Mar 022015

We’ve all had days where we’ve felt a bit…bleh.  Next time you find yourself feeling bored with your day, or facing the “I’m in a rut!” thought cycle of gloom and doom try one of these quick and easy tasks to set your sights on the brightness of life.


  1. Reflect on your gratitude. Set a timer for 15 minutes and write a letter to your future self titled “a list of everything I love about my life today.”  It can be filled with the major important things [your family, your health] and the tiny simple things, too [getting a new K-cup flavor, finding your favorite pen on sale.]Reminding yourself of all the loveliness in your life is sure to help lift your perspective in the NOW and later if you use a service like, which auto-sends an email you write to yourself today on whichever future date of your choosing.

    If you have 5 minutes more, take a moment to write a note of gratitude to someone in your life. Give it or send it or leave it for him/her to find.  Put kindness out into the world. Show your feelings to someone who deserves to know they are awesome and that what they did, or do, is awesome, too.

  2. Make plans and make them happen. Think of an activity that you enjoy but don’t always make time for and send an invitation to a friend RIGHT NOW to do that activity.  If you love shuffleboard at the local bar, ask some coworkers to happy hour one evening this week.  If you dig fitness fun, ask your workout buddy to try hula-cardio or rock climbing.If you wish you had more time for solo, candle lit meditation or sketching, that’s cool, too.  If going the “on my own” route, send a quick text to a friend who can hold you to it. Explain that you are wanting to set a date to actually make time to do it and you need them to help by keeping you accountable to it.

    Whatever you decide to do, hold yourself to making and taking time and don’t take no for an answer.  If the first person you ask to join you can’t make it, try another.  Put energy into making your plans come true and when the time arrives enjoy every single minute of the event.

    A big part of getting to a place where you feel DIFFERENT than stagnant and bored is following through to do something new and out of the ordinary.  You have to do the work, and in this case, the work is having fun so just stop making excuses and do it, okay?


  3. Change your tunes and ‘tude. Find a new playlist on Songza or another music streaming service that you don’t listen to on the regular.  Stepping away from the self-built playlists on your phone or iPod and choosing a new-to-you playlist curated by someone else will give you the opportunity to be joyfully surprised by favorite tunes you don’t hear as often.I really like Songza [both the Android/iPad apps and the browser] because it offers users playlist suggestions based on activity being done while listening, mood choices, genres and decades.  While I love to choose “gloomy” on rainy days, when I’m really feeling blue with my life it’s better to choose something like “Happy” or “Sweet” in the mood department.  I know music has an effect on my emotions and feeding into the sadness can only last so long before I need to dust myself off with Pocket Full of Sunshine or The World of fun.

    When a song comes on that makes you want to dance, get up and dance.  If you are embarrassed that’s a-okay.  Just shut the door and put on earbuds and turn off the light and close your eyes and stand up and do whatever you need to do to feel safe and SHAKE IT.

    Make the energy stir from within your soul, move through your limbs and out into the world.  Spin around or jump up and down. Whatever feels best – do THAT.  And as your shaking and shimmying around your office or bedroom or kitchen or car, remember that you have the power to keep fighting worry.  BE BIGGER THAN WORRY.  Stronger than worry.  Smarter and more reasonable that worry.  Laugh in the face of worry. And while you are at it, dance in the face of worry.