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Feb 082016

A weekly post of healthy-intention goals for the sake of accountability; [inspired long ago by Jess and her #sayitdoit style]


A review of last week’s goals:

Drink lots of water.  20 oz glasses kept at each of my desks and carrying around a bottle while I travel was a HUGE help to keeping myself hydrated.

Eat lots of greens.  This goal was met much stronger at the beginning of the week than the end.  I had 1-2 salads daily Sunday through Wednesday and then, just sort of stopped.

Enjoy Pittsburgh. Total win here! It was a super short trip, but we made the most of it, taking the few free hours we had in town to visit the Duquesne Incline for a bit of history and spectacular views and dinner at Church Brew Works, which is a really cool spot for beer lovers, especially.  All of our meetings were also super beneficial for work-life and I got to take a photo with a statue of George Washington, making this an A+ 2-day trip in my book!


Choose activity. I didn’t do too bad here, especially considering how much time I spent trapped in a plane. Yoga in my living room and yoga in my office and yoga in my hotel room and three hour long walks throughout the week. 


This Week I Will

Bring back the daily pre-Work mini-Yoga Session.  While I did make time for rise & shine yoga on my traveling days, and fit it in twice more during non-morning hours last week, I really missed the daily AM routine from the previous week. I’m going to spend 5-15 minutes on my mat every morning before work, setting positive intentions to the day as I stretch out and warm up my muscles.

Cook from the pantry and freezer.  I spent a weekend late last year filling the freezer with prepped and started meals that we’ve been working our way through over the past several weeks.  We also have lots of random deliciousness on the shelves of the pantry thanks to an early winter Trader Joe’s stock-up trip.  I haven’t done any real meal planning for the week, but I’m thinking of giving this old favorite tactic another try.

Hit the gym. We skipped our group gym trips last week thanks to travelling and I am ready to spend some time on those cardio machines I love so much during the winter! 

3 strength training sessions.  Either during my gym trips or at home with my living room sweat session gear.

Take a lunch break every day. It’s especially hard on a Monday, but I find that I am a better, happier co-worker on days I take some time away from my desk.  Sometimes I listen to a podcast while going for a walk around the park or coloring on the floor, others I watch an episode of something via Netflix or Hulu+.  Sometimes I do quiet-time yoga with the lights off in my office, and sometimes I scroll through social media or watch Periscope broadcasts while sitting under my favorite tree.

What healthy intentions are you setting for the week?  Tell me about them on twitter and show me the proof on Instagram by using the #Make1HealthyDecision hashtag!

This Week I Will 16

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Feb 022016

A weekly post of healthy-intention goals for the sake of accountability; [inspired long ago by Jess and her #sayitdoit style]  A review of last week’s goals:

Continue yoga-ing before work each morning.
Yoga every weekday morning was a success!  I rotated between Easy Morning Yoga for a Positive Mind and 5 Minute Rise and Shine Sleepy Bear Yoga, which I chose to do on days when I didn’t feel like keeping my priority. “It’s only 5 minutes” is a really helpful tool to have when arguing with your lazy-self.
Eat in week. In comparison to previous weeks, I did AWESOME eating food from my own kitchen.  This was mostly in-part to my freezer being stocked with crock-pot ready meals to make, which had me thanking past Heather A LOT this week.  I didn’t manage the 100% eating-in goal, though.  We ordered dinner in on a night I was feeling crummy and I went out to the Schenectady Soup Stroll on Saturday, which was a day full of checking in at Schenectady hot spots.


3 indoor cardio sessions. Even better, I did 2 LONG indoor cardio sessions and 1 long outdoor cardio session!  Workout 1: 15 minutes on the stationary bike and one hour on the treadmill at the gym. Workout 2: 45 minutes on air climber, Workout 3: 4.5 mile walk 
3 upper body strength sessions. 2 of 3 completed! Just simple workouts with the body bar, dumbbells, resistance band and body weight.  At-home workouts are my jam this week.


 This Week I Will
Drink lots of water. The priority level on hydration goes up any time I travel for work because a) airplanes and b) adult beverages.

Eat lots of greens. I’ve recreated that Bistro Bowl Spinach Dijon Salad I mentioned a couple of weeks back for lunch each of the four days that I’m in town for lunch this week. I’ll also be dining out a bunch during the trip and plan to make pre-dinner salads a must. 

Enjoy Pittsburgh! Honestly, a few days ago I was sort of dreading this mid-week, 2-day quick trip.    I’ve put a kibosh on that attitude and I’m feeling like this is a great opportunity to EMBRACE it and seek opportunities for enjoying the trip!  We’ve got a little bit of sight seeing on the trip and spending time with the two co-workers I’m traveling with should be fun.  This is the first trip to the ‘Burgh for all three of us, and we haven’t spent much time just the three of us since I moved into my current position a few years ago. The OG trio reunites!

Choose activity. Hotel room yoga and/or workouts, walking when and where I can and at-home workouts when I return. Easy, peasy.

What healthy intentions are you setting for the week?  Tell me about them on twitter and show me the proof on Instagram by using the #Make1HealthyDecision hashtag!