#THS13point1 Week 2

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Jul 212014

A few months ago I registered for my first half marathon.  I decided to document the process of my training, hoping that it will help to keep me accountable to train strong.  This is week two.


Monday July 14 – Sunday July 20
Total Miles Planned:
Total Miles Ran: 15

Favorite Run: Thursdays 3 miles felt perfect.  My Garmin and phone were both low on battery, so I simply ran a one mile loop three times, taking about 30-60 seconds rest in-between each mile.  I can’t forget how awesome it feels to run without a GPS or app telling me my pace.  Definitely going to make that happen more often this summer.

Least Favorite Run:  Did you know that you use completely different muscles walking as you do running?  This is explains why my ass was so flipping sore after the 9+ mile walk I took with Nick’s mom last Sunday morning. I also realized that when you have a really long, hard training run, you can take off X amount of days from running for rest and recooperation, right? YOU CAN’T DO THAT WITH WALKING.  I still had to walk everywhere: from the bedroom to the kitchen, from the car to the office, from my office to the copy room.  There was no “rest day” from walking… there was just walking REALLY slowly and refusing to do anything “extra.”

Which explains why I didn’t run AT ALL Monday through Wednesday and saved all four of my planned training runs for the last half of the week.  Because of this, I decided to merge two of the shorter runs on my plan together for one mid-sized workout.  Saturday morning I did the 1 mile of hill repeats on the plan, followed by 3 miles of speedy intervals on the plan– 4 minutes running, 1 minute walking.  I didn’t hate this run AT ALL, but by the end of it, I was feeling woozy.  I think I was just a bit more dehydrated than I expected, and after some water and stretching I felt much better.

Other Workouts: One walk. One 7 minute arm workout. Goal for this week: MORE non-running workouts!

Listening Notes:  Thursday and Saturday were podcast-filled runs: The Because Show Ep 122 – Period Piece on Thursday, and Pop Culture Happy Hour’s 200 Episode on Saturday

On Sunday, my iPod refused to do anything I wanted it to.  Instead of listening to the podcasts I had loaded for my 8-mile run in the “Run & Stuff” playlist, I could only get the “shuffle all the songs” feature to start.  Way better than silence, but I’ve had several instances of my Nano refusing to respond to touch-screen requests – has anyone else had this issue?  I used to think it had something to do with humidity, but now I’m not sure that’s the problem.

Fueling Notes:  After the way I felt finishing Saturday’s run, I made sure to pay attention to what I was putting into my body all day Saturday and Sunday early morning to be as prepared as possible for the 8-miles on the plan for Sunday.  I drank lots of water throughout the day and knowing that I likely wouldn’t be up for eating anything in the morning before my long run, I made sure to eat dinner and snacks a little later in the day Saturday than normal.  I packed a few Sharkies in my spibelt for if I was feeling weak part-way through, but didn’t end up needing them.

When I got home from the run I drank lots of H20 and made another awesome Coconut Juice smoothie, this time with some PB2 added for flavor and protein power. SO TASTY!

#THS13Point1 Reflections:  I love running.  I feel at peace when on the road.  We’ll see how long this lasts ;) 

#THS13Point1 Week 1

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Jul 142014

A few months ago I registered for my first half marathon.  I decided to document the process of my training, hoping that it will help to keep me accountable to train strong.  This is week one.


Monday July 7 – Sunday July 13
Total Miles Planned: 13
Total Miles Ran: Ran 6, Walked 17

Favorite Run: On Monday evening I ran a “for time” mile after warming up via a walking-commute home from the office [a little over a mile and a half].  I didn’t look at my Garmin at all as I ran, until I knew I had to be within the last tenth of a mile, and was able to finish strong.  I was pretty pleased with how my legs felt after running 10K the day before and I was REALLY pleased for my first “timed mile” in a long while and can’t wait until the next time it comes up on the plan so that I can try to race myself!

Least Favorite Run: On Wednesday the temperature seemed to drop right after a storm, and I decided I had enough time to squeeze out a run before the next batch of storms came in.  I tackled the 3-miler that was on my plan for the week – run a mile, recover, repeat three times and it was OH-SO-HUMID.  I was happy to get the run done [it was supposed to be my 2nd to longest for the week, but ended up being the longest] and felt accomplished afterwards, but it was GROSS out there.

Other Workouts: Nicholas’s mom, Kathleen, is in two for a few days and we got up early Sunday morning to tackle a nice long, speedy walk together.  We chatted the whole way [except for a hill or two] and I had such a great time!  We clocked 9.18 miles in 2 hours and 12 minutes. And my bum hurts. #thankshills

I also did upper body workouts with my body bar at home while watching TV twice this week.  Instead of using any prewritten workouts, I simply choose five upper body exercises I’ve done in group fitness classes and crank out three sets of 10-15 reps.  I’m digging the no-pressure strength training approach right now.

Listening Notes: I’ve gone months without listening to This American Life, so I’ve been binging on the episodes lately.  Two favorites: #241 20 Acts in 60 Minutes[downloaded 7/6/14] and #524 I Was So High [downloaded 5/4/14]

Fueling Notes: Nothing of note for my pre-run or post-run fueling, but I surely did not think about fueling before the walk and managed to get out the door having just a small glass of juice.  When we got home, I felt mega drained and weak.  Raisins helped immediately. But THEN I created my new favorite, most delicious, uber-hydrating smoothie that you can hear more about tomorrow! ;)

#THS13Point1 Reflections: Still feeling pretty good about this whole “I’m going to run a half marathon in less than 100 days” thing.  I traded in a 7 mile wog with a 9+ speedy walk and I feel my effort in the walk was just as good of a training day endurance wise, which is great.  In past training plans, I’ve stressed if I strayed at all from the plan I had discovered or written.  I think we call that growth, friends.

#THS13point1 Preparation Week

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Jul 072014

A few months ago I registered for my first half marathon.  I decided to document the process of my training, hoping that it will help to keep me accountable to train strong.  This week is all about preparations. 


Monday June 30 – Sunday July 6
Total Miles Planned: 0
Total Miles Ran: 6.2

Favorite Run: Even though it’s literally no contest since I only ran once this week, the solo 10K I ran on Sunday was a great run.  Though I’ve taken several long walks, my last run was a 5 miler two weeks prior.  I was really pleased that after a 10 minute warm-up walk, I ran two miles without stopping with great splits [10:55, 10:40.]  After walking a quarter mile to fully recover, I started three miles of long intervals.  The last mile started to feel like a struggle, so I tackled most of it with 1:1 walk/run ratio.  I rounded the entire 10K in 1:14:05 which made me feel like I was in a good place to start this training plan! [and it’s not too far off from my official 10K time, either!]

Least Favorite Run: During one of my long walks last week, I did end up running for about 2 minutes when I was coming near a shady situation and I wanted to get by ASAP.  So I guess I’ll count that since I only managed one run last week ;)

Other Workouts: This TIU arm routine that I’m trying to do on the regular.  I love that the fine toning elements they suggest will take this upper body focus to the next level!

Listening Notes: Podcasts: finished an episode of Ask Me Another with Justin Long (A Little Impression Goes A Long Way), and started an episode of Doug Loves Movies with Samm Levine, Geoff Tate and Cameron Buchholtz.

Fueling Notes:  Just water before.  Felt more than well fueled by the dorm-room worthy amounts of junk food I consumed the night before.  Honey wheat english muffin with this amazing Earth Balance Creamy Coconut Peanut Spread [Oh. My. Word. SERIOUSLY.] and lots of deliciously sweet cherries after.

#THS13Point1 Reflections: I am really excited at the moment.  It’s been a long while since I’ve been focused on a training plan to hit a new race distance.  I know I have a long way to go [I wrote a 13 week training plan!] and I am eager for all the extra “me time” I will find on the trails, sidewalks, roads, and pathways over the next few months.

My training plan includes four runs a week, with an aim for core work, strength training, and cross training activities each week, too.  I am looking forward to tracking my workouts and working towards new goals.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what Becki calls Peak Fitness and feel like my enthusiasm towards this new fitness goal can help to point me in the right direction to defining my own peak fitness.