December 2013 Goals

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Dec 022013


december 2013

// Eat lots of citrus. It wasn’t until recent years that December was a month for bright colored spheres in my kitchen and office, but I’m so glad that I’ve taken notice to the beautiful ripeness that is winter citrus.  Clementines, mandarins, navels, grapefruits, tangerines, tangelos, oh, it doesn’t matter the citrus fruit – I love it!  This year along with snacking and adding a side of citrus to breakfast or lunch, I want to try to cook and bake with citrus more often.  Bring on the zester and recipes calling for fresh squeezed juice!

// Swap cookies. I still haven’t decided which cookies I’m making for the swap, but I’ve been collecting ideas for the three dozen I’m bringing, plus a pot luck dish of delicious.

// Visit with my Denton Blogger friends.  My parents are moving to Charlotte [!!!] in early 2014, so this will likely be my last trip to D-town for a long time.  Quality time with my local blends is on my Denton to-do list.  I’ll be visiting for 9 days – anyone want to grab dinner or fro-yo?

// 400 fitness minutes + make hydration a priority.  My active fitness generally decreases in December due to all that is holidays [including excuses!] so I’m going to try to aim simple for this goal.  No qualifications for what kind of fitness minutes these need to be – as long as I’m purposefully doing some exercise, it goes towards my goal. If I reach 400 fitness minutes AND drink at least 100 ounces of water every day for the month, I’m giving myself a reward.  I’m not against bribing myself in order to follow through with goals to help my health. The reward for this duo goal is a 3 month subscription to a snack or gift box.  [right now I’m thinking Nature Box is going to be the way to go!]

// Order new blog business cards. Because they are long overdo and I should start the new year off with something fresh!

// Send out all holiday and belated-birthday packages.  I’m pretty much known for giving gifts belatedly, but this year I’m going to try very hard to be on-time with my Christmas gift giving.  And while I’m at it, I have plans to catch up on all my belated birthday gifting for the year.  ‘Tis the season for giving after all.


What goals are you setting for the month??

Nov 272013

Remember back in 2010 when I went a little crazy and decided to have a 100% Handmade Christmas?  Now don’t get me wrong – I know that many people manage to do this on a consistent basis, not only with their holiday giving and decorations and wrapping, but also with their day to day lifestyle. But for me and my lifestyle, Handmade Christmas 2010 was a challenge that took a lot of effort and to be honest, willpower to follow through.

In a perfect world [aka: a world in which I have a super power allowing me to exist on zero minutes of sleep without issue] I would have fallen in love with the Handmade Christmas plan and would aim to be as store-bought-free as possible each holiday season since.  And while my current schedule doesn’t allow for the patience it would take me to execute another holiday season full of hand crafted tree ornaments and DIY gifts for each and every loved one, I am in a position in which the gifts I buy can be a bit choosier.

This year I’ve decided to support bloggers and HLB community members with my holiday gift giving as often as possible. It’s clear that this here blogging community means an awful lot to my heart and soul, and I want to put my money where with my mouth (and keyboard) is.  I also love to share about the brands and businesses I believe in with my friends and loved ones, so being able to do so in my gift giving has a special bonus element worth celebrating.


I’m not setting any “rules” for myself in this challenge, just trying to support as many blogger businesses as possible in my giving, to as many of the people I gift to as possible.  Here’s a list of the gift ideas I’ve come up with so far.  I’d love if you had other recommendations to suggest for my quest!  Please leave any other ideas you have for blogger businesses I can support in the comments section.

Blogger Businesses I’m Supporting with My Holiday Gift Giving

  • Personalized Jewelry, Christmas Ornaments, and Key Chains from bama + ry. Jasmine’s store is one where I’ve turned to for gifts in the past, and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.  I love my own bama + ry pieces and love to gift her beautiful artwork.  Jasmine’s mom also recently opened an etsy store with adorable purses and wallets that I’ve been checking in on this week.  Lots of cute stuff in there, too: Linnajax
  • Accessories from Alisa Burke’s new line.  I’m also considering having some of her cards framed for office artwork and her self-guided workshops and online classes ranging from blogging to various DIY, crafting, and art techniques as gifts for some of my best friends.
  • Ashley’s book, Doughnuts for Everyone, paired with a donut pan and jar of special occasion sprinkles or fancy baking extract would make a fabulous gift for the home cook or sweet tooth in your life!
  • BAMR bands for my runner or fitness junkie friends, especially.  I’ve raved more than once about how these headbands stay on my head better than anything I’ve tried before during runs, no matter the distance.  Other favorites include I Run This Body jewelry or apparel, and Refresh Attire. And though the choice is very limited at the moment, there’s Ali’s I Heart Sweat shirts, too.
  • Gift subscriptions of Be Nice Box or the Greatist Parcel make extra special reoccuring gifts.  I love the idea of gifting a ripple of kindness with that Be Nice Box, especially!
  • The perfect gift for your friend or relative who is always on the go, aiming to be organized and constantly planning and listing and keeping it all in line comes from Jessica at fit & fab yogi.  She has created an AWESOME 2014 edition of her awesome life planner, Keeping it Together, with lots of special features and bonus additions (like menu planning cards, motivational quotations, a storage pocket and accessories to accompany the planner and so much more!) to bring all the organization tools to your loved ones’ finger tips.   I was lucky enough to receive a gift of one of these Keeping it Together books from Jessica this week and I’m so THRILLED to get started on the planning for 2014!!  I have a few people in mind who may be finding one of these bright and colorful life planners under their trees.
  • I’ve got a list of Jamberry nail products I want to purchase from Tara’s online shop to give to some gal pals in the neighborhood.
  • One of my favorite creative minds online, Elise Blaha Cripe, has bunch of great gift ideas out on the market. This 2014 Calendar is simple and sweet and could be used in Project Life or as a small desk calendar of chicness. Speaking of Project Life, there’s also her Seafoam Kit. Her stamps are perfect for the crafter or snail mail lover in your life. Would a memory capturer in your life love the chance to participate in the Play live online event in January? Experience gifts are especially awesome in my book.

alisa burke

November 2013 Goals

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Nov 012013

nov goals

Five Goals I’m Setting for November

// Make a wreath for my office door.  It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten crafty, and wreaths are one of my favorite holiday decorations.  I’d love to make a DIY wreath to bring some holiday spirit to my office post-Thanksgiving.  I have a few different ideas in mind; I think a trip to the craft store may be in order.

// Take time to read, as much as possible.  I’m in the early pages of the November #hlbbookclub selection, Hilary Thayer Hamann’s Anthropology of an American Girl, and I’m loving every moment of it.   I’m also working my way through Chris Hardwick’s The Nerdist Way, which is helping me to define the qualities I have and apply said qualities to goal conquering.  My Pocket is still overwhelmingly full, as is the “saved” area of Feedly.  AND there is constantly new content being created, too.  I would really like for November to be a month in which I fill myself with the works of others; I have a desire to CONSUME.

// Plan my holiday gift giving.  I’ve set up a few guidelines for my holiday gift giving this year.  I’d like to make some gifts with my own hands [and heart and soul].  I’ve created a list of small-businesses and artists I’d like to support via gift-giving, as well.  I’ve got Pinterest boards of gift ideas, a spreadsheet for organization, and lists of ideas to consider.  By December 1, I’d love to be decided on the gifts I’ll be gifting to my list of loved ones.

// Continue to run.  Even though it’s getting colder.  Even though daylight is shorter.  I plan to invest in some cold-weather running gear and keep the momentum throughout the month of November.

// Bake bread.  Because I know I can and it’s always delicious.  And baking bread is a good Sunday accomplishment, if you ask me. Elise has 40 loaves I’d love to read through and choose some favorites to try.


What goals are you setting for this month?