Sep 132012

If you’ve seen a picture of me from the Saturday of the Healthy Living Summit, you may think you’ve seen Zombie Then Heather Said.  This is that story.


I learned a pretty big health lesson this summer, and of course, the climax of the tale happened during the Saturday sessions of the Healthy Living Summit.

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Favorite Protein Powder

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Jun 142012

If you allow me to quote myself for one hot second:

Post 15K refueling included [but not limited to] apple juice and a delicious uber-simple smoothie: bananas, cherry juice, and my favorite post-run protein powder [more on that very soon!].

Guess what friends…it’s “very soon!”  And of course, now that I’ve started to write this blog post, all I can think about is how badly I want a chocolate banana milkshake of wonders. which I occasionally consume for breakfast. Nothing major.* 

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