Twosday LXXII

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Apr 082014

New Netflix Additions I’m Stoked Over

  1. House. I plan to watch the entire series from start to finish at some point.
  2. Bob’s Burgers new episodes. This is my favorite adult cartoon at the moment and I’m happy to be able to watch more episode commercial free.

Netflix Viewing of the Weekend I Highly Recommend

  1. Mud.  I heard great things about this movie for months now, so when I saw it pop into the New Releases area on Netflix, I decided to schedule a movie night pronto.  Nick and I both agreed that this movie was really well written.
  2. The Improv: 50 Years Behind the Brick Wall.  This was such a wonderful special.  If you consider yourself a comedy nerd in the least, I’d say you’d enjoy this.  Some of the stories I had heard on my favorite comedy podcasts over the years, so part of me felt like I was on the inside as I watched this.  So good.


Healthy Decisions Made Twice This Weekend

  1. Go for a run/walk.  I went for a run both Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening.  The weather is finally starting to resemble spring, and my body is so thankful for some time outside, stretching the legs, and getting fresh air in the lungs.  I’ve loved taking time away from the computer to get a run in each day this weekend, and took the opportunity to listen to both podcasts and music during my runs.Saturday’s run/walk brought me home at 3.08 miles, so I continued to run a bit down the sidewalk to hit a 5K.  I was purposefully not running hard and walked as often as I wanted, so my time doesn’t mean much truly, but I do feel like I’m going into spring training in a good place after looking at the details in my garmin.  When I was running, I was holding a much faster pace than expected, which is inspiring me to keep it up and reach that 5K in under 30 minutes goal this July! (or earlier!!!)
  2. Take a nap.  I was so exhausted on Friday evening that I swear my brain was in pain.  I collapsed on the bed in my work clothes within moments of walking in the door Friday evening and allowed myself to crash to nap land for an hour.  It was lovely.  I didn’t hold back when the nap bug hit me on Saturday evening after dinner, either.  I snoozed for over two hours, then woke up and got back to work, making lists and planning steps for productivity.  I love naps! More naps in 2014!!

What I’ve Been Wearing While Running

  1. My new Mizuno Wave Rider 17 running shoes.  Though I bought them with an awesome online coupon, I still paid a pretty penny in comparison to my purchase history for my new running shoes. To me this shows that I’m putting my running goals at the forefront of my priorities this year, and I’m cool with that.  I decided on these shoes after reading several reviews, specifically one from Ari, who I then talked to about the Wave Riders, too.  I’ve worn them on two walks and two runs and am very happy with my decision so far.
  2. BAMR bands. Obsessed. They stay on my head no matter the conditions I am running in and keep my messy flyaways under control.  Plus, these headbands come in so many adorable prints. I love wearing these when I have my hair pulled back at the office, too.  The black glitter band I have gets a lot of use.


New Habits I’ve Decided to Start This Past Weekend

  1. Taking myself out on writing dates.  I realized I was feeling stale and needed to implement a change of scenery in order to keep the productivity energy flowing.  I made a plan to treat myself to breakfast Sunday morning with a stack of notebooks and a pre-made list of tasks to complete while away from the computer. This needs to be a regular occurrence for my sanity.
  2. Doing this Quick Core Workout from Talk Less, Say More after my running.  It’s fast enough that I if I start it, I will likely finish it, and I can already FEEL the workout working.

Blogs I Recently Added to My Feedly

  1. Her Happy Balance.  Leslee is a newbie runner, nacho enthusiast, science nerd and beach love who loves to talk healthy living.
  2. The Happiness Recipe Blog. A blog by Molly who believes that there is a recipe for happiness waiting to be cooked in each of our lives.


Most Recent Itunes Purchases

  1. Home – Phillip Phillips
    You probably have known about this song forever, right? I just found it. And now I like it. Yep.
  2. Invisible (RED) Verision – U2
    After seeing them on the first episode of the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, I told Nick it would be a great song to run to this year. He reminded me when he saw me on iTunes the other day and I happily purchased it and added it to my running playlists.

Most Recent Articles Saved to My Pocket for Reading [Not Skimming] Later

  1. In Defense of Half Hearted Attempts from How Does She
  2. A Complete Ranking Of (Almost) Every Single Mitch Hedberg Joke from BuzzFeed