Goals: 28 in 28



In honor of the celebration of my golden birthday, and therefore my golden year, I’ve decided to go big or go home, and have made a list of 28 lists I hope to complete before my 29th year.

In the next year, I hope to:

  1. Read 28 books.
  2. Make 28 new recipes from the cookbooks I own [There are many I’ve yet to cook from!]
  3. Make 28 new recipes from blogs
  4. Write 28 guest posts
  5. Write 28 poems [File this under: stepping outside of my comfort zone]
  6. Watch 28 movies I’ve not seen before
  7. Post 28 original recipes on THS
  8. Send Baby A 28 letters
  9. Taste 28 new wines
  10. Order 28 drinks I’ve not had before [I don’t want to get in a drink ordering rut! I want to try new things this year!]
  11. Give 28 items I own away to people who would enjoy and appreciate them. [de-cluttering my life one hand-me-down at a time!]
  12. Lose 28 Kilos [12.7 lbs]
    **UPDATE: a reader informed me that I am ridiculous with conversions and 28 kilos ACTUALLY equals about 61 pounds. oops…..
    let’s go with: Lose 28 half pounds….14 pounds 🙂
  13. Finish 28 Projects I start. [My craft room is overflowing with projects I started one day and never took the time to complete.]
  14. Send 28 TIMELY Birthday Cards [note: TIMELY]
  15. Write 28 Sounding Board Pieces [the sounding board is a group of friends that read my non-blog writing and give me advice along the way.]
  16. Share 28 dishes/batches/containers of food with people I love
  17. Learn 28 new yoga poses. [I am only confident in a handful of poses but I’d love to learn more this year!]
  18. Post 28 Operation Beautiful notes
  19. Submit 28 Little Things photos and notes.
  20. Keep 28 blogs or less in my Google Reader. [In an effort to not have reader guilt, I’ve cleared my list of daily reads to 28 blogs.  If I find a new blog I want to add to my daily reads, I will remove one of the current blogs on the list.]
  21. Run a 5K in 28 minutes or less.
  22. Eat 28 different pizza topping combinations
  23. Donate 28 items to those in need.
  24. De-friend 28 people on Facebook. [The de-cluttering continues on the internet!]
  25. Download 28 new songs. [as most of my music is via 2001]
  26. Visit 28 locations I’ve yet to see in CDNY
  27. Listen to episodes from 28 podcasts I’ve not yet tried
  28. Print 28 photos to display in my apartment

self 122

Goal start date: April 28, 2011
Planned goal completion date: April 27, 2012
I hope you enjoy the journey with me!

  15 Responses to “Goals: 28 in 28”

  1. I absolutely love this list and cannot tell you how wonderful it is that there is 28 of everything. I’m a number-order kind of girl and seeing all the 28s makes me so happy… Plus, so many of the things on there fit so perfectly with my life that I can’t help but love it!

  2. Just discovered your blog Heather and already I’m smitten with the honesty of your posts. I celebrated my golden birthday this year (24 on the 24th) and as a celebration took myself all the way from Brisbane, Australia to Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles on a solo holiday. I had such a fantastic time doing what made me happy for my big day (three weeks actually) I hope you achieve everything you want from your 28/28 challenge. Good Luck!

    • Thank you so much, Amy! You are too kind.

      [also, I love the word smitten! I’ve been using it A LOT lately!]

      I hope your golden year is AMAZING! xo

  3. glad you’re not trying to lose 61 lbs! haha i make that mistake all the darn time!

  4. This is a great goal! The year of my golden birthday is almost over, as my birthday is next week…it went by so fast! Enjoy it!

  5. Too bad my golden year was when I was 12! I didn’t even know that year was so special.

  6. Have you done #22 yet? I’m pretty sure it should be completed at Ian’s. Let’s work on this!!

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