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These are Some Things You Might Know About Me

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I was born in 1983 and have always been one to fall in love with her surroundings.
I’ve visited 29 of the United States, finding details of each to gush over.
And I’ve lived in 5 of them.

Born in Chicago-land.
Grew-up in Wisconsin.
Continued growing in Louisiana.
Sought self discovery in Texas.
Started all over again while in New York.

I currently reside near Schenectady, New York, smack in-between State-Capitol-Albany and Race-Horse-Obsessed Saratoga.


I live with my boyfriend Nick.  We’ve been sharing an apartment [I call it THS HQ] since 2011.
Our two cats, Benson and Trouble, are the true rulers of the kingdom.  

I have a Monday to Friday office job I adore and an internet #SideHustle that I just can’t quit. Blogging/Internetting has changed A LOT since I first got involved in 2009, and I’ve been quite fortunate to have had many amazing internet-related IRL experiences along the way.

I consume a lot of new media and recommend a lot of new media.

When I am a fan of something or someone, I am a FAN. I will read the internet articles you post.  I will seek out podcasts about your television show.  I will read your stream from the week and favorite 12 tweets within 3 minutes. I will click on your name in Netflix and binge all your early works, no matter how big or small the role. I will click on your Instagram hashtag and sincerely double tap each photo in the series that I think is well done.  And I will recommend your work to the people in my life who I think will dig your work.  That’s the kind of FAN I am.


I find comfort in making lists, good hard cider on draft, and solving procedural cases before the television detectives figure it out themselves.

I love learning fun facts about the former Presidents of the United States and sometimes wonder how I never once considered majoring in History.

I’m a big fan of bar trivia, quiz shows, and punny jokes.  I can get really process-nerdy talking about television and comedy.   

I’ve been on a mission to convince myself I’m solar powered by spending time outside daily.

I run sometimes. I avoid running with every ounce of my being other times.

I’m frequently found sending snail mail, playing Candy Crush while watching TV, or singing narration over my day to day life.


#RainbowisMyFavoriteColor and my wardrobe is 86% black.

I sort of believe in astrology because one time someone explained to me that Taurus folk start ALL THE THINGS and finish few of them, and I’m a Taurus, and that’s LEGIT accurate.

Speaking of beliefs, I used to be a youth pastor. I am no longer a youth pastor.
I used to go to church. I no longer go to church.
I used to force myself to believe. I no longer fight admitting I don’t know what to believe.
I sort of believe and admit that I sort of believe and that I’m still learning what it is that I do believe.

Like with all things I face in life, I’m simply taking it one step at a time.

Greeting Cards for Every State

Where did you grow up? Where do you call home? 

My parents have moved from one state to another three times.  Twice I joined them – the first in middle school and second in college.  I myself have moved out from their home and into a new state twice.

If moving from Chicagoland to a small Wisconsin farming community during my middle school years was one type of culture shock, moving from the Midwest to The Bible Belt Gulf Coast my junior year of college was a sort of WTF-electrocution.

I did a fair share of growing up in each of the states I’ve lived in, present residence of New York included. I’ve said it a thousand times over – I am a completely different person today than I was the day I moved here and I am so thankful that I have learned how to put myself first and what healthy, happy relationships look like; something I definitely didn’t have in-the-bag before.

My personal history keeps my heart connected to Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, New York, North Carolina, and Florida. With each state on this list, I’ve spent memorable days, weeks, months, years. Each feels like “home” to me, some more than others of course, but each memorable location makes up a part of my heart’s map of happy, comfortable places.  My heart’s home-map.

smallsquareI made a goal for the month of July in an effort to reinvigorate my love of snail mail: write and send one piece of mail a day.  I’m very happy to report that as of today, I’ve successfully added a bit of happiness to the USPS box for 31 days in a row, sending greetings to friends and family spread all across the country!

My main type of outgoing mail this month has been greeting cards.  During a recent online browsing [to refill the collection] session, I found myself favoriting several location specific designs.

Here’s is a collection of cards from every one of the United States of America.

Margaret Elizabeth Sangster is quoted, “There’s nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.”  I’m totally feeling that sentiment in these designs!  Which one is your favorite?

Alabama // Sweet Home Alabama Card // Little House Shop

Alaska // Alaska Floral Watercolor Card // Critters Ugly Mugs

Arizona // Arizona Greeting Card Set // Simple Line Works

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You Asked, I Answered: #THSSnailMail


If you follow me on SnapChat or Instagram, you may have noticed my love for sending snail mail.  As a matter of fact, this month I’ve been on a mission to put one piece of #THSSnailMail in the post every single day. I am oh-so-thankful for friends and family across the country who love to fill my mailbox, too.  I think my love for snail mailing has definitely come in handy for nurturing my long distance friendships and I believe it’s an especially important hobby to keep up with in the days of convenient [but life-changingly amazing!] digital conversation.

I have a tool box [err…a tool dresser drawer] full of snail mail tools that help me add pizzazz to mailboxes across the country.  I’m often asked about stationary brands I recommend.  Here’s the answer to that question.


Postcards from EVERYWHERE.  Road trips long-or-short, business tripping, shopping a gift store in my very own town… I love picking up random location postcards to send quick notes to the little people in my life, especially.  Grandparents, parents, and old high school friends are other loved ones I love to send a snap shot from the road.

Since I’m on a postcard kick these days, I’ve also found several designers to add to my collection.  In the past couple of years I’ve added:


Greeting cards are the classic attendee in the #THSSnailMail collection.  Thinking back, it may have been our family move from Chicagoland to Wisconsin farm community during my middle school years that first brought the love of snail mail to my life.  I often spent my baby sitting money on stationary, stickers and stamps, sending letters to my friends back in Illinois in an effort to hold on to those friendships.  The money I earned during my high school years brought me to Hallmark, searching the aisles for the perfect words-by-others to capture my feelings towards my best friends [looking at you, D!] and racking up Gold Crown Rewards points like the type-A collector that I am.

These habits, and the addition of Envelopes of Random Love, carried on into college as my high school pals were spread out across the country.  Snail mail sending continued to come in handy as I moved myself from Wisconsin to Louisiana to Texas to New York.  Now-a-days I’m less likely to stock up on Hallmark greetings [though it does happen from time to time] and more likely to fill my cart with goods from one of these favorite-spaces for greeting card purchases.  


Designs by Nicolina // happy thoughts, simple designs 

Row House 14 // honest, stylish, and smile-inducing

Nightly Doodles // bright and whimsical, specializing in puns

Emily McDowell Studio // large collection ranging from  those that bring LLOL to her popular perfectly worded Empathy series

Viv Jordan // The Eclectic Press // beautiful hand lettering

Able and Game // quirky like woah

Julie Ann Art // because adulthood is laughworthy

The Paper Pony Co // moody California-made eco-friendly greetings, heavy on the adorable animals

Betty Turbo // uber fun, ironic pop art cards


Em Dash Paper Co // genuine and sassy greetings from a lettering/calligraphy artist

Pen and Paint // happy greetings for every season

Little Dog Paper Co // delightful designs with a pinch of pop culture

LetterHappy // sweet and silly cards with a love for song lyrics

Jack and Della Paper // simple designs delivering big messages

One Canoe Two // so very “lovely heartland”

Trader Joe’s has awesome cards for an awesome price. Next time you are there take a few minutes to scan through the rack. I bet you leave with at least one “perfect” card for someone you love.

The local USPS. Sometimes I shop online at, but I like to visit my local post office, too.  I think getting fun stamps adds a bonus dose of special to each piece of mail. I’ve definitely loaded up on POTUS and Disney stamps in the past.  The post office and website also sells postcards and other stationary that matches some of the stamp sets, too!


WASHI TAPE!! I use washi tape on just about every piece of mail I send, but I also use washi tape for approximately 1 million other things, too.  [Self proclaimed #washiaddict, right here!]  Would you be interested in seeing a list of washi resources, too?

Where are your favorite places to buy stationary?