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#StockadeathonTraining: Week #10 // Reflections on Race Day Eve

In the late summer of 2017, I set out with a goal to train for a 15K with a different perspective than my norm. I decided to document the process of my training, hoping that it will help to keep me accountable to my goals if I revisit them on the regular.  This is week ten.

Monday November 6 – Saturday November 11

Total Miles Planned: 3 miles.

Total Miles Ran: 3.5 miles, plus 2 miles walked.

Favorite Run: Instead of running 1 mile for time as originally intended when I wrote out the plan, I decided to run an easy ‘about a mile’ and stop when I felt like it.  I had a frustrating day at work and ended up running just over 1.5 miles at a bit faster than my normal pace these days. 

Least Favorite Run: Only because I was SO. FRICKIN. COLD., Thursday’s 2 miles were a reminder that we’ve had unseasonably warm weather lately and that this temperatures ranging from 20-30 degrees truth is normal for this time of year.   

Other Workouts: I’ve done a tiny bit of stretching and yoga throughout the week, and am planning on enjoying a gentle flowing practice later today. 

Listening Notes: Catching up with favorite podcasts again; Pop Culture Happy Hour Thor: Ragnarok and What’s Making Us Happy and The Inner Circle S30 E17: One In A Million.


#StokadeathonTraining Reflections: Time goes by so quickly! It’s hard to believe I have completed 10 weeks of training for the 2017 Stockade-athon and that the start line is less than 24 hours away! 

It has been a LONG time since I ran a race and I forgot about the little pre-race day jitters that have already started to creep in today.  My stomach is butterfly-filled and my thoughts continue to fall on my plan for tomorrow, my lack of plan for tomorrow, my need of a revised plan for tomorrow, etc.  Some may call this ‘race eve anxiety.’

Last weekend – yes, a full week before race day – I laid out my planned race gear.  At that time, the forecast had us looking at a 30 degree temp at the start line, creeping up to the low 40’s by the time I finish. Things have changed.

Tomorrow morning’s forecast is now somehow colder [oh, I know how – it’s November in Upstate New York.] and due my obsessively checking the online forecast I now know I need to consider an extra layer of clothing and maybe a heavier ear warmer choice; 23 degrees at the start, creeping to 32 at the finish. 

Why didn’t I choose a summer race to run this year? How did I make it this far into the training cycle before remembering it could be cold and unpleasant? When will Mother Nature bless us with the heat wave I’ve been begging for? How cold is TOO cold before I give up and stay under the blankets watching Blue Bloods on Netflix?

I can’t give up though. I have legit started training for the Stockade-athon four times since I started running and not yet have I managed to make it to the starting line due to injury, laziness, and shifts in priorities. THIS YEAR THAT CHANGES.

When I trained for a half marathon in 2014, I genuinely believed that running became a sort of super power I could rely on. It’s time to tap into that magic and make the miles happen, cold or not.