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For These United States

Doesn’t really feel united most of the time, though. But I think I’m okay with that fact because we evolve as a people and grow as a country and identify as individuals over time. and perhaps I may be on the other side of the evolving, with my being “so progressive” and such- believing in equality and choice, most of all.

It’s okay that it doesn’t feel so united. There has to be some conflict to move the rights forward.  That’s what America is, it seems – the right.  The right to freedom – of religion, of speech, and maybe a bit of freedom of any responsibility to humankind. The right to believe what you want and allow it to justify hatred in your heart.  The right to judgment and hypocrisy.  Which as I type this I see that I am practicing both myself at this moment. I’m frustrated.

I’m frustrated with the lack of humanity. The lack of being humans, together.  Of feeling a kinship with another person because they were – wait for it – another person.  I’m brokenhearted over the things I’ve heard, I audibly, in person experienced and ashamed that I’ve done nothing to interrupt piercing words which leave me in disgust.  I should be disgusted and I should interject at the moment in which I experience it. I should stand up for the rights of my fellow humans.  It’s pretty darn simple.

These things and more have been weighing on my heart heavily for the past several weeks.  I ask myself, “why am I not doing more if this is what I truly believe?”  I want to stand up and do more. I want to have conversations about more than just the weather.  and I want to talk about things that matter with people that agree with me and people that disagree with me, too.  and I want to examine my thoughts and beliefs and know why I believe these things and to speak only truth.  and I want my actions to speak the same words as my mouth and my twitter stream.  or maybe even better words.  

and that’s a bit of what has been on my heart these days.


Thursday night, I couldn’t sleep.  I tossed and I turned and I thought about the day and all I had accomplished.  I thought about goals I had set, and I thought about why I was setting them.  I thought about what was holding me back from being more pro-active in some of these goals.  I thought about my fears, and my happiness, and a few things that I have allowed to offend me and cause me pain.  I thought about the encouraging, supportive people I have around me, and I thought about how grateful I am.  And then, my brain led me to one single question; “If an action helps hundreds, yet hurts one, is it worth it?”

I thought about this question for about 90 minutes, before I caved and put it on facebook.  Not to be passive aggressive, but because I seriously needed to hear some discussion on this thought.  The conversation has been going on my status since, and in person with a handful of friends the past two days.  Now I’m wondering, what do you think?

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Please share with me your thoughts: If an action helps hundreds, yet hurts one, is it worth it?