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Jun 242015

This post is sponsored by Stoneyfield as part of my participation in the Stoneyfield Clean Plate Club.


I’ve had snapchat for quite a while, using it mostly for communicating with friends in a fun, fresh way.  There are quite a few pals who I keep in better contact with throughout the months because of our snapping to one another.  This social media medium is just another tool in my long distance friendship arsenal. 

Lately I’ve been loving following people I’m a true fan of on snapchat, too. Three of my favorites are Heather Waxman, Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean, and Katy Hill of The Girl and The Good.   [by the way, Katy has one of the most cohesively styled instagram feeds I have the pleasure of following.]  Each of their updates are inspiring, entertaining, and just downright fun.


Being a member of the Stoneyfield Clean Plate Club, I got the chance to give the new Oh My Yog! individual cups a try.  These Organic tri-layer fancy cups of creamy yogurt deliciousness are brand new to the grocery coolers and it took me a LONG time to track them down. We’re talking months of asking market staff to bring them in and venturing to other towns to search the shelves. If you can find them in your neighborhood consider yourself lucky!

Once I did track them down, it was totally worth the wait.  The three layers include a whole milk yogurt, cream top, and fruit/flavor on the bottom.  I grabbed three flavors to taste – orange cranberry, Madagascar vanilla bean, and wild Quebec blueberry.  All three were delicious, but the blueberry was my favorite for sure – I’ve been in a berry phase lately, like I am every summer, and this cup totally made the case stronger.  Getting a spoonful consisting of all three layers is definitely a perfect bite situation worth reaching for in my eyes.  

The cups and labels are totally recyclable – or even reusable; I’m using one of my cups as a paper clip holder on my desk as you read this. And on the inside of the label wrapper is a sweet “moment” which totally hits me in my soft spot heart.


In celebration of the release of Oh My Yog, the Stoneyfield Clean Plate members were challenged to talk about what brings a splash of color to our lives and I couldn’t help but think about the major #RainbowIsMyFavoriteColor phase I’ve been going through.

I’ve always had a thing for bright colors and multicolored styles, but I’ve noticed a definite gravitation to basic rainbow in the past 5 years or so of my adult life.  Maybe I’m trying to hold on to some sort of youth as I fight my way through adulthood or perhaps I just feel that rainbows best symbolize the optimism I try to cling to on the regular. 

Now that I’ve become aware of my color preference and downright embraced it, a bunch of the stuff I’ve been loving lately have been rainbow in nature, naturally.


Back to social media I’m loving lately, I somehow stumbled across this amazing account, which is on a quest to post 100 days of rainbow collections: Hey Jules Studio.  I can’t even tell you how many of the photos made me swoon as I was scrolling through the account.

I’ve been decorating different areas of my life in rainbow order over the years – a book shelf, my washi tape, lots of office color coding, and mugs on the shelf.  Jules is totally inspiring me to add some rainbow order to my day to day more often, too.

all the beers

Lately I’ve been loving planning fun birthday gifts for good friends, like this 30 beers for 30 years gift I put together for my IPA-loving friend Steff.  I went to a local beverage center – Glenville on Freeman’s Bridge if you’re local – and was happy to find probably 50+ single beers in the “build your own pack” section.  I was able to collect 24 IPAs, plus 6 other “fun summery flavor” bottles and then I got crafty.

I really loved spending several hours focused on a creative project with my art supplies – it’s been a long time since I got my DIY on!  I covered the six packs in paper and created some “30 Beers for 30 Years” birthday decorations.


I knew I had a 6-pack of Summer Flavors and I classified the other four 6-packs into West Coast, Local NY State IPAs, New England IPAs, and Big City Brews and sketched out cute labels for each pack.  I really loved the way this gift turned out, especially because Steff loved it even more than I did. Gift giving win!


I’m obsessed with HBO Go and I don’t care who knows it.  Since first logging in about a month ago, I’ve watched two series in completion [Girls and How to Make it in America] along with a handful of movies and comedy specials.  Nick and I have also started a few other HBO series including Silicon Valley and The Newsroom.

Both are good and completely different.  Silicon Valley is perfect funny and when it comes to The Newsroom – gosh I love Sorkin, but nothing beats The West Wing.  Though I will again make a plea for you to watch Sports Night if you haven’t already.  It’s available on Hulu+ and oh so good.


Other Hulu+ viewing recently includes a whole lot of reality contests of sorts.

Top Chef Season 4 – the one in Chicago with Richard Blais, Stephanie Izard, Spike, Antonia, Dale and so many other super memorable chefs.  I’m a big fan of a few of these celebrity chefs and have loved rewatching this season. I think once I finish I will keep watching the other available seasons on Hulu+. 

I’m still in the middle of my #RealWorldRewatch, but am in the middle of a season of the challenge [Free Agents, if you’re interested.] I try really hard not to put Nick in the position where he feels he HAS to watch MTV programming with me, so I have been watching this mostly when he is gone. 

I’ve also been watching Sing it On, a docu-style reality show about college acapella groups.  Yup.


And I’m still loving my weekly trips to the bar for trivia night with my team, Trivial Minds.  I can’t say enough what this new tradition has done for me this year and I’m so thankful to have had these past 6 months of drinking nights to build my friendships with my awesome teammates. 

I received product coupons from Stonyfield as part of the Stonyfield Clean Plate Club; all opinions and content are my own.

Loving Lately

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May 282015

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.


I can’t stop coloring. Kelly sent me the most fantastic coloring book for my birthday: Pocket Patters to Color & Doodle and I have been finding such peace and stress-relief in spending time scribbling away. She also sent the Stabilo point 88 mini markers, which are wonderful for all things, but especially use in this book.  I’ve also been using the poppin. Magic Markers and Fineliners in the book and they are working well. The one Sharpie Pen I have also works well, and doesn’t bleed through, though my beloved Bic Mark-its totally do.  I have a couple of Paper Mate Flair Pens I use with the book as well, but the point is definitely not as fine as the Fineliners and Point 88s.


A few weeks ago at our office Spring Clean-up, BBQ and Yard Games Day, I kicked around a soccer ball with a pal.  I haven’t touched one in YEARS [errr…maybe 2005??] and instantly fell in love….again.  I bought my own ball not long after and am excited to take it to the park and play around!  Anyone want to run passing drills and shoot on goal?


These Blue Diamond Oven Roasted Almonds I received as part of the Blue Diamond Tastemakers program have been making appearances in my snack plates and breakfasts.  I love chopping the dark chocolate flavored almonds and adding them to my yogurt mix-ins or oatmeal toppings.  The sea salt almonds have been pairing well with cheese, citrus, and a dried fruit mix. 


A gift from my mother, this We R Envelope Punch Board is PERFECT if you have a collection of greeting cards to send that have somehow lost their envelope partner over the years.  Also, I’m digging making envelopes out of magazines, gift wrap, and other random papers to personalize the note.  I love that this board has a size chart right on it, showing you the folds and scores to make depending on the size card you want to seal.


Washi tape. For everything. Okay, this isn’t exactly new, but if you’ve been around THS for a bit, you know I love the stuff!  Using decorative paper tape to hang things in unexpected places has brought home display to a new level. I love how adorable it looks, plus it’s totally inexpensive and temporary.  Something I can easily mix up when I need a change!


We love our Google Chromecast for MANY reasons, but the scroll of beautiful images when we aren’t watching or listening to anything is a lovely feature I wasn’t expecting when we spent the $35.  I also love that on this “home screen” we see the time and the local weather, things I’d otherwise be looking up on my phone as I get ready for work every day.  Google, you get me.

What are you loving these days?

Apr 082015

I don’t consider myself trendy or even especially stylish. 

I do think that I have a style – my style.  Not that any element I would classify as “my style” is uniquely mine, but there are definitely looks or parts of looks that I see repeated on my person several times each week.

I wear a lot of black on black; layers like woah.
I like to wear a interest-insight-sharing T-shirt under a cardigan to the bar.
I rarely wear heels and swear by flats 99% of the year.
And I like to stack accessories, especially bracelets with a watch. I’ve almost always got an arm party going on.

Recently I shared a peak at some accessory organizing on Instagram and Ali asked me “What are your favorite places to buy bracelets?” 


Here’s my answer to Ali’s question.

Garage/Yard Sales, Thrift Stores, Etc. – Every year during my small town’s “Garage Sale Days” I’m on the hunt for one fun piece of jewelry to add to my collection.  Good Will, Salvation Army and the like often have great costume pieces, too.


Mystic Knotwork – I came across this small American business by way of Martha Stewart and I have purchased from them several times since; a couple of times for me and couple of times for gifts. My most recent purchase is my favorite: the silver diamond paracord shackle bracelet. 

Riled Violets – Okay, so this Etsy shop is actually for hair ties, but I really like using the sparkly and patterned elastic hair ties as additions to my wrists when they are stacked.  This site has TONS of colors, designs, and variety packs, including a “choose your own” which is always a favorite for me. Also, dear Crossfit/Weight Lifting friends, please see this: Bar Bell and Kettle Ball Ties

MantraBand – it should surprise no one at these little bands engraved with words to remind you of the mantras you are focusing on in life are a favorite of mine. I wear my “one day at a time” band several times a week and have a lengthy wish list of other mantra stating bracelets I’d love to add to my collection.

Acre – I love the necklaces here, too.  This knot bracelet has been on my wish list for ages! 


bama + ry – I’ve talked about my love for bama + ry at length in the past, but it is definitely worth mentioning again in terms of wristwear.  I love my hand stamped healthy living blogger bracelet and  textured copper cuff for both stacking and wearing alone.  I’m also REALLY digging this stacked colors bracelet and am resisting the urge to buy it for myself as I type this! This gold chain bracelet is a bit dressier than my normal tastes, but I really dig the multi-chain-look.

purevida – I was first introduced to puravida when I received a bracelet as a gift from a dear friend.  Every bracelet purchased helps provide full-time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica. This brand has grown way beyond arm candy, on top of their 15+ different bracelet styles.  You are likely going to find something you want on this site.  My current top 3: silver hammered flat bar in seafoam, LGBT Pride Awareness braided, and flat braided grey stripe.

BookFiend – These are on my favorite go-to gifts for friends; custom engraved bracelets.  Great for a graduate, musician, or actor in your life that has a certain quote, lyric, or line in your choice of font on your choice of color.  Such a great gift to show someone you care or to mark/celebrate a season in your life!


Good Works – This is another company I learned about through being gifted a bracelet from a friend and another company that donates a portion of profits to charity.  I love my You are Beautiful friendship wrap bracelet and have my eye on several others, including a couple from the bangle line.  Good Works sells a bunch of scripture-designed accessories perfect for your Jesus-loving friends, too.

Stalking the Wild Snark – I love the coin/charm wrap bracelets from this shop and have gifted them to loved ones across the country, as well.  I love the idea of gifting luck!

boo + boo factory – I love every item in this shop and browse through the new additions regularly, but I haven’t bit the bullet and purchased anything for myself yet.  This is a great idea for my next fitness challenge reward, though. I love the geographic shape pieces and the chain cuffs.

Bravelets – I’m obsessing over every style on the site, but especially the stitched leather and original leather styles.  Bravelets have a mission – to help you be strong and brave in tough situations, a visual reminder on your wrist of the strength within.  Bravelets is a nonprofit that supports YOUR causes with your purchase, you can shop by style or cause. 


Get crafty with yourself!  Here’s a few super fun tutorials for making some DIY wearable artwork of your own:

What is your favorite place to buy bracelets?