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Did you ever have someone in your life who you wish you could share with everyone else you know?  Someone you sort of wish they would just hurry up with the cloning thing already, because you know that the world would be a better place with a lot more of these people in it? Someone you find yourself laughing at, and agreeing with, and wishing you could spend the rest of your life with as long as they would let you?

I have one. Her name is Megan and she is the most awesomest. I’ve talked about her on this here blog about three billion times because I am so completely, ridiculously, positively a fan of her.  She is my friend, of course, but she is so much more than just my friend. 

She is my go-to person on any number of subjects, my favorite performer of all performers, a brilliant mind, and probably, if we are being completely truthful here, I should just go ahead and admit that she is my hero.  MY HERO. I love Megan. Like really, really, really love her a lot. And because I love YOU, so very much, really, I want you to experience the goodness that is Megan, too.  Because she is goodness. SO MUCH GOODNESS.


This girl will share stories that make you laugh and laugh and laugh. Then later, you will remember the story, probably when you are in line at the grocery store, where you no doubt stopped for ANOTHER loaf of fresh baked bread, because – HELLO! you are alive and you deserve fresh baked bread – and you will laugh and laugh and laugh some more.  And the cashier will look at you and you will say, “OH! It’s just something that happened to my great friend Megan.  She is awesome. YOU, neighborhood market girl, would LOVE her. I will introduce you!”


She will push you past your comfort zone, in the good way. The best way. She’ll say something that you’ll agree with.  Then you’ll pause and realize that you WANT to agree with her, but you don’t actually have the same kind of passion this woman has for what she truly believes.  You’ll realize she is a lot less wishy-washy about things than you are and you aren’t very comfortable with that.  When you tell her this, she will help you define your thoughts and understand yourself better so you get to a comfortable place with what you believe and how you agree and disagree and that goodness. Because she is goodness. Goodness, I tell you.

Megan loves with her whole heart, and her whole life.  When she dances, you can see her soul all around her. She moves with a unique sort of graceful clumsy that you can’t find in just any girl.  And though she will gladly discuss her fears with you late into the night, you will always look at her with a bit of awe, knowing that her heart remains a tiny bit fearless.  In all the right ways.


She will cook for you and do the dishes, and she will let you cook some, too.  She will split a bottle of wine with you, but not without constant entertainment in the form of fantastic conversation and occasionally a performance of a speech she once heard someone give. She is THAT good. Not only will she share with you, but she will beg you to share with her, too. She wants to hear your stories right along side her own.  She listens, and listens well.  And she’s not afraid to stop and tell you when you’re wrong.  She’s honest. She’s real. She lives out of traditional bounds. She is fantastically gorgeous, inside and out.


And all these things, all these really really good things?  They are just the tip of the ice berg of all the wonderful that is my friend Megan. Clearly, I am a fan of Megan. [Perhaps her biggest fan? The jury is still out.]  And clearly, you want her for yourself now, too.  You want some of that goodness, right?


Well, do you know what happened?  A Christmas miracle, that’s what.  I decided to forget about the whole cloning process – it takes way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.  Instead, I talked to Megan about her need to be friends with all of you.  I told her her goodness was too good not to be shared. And then she said, “okay.” Actually, she said a lot more than that, but I’m going to go ahead and let her explain that to you. Ladies and Gentleman.  Boys and Girls.  Introducing the newest regular* contributor to Then Heather Said, Megan Orcholski! [I sincerely hope you are ready to have your world rocked.]

331029_2748919204505_1303323791_3133287_1700540548_o *Let’s just pretend that regular means: whenever we feel like it, but definitely more than just once, mmmmkay?

To read Megan’s Introduction post, click here.
To read a Q&A I had with Megan, click here.
To see all of Megan’s posts, click here.

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