, and clip art of a fork, knife and spoon. I knew I had kept a handful of my mom’s cookie recipes in the box and wanted to make sure I knew exactly where they could be found when holiday baking inspiration strikes in the coming weeks.

While I was pulling out family favorite cookie recipes, I also made a little pile of dishes that caught my eye.  A few are old favorites I haven’t made in a while, and others are recipes I’ve saved for years but never took the time to make even once!


All together I had pulled twelve dinner recipes from the collection.  Some I had taken off of blogs I read others were snipped from magazines. A couple I had picked up at that rack in the produce department of the local market and a few I had copied from cookbooks in a friends kitchen late one summer evening.

With almost 12 weeks left until 2012 comes to a close, I realized that aiming to make one of these recipes a week was a reasonable goal to keep myself from catching kitchen boredom through the start of winter.  I’m also thinking that making a point to cook at least one meal a week is likely to help keep me focused on making healthy food choices through the holiday food overload.


Am I the only one that has a large collection of unused and never-been-tried recipes on my shelves?  [By the by, the unused cookbook collection on the two bakers racks in the kitchen is a MUCH bigger situation – maybe if this dozen challenge goes well I’ll work through some of those next!]  I invite you to join me in a similar challenge and spend some time in your kitchen making something fresh over the next three months. 

Look through your own recipe collection and make a list of a dozen recipes.  Or pick twelve from your Pinterest boards.  Or choose a dozen from your favorite foodie blog.  Then figure out how you’re going to work through the list.  Either assign a recipe to each week based on your holiday schedule, be spontaneous and choose a recipe off the list each week as it comes, or perhaps assign recipes to yourself by drawing out of a hat.  However you decide to choose, get your recipes together and let me know you’re in for this fun challenge, too!  I’d love to hear about your recipe successes and confusions along the way.  [I hope there aren’t very many confusions!]

So, tell me – are you in?

To Produce or Not To Produce

Memo: To Self, From Self     

The goal: To eat 5 servings of produce a day.


Please note the following:


1 Hour of time with IPod, IPhone, IMac, or any other Apple product, is not equivalent to one serving of fruit. 


Wine is not considered produce, even though it is made with grapes.

Even if you drink an entire bottle of wine, therefore consuming more grapes, it is still not considered a serving of produce. [not that I’ve done that or anything. ahem.]

Same goes for Woodchuck Apple Cider.

And 99 Bananas.


Grape Tomatoes do not count as two servings; one for grape, and one for tomatoes.


Purchasing a 24 karat Gold necklace for yourself, does not, in fact, count as 24 servings of vegetables.

1 (1)

Not matter how much money you spend at Lululemon, or how many hours you spend stalking the website, a serving of sour citrus does not your efforts make.


Green and Black chocolate does not, much to your demise, contain spinach, arugula, romaine, or any other green.


Renting James and the Giant Peach, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Grapes of Wrath, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, A Clockwork Orange, or Attack of the Killer Tomatoes from Netflix won’t get you in any way closer to your produce consuming goals.  Trust me. Even on Instant Queue.


Playlists full of Smashing Pumpkins, The Cranberries, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bananarama, Blind Melon, or any other amply named musical artist are void of produce consumption.


Probably the most sad to note: you can not add fruit flavored extract to a dessert and consider it a fruit serving.


The corniness of this post, will not, under any circumstances, count as several servings of corn. But maybe just one. 😉

Want to join in the fun?  Put your corny hat on and give me your best produce puns in the comments!