#THSGetsFaster Week 4

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Jun 292015

In the spring of 2015 I set out with a goal to get speedy, aiming to PR each of the common race distances I’ve crossed the finish of thus far [5K, 5-mile, 10K, 15K, half marathon]. I decided to document the process of my training, hoping that it will help to keep me accountable to train strong.  Up first, I’m chasing the train to 5K PR city – currently at 29:35.  This is week four.

Monday 22 – Sunday 28 Monday 29
Total Miles Planned: 19
Total Miles Ran: 19, though I spread them out much differently than prescribed on the prewritten plan


Favorite Run: This is a toss up between a really strong speed workout and what I’m calling my “make-up run.”

Speed workout was 400 repeats with a walking recover, which were prescribed at 8:45 or better pacing and I clocked 8 of them in sub 8 minute pacing.  YEAH BUDDY did that feel good. 

My “make-up” run was the last run of the week that I planned to do this weekend, but after a sick Benson T. Cat took much of my attention [and honestly, not so much #fightworry power – I was/am a mess] I never managed to get myself out the door until Monday mid-day.  I’m totally still counting it as last week and plan to hit all four of my runs on the schedule for THIS week Tuesday through Sunday.

The run itself wasn’t anything special. I had 4 miles of run a mile, walk to recover, repeat on the plan and I also had an errand to run that was a little over 3 miles away.  I walked about a mile to warm up and then started my repeats.  I hit my errand destination half way through my 3rd mile, so I paused my watched and when I finished taking care of business, talked myself into 2 complete mile repeats on the way home. 

THIS is why it was a good run. Because I did MORE than I expected to and although it wasn’t a cake-walk, I didn’t need to stop mid-mile for a break because of tired legs or struggling with my breathing and that felt GREAT. 

Least Favorite Run: I hated running so hard last Monday, when I took my booty on a nice long run to the bank to make a deposit after work.  I was tired and cranky, but I ran intervals to get it done. Sometimes I run intervals by distance [run a mile recover, for example] and sometimes, and usually this is what I switch to when I’m struggling like I was this day, I run intervals by time.

The first portion of this particular lousy run I ran 4 minutes, walked 1 minute and repeated, but the last mile was a struggle and I switched to run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes.  I was happy to keep up with my game plans once I set them and that I got it DONE [6+ miles in totally including a mile walking warm up] but boy oh boy did I think about quitting about 100 times.


Other Workouts: Two interval workouts with Steff, one strong, one “meh” besides a strong sprinting/racing to the end finish which felt awesome.

Also, I’ve pushed all the back porch furniture to the sides and made a big space for back porch yoga and have been LOVING it. I did my favorite Ekhart Yoga for Runners YouTube video after my speed workout and then legit fell asleep during the meditative/corpse posing at the end. [I use my iPad and a speaker when on the porch.]  I’m excited to get back in the habit with this video in particular, but also trying some other sequences in my new space, too.

Listening Notes: I am in the midst of building an awesome new running playlist, mostly thanks to a mix CD full of winning songs from my pal Megan.  I have been continuing to catch up on podcasts as I ran this past week, though.  Some Nerdist eps, Extra Hot Great Minis, and a couple of episodes of Doug Loves Movies. 

Fueling Notes: Before a long run last week I tried a Honey Stinger Waffle for the first time. It was chocolate flavored and the first bite was…okay…but a bit dry. I added a smear of peanut butter which totally helped the cause; just make sure to have some H20 nearby.

I liked how easy on my stomach the waffle was and I can totally see these being useful on long hikes or trail runs. I think I’ll stick to the chews and gels for long run road-training, though. A lot smaller and easier to carry in my pocket or SPIbelt.

#THSGetsFaster Reflections: I’m really digging my running + errand collaboration I’ve got going on lately.  Getting my fitness and my business done in one swoop feels ultra-productive.  If you add in the fact that I’m also usually listening to podcasts – it’s a productivity trifecta!

My first 5K is less than 3 weeks away, and although my speed work is SPEEDY, I’m not sure my endurance level is there to keep me running speedy for 3 consecutive miles without a walking break.  I know that I can be MUCH faster when I sprint and walk to recover for a race, as I’ve proven that before and even recently in my training. We shall see how I feel after the next couple of weeks of training.