Last Week Listens

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Nov 102014

I haven’t shared a list of podcast episodes listened to in a long time, but I have been talking about podcasts in real life A LOT lately.  Three of my friends have recently asked me for podcast consuming advice; when do I find time to listen, what do I listen to when, what podcasts should they start with – I’m not a podcast expert by any means but I am, by all means, a podcast fan. 


Here’s a bit about the podcast episodes that stood out the most in my from last week.

Haunted – Radio Lab.  I love Radio Lab for many reasons and this episode was especially good for spooky fall. At one point I freaked myself out while washing the dishes while listening and made myself jump.

Gillian Jacobs, Laura Silverman, Cameron Esposito and Eddie Pepitone Guest – Doug Loves Movies. Gosh I love this show. I’ve really taken to Cameron Esposito’s comedy in the past 6-months, too, and she was wonderful.  All the guests had moments where their comedy was shining.

Surprise Ending – The Because Show. This is an episode that fans of the show will feel their way through.  The title is a total hooky spoiler alert and I still wasn’t expecting what happened!

Death with Caitlin Doughty, Kumail Nanjiani and Chelsea Peretti – Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher.  This is the kind of podcast that will feed you conversation topics you never expected.  This episode will get you seriously thinking about death acceptance and laughing in the same breath.

EHG Mini: The Face Off Finale Report – Extra Hot Great.  Especially notable because I am stoked that Liv, Tara’s young niece, will be covering Master Chef Junior this season!  I watched the premiere this weekend and can’t wait to hear what Liv thought of the first challenges.

Serial – ALL OF IT.  I binged the seven episodes during my walks to work last week and during some errand running.  It reminds me how much I love This American Life.

The Accidental Outlaws – Everything is Stores.  With marijuana legalization being such a hot topic these days, this episode seems especially top-notch.  If you like This American Life, RadioLab, or Serial, you’ll dig this podcast, too.

Small Batch: Taylor Swift’s New Album 1989 – Pop Culture Happy Hour.  I’ve seen a lot of commentary on 1989 and this short [9 minutes!] discussion on the topic convinced me that maybe I should check it out myself.

Kevin Barnett: A History of Bombing – The Talk of Shame.  A great story teller is on-deck in this episode, delivering several laugh-out-loud moments.

What have you been listening to?