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#StockadeathonTraining: Weeks 7 & 8 // Learning Lessons in the Miles I Run and Those I Choose Not to Run, Too

In the late summer of 2017, I set out with a goal to train for a 15K with a different perspective than my norm. I decided to document the process of my training, hoping that it will help to keep me accountable to my goals if I revisit them on the regular.  These are weeks seven and eight.


Monday October 16 – Sunday October 29

Total Miles Planned: Week 7, 15. Week 8, 13.

Total Miles Ran: Week 7, 11.5 ran, plus 2 walked. Week 8, 13 ran, plus 3 walked.


Favorite Run: My week 7 long run felt incredible, even though I somehow managed to take a left instead of a right and not notice it until I had run a mile an a half in the wrong direction.  OOPS.  I had 8 miles planned but thanks to mishap, I was still 3 miles from home when I hit my mileage goal. I texted Nick who came to my rescue, and we met at the Denny’s parking lot. My legs felt really strong, even after quick sprint repeats for the half mile I ran at the end of the run to Denny’s. 

Least Favorite Run: The first run of week 7, a two miler, was ROUGH. My legs were incredibly tight from week six’s training and I really had to focus on just moving forward and not giving up to get it done.

Other Workouts: Along with my short and easy runs throughout the week, I’ve been making post-run yoga stretching a priority after my weekend long runs and trying to fit in a 10-20 minute morning and/or evening session a few times a week, too.  I still swear by Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, but have added a few other yogi’s to my rotation, too:


Listening Notes: During a 1 mile for time run during week 7 I listened to the first few songs on the Hamilton cast recording, but all other miles were logged with podcasts in my ears.


#StokadeathonTraining Reflections: [in list form this time around, because let’s face it, listing is my favorite.]

  • One of the runs that feels most successful this training cycle is the four mile run I skipped in week 7.  I’m the kind of person that struggles not completing 100% of any given task, so the concept of not completing a run I had originally intended is frustrating to me. Even if I intended it 8 weeks ago when I wrote out the plan without any insight of the future.  Choosing to skip the run all together without any intention to “make it up” later was the right choice for my tired and sore body, but that doesn’t mean it felt 100% easy to follow through with that choice without doubt and negative self-thoughts.  But I did it. I fought the doubt. And I fought the negativity.  And I am darn proud of fight I put up for the sticker-less “4” on my 15K training sticker chart.
  • Along with choosing to not run that four miler, I also re-evaluated my plan after seeing a HUGE difference in how I felt after my long run in week 7 than I did in week 6.  Scaling back my mid-week mileage seems to be making a great difference, because my long run this weekend felt pretty darn awesome, too.
  • Even though I had forgotten that the route I decided on started with a 4 mile uphill climb.  UGH.  But the long, slow downhill 5 miles that followed totally made it worth it.  The race route is not nearly as much of a elevation climb, so I think I’m just about done with giant hills for the year Winking smile 
  • I got new running shoes and my legs are very very happy about it.
  • I love fall running oh-so much [the colors are looking REALLY pretty these days!] but Saturday morning I postponed my run a few hours because when I first got up to run it was 34 degrees and I’m just not ready for that, yet.
  • The race is now less than 2 weeks away and I’m pretty much stoked. I’ve started training for this race SO MANY TIMES over the past 10 years, but have not once found myself at the starting line due to injuries, schedule conflicts, and downright laziness. Actually running the race this year feels like a giant victory in itself, so that is definitely goal number one for race day!

Using Katie Holland Art Collage Paper Packs in #THSSnailMail

Disclosure: Katie Holland Art provided free products to select members of the HLB Team for review; all opinions below are my own.

I love snail mail, don’t you?  I’ve talked about my love of the good ole parcel post here on THS from time to time, and shown it off on the regular via Twitter and Instagram, too. Several months during my adulthood I’ve challenged myself to send one piece of mail each day, and over the years I’ve naturally fallen into a habit of dropping a couple of pieces into the blue box each week.


When Healthy Living Blogs partnered with Chicago based artist Katie Holland to review her Etsy-available Collage Paper Packs, I felt inspired to partner the paper pack with some #THSSnailMail inspiration.

The packs are a mix of vintage and new papers that Katie curates herself and can contain pages from all sorts of old paper products; ‘lesson books, children’s books, etiquette books, dictionary, color sample swatches, patterned scrapbook paper, wallpaper sample sheets’ just to name a few.

Each pack has about 20 pieces of paper, so your creativity can go on and on and on during your next craft session.

Here are two of the pen pal creations I that came out of my Staycation craft session last week.

pass it on
Pass It On Pen Pal Cards – Sparked by a small Manhattan map found in the paper kit, I decorated a duo of blank note cards for a NYC-obsessed pal. I included postage on the envelopes for each and included a note encouraging her to pass on the snail mail fun to another long distance pal.

I’m a big fan of layering when working with paper crafts and the abstract sky line theme was an easy design using several different selections from the paper pack. The friend I made these for is also a reader, writer, and lover of words, so including the snippets of type in both cards felt like a special detail.



#HLBTea Swap Tea Wraps – I try to send ‘bonus’ tea to HLB members who support our annual tea swap by sharing on social media and encouraging others to sign up, too. This time around, I created individual tea wraps using paper from the collage packs paired with Halloween themed washi tape from my collection to send this week for a little pre-holiday snail mail surprise.

HLBTeaSwap finished

Here’s a bit of how I did it, step-by-step style…


First I cut out strips of paper to fold over two tea bags and create a type of pocket/envelope. I used magazine pages found in the collage pack and cut them into 3 inch strips.


Using pieces from the paper kit, I created a small “enjoy” tag to attach to the tea. I used washi tape to decorate the tag, to attach the tag to the bags, and to attach the two bags of tea together, back to back.


I folded the strip of paper to create a pocket for the tea, temporarily placing the tea on the strip to fold as if I were wrapping it as a present to make sure I was folding in the right place.

I used washi tape to seal the edges of the folded paper to create the envelope.


Then I folded the top flap of the strip in half and used tape to secure.


Adding additional decoration to the envelope, I used a lot of different Halloween themed washi designs [howwwwwwwwww did I end up with so many!?] and layered them with scraps from the collage pack. Adding tape along the edges also adds structure to your package.

I slipped the tea bags into the envelope, folded the flap and secured closed with additional washi tape. Easy peasy!