Some Things You Might Know About Heather

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I was born in 1983 and have always been one to fall in love with her surroundings.
I’ve visited 29 of the United States, finding details of each to gush over.
And I’ve lived in 5 of them.

Born in Chicago-land.
Grew-up in Wisconsin.
Continued growing in Louisiana.
Sought self discovery in Texas.
Started all over again while in New York.

I currently reside near Schenectady, New York, smack in-between State-Capitol-Albany and Race-Horse-Obsessed Saratoga.


I live with my boyfriend Nick.  We’ve been sharing an apartment [I call it THS HQ] since 2011.
Our two cats, Benson and Trouble, are the true rulers of the kingdom.  

I have a Monday to Friday office job I adore and an internet #SideHustle that I just can’t quit. Blogging/Internetting has changed A LOT since I first got involved in 2009, and I’ve been quite fortunate to have had many amazing internet-related IRL experiences along the way.

I consume a lot of new media and recommend a lot of new media.

When I am a fan of something or someone, I am a FAN. I will read the internet articles you post.  I will seek out podcasts about your television show.  I will skim your stream from the week and favorite 12 tweets within 3 minutes. I will find your name in Netflix and binge all your early works, no matter how big or small the role. I will click on your Instagram hashtag and sincerely double tap each photo in the series that I think is well done.  And I will recommend your work to the people in my life who I think will dig your work.  That’s the kind of FAN I am.


I find comfort in making lists, good hard cider on draft, and solving procedural cases before the television detectives figure it out themselves.

I love learning fun facts about the former Presidents of the United States and sometimes wonder how I never once considered majoring in History.

I’m a big fan of bar trivia, quiz shows, and punny jokes.  I can get really process-nerdy talking about television and comedy.   

I’ve been on a mission to convince myself I’m solar powered by spending time outside daily.

I run sometimes. I avoid running with every ounce of my being other times.

I’m frequently found sending snail mail, playing Candy Crush while watching TV, or singing narration over my day to day life.


#RainbowisMyFavoriteColor and my wardrobe is 86% black.

I sort of believe in astrology because one time someone explained to me that Taurus folk start ALL THE THINGS and finish few of them, and I’m a Taurus, and that’s LEGIT accurate.

Speaking of beliefs, I used to be a youth pastor. I am no longer a youth pastor.
I used to go to church. I no longer go to church.
I used to force myself to believe. I no longer fight admitting I don’t know what to believe.
I sort of believe and admit that I sort of believe and that I’m still learning what it is that I do believe.

Like with all things I face in life, I’m simply taking it one step at a time.

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