Daily Archives: April 11, 2017

This Week I Will 42

This week I will continue on my month-of-April mission to #make1healthydecision at a time. And then make another.


The theme of last week’s healthy decision making was “Give yourself a freakin’ break!” 

I’ve noticed that cutting myself some slack is a habit full of benefit, and I’m trying to walk the walk over here.  The very basic idea is that I stop beating myself up when I make a mistake or don’t complete something perfectly. I stop replaying scenarios in my brain, thinking over how things could have gone differently.  I don’t get upset when things don’t go as I expect them or plan them to go. I don’t hold on to dozens of unnecessary tasks and half finished projects that I don’t have any interest in. I’m working to strengthen that muscle that simply accepts and moves forward.

The slack cutting ranges, as most themes in life, from grand to miniscule.

I allowed extra lounging and stretching on the most overwhelming workdays, giving my brain a rest and my body a little extra ‘find what feels good’ movement.

When my computer was running through many hours of updates, I avoided being frustrated by my looming to do list and took advantage of unexpected time to stretch my creative muscles with craft and coloring time.

I stayed out late celebrating the new adventures of a now-former co-worker on his last day and reset my alarm allowing for extra rest the morning after.

I gave up early when I felt strong pain during my 5th run of the training cycle, knowing not to push it if I want to run strong later in the year. Instead of being upset that my #THSGetsFaster plan is temporarily sidelined, I’m eager to find other fitness activities to enjoy.

I apologized, corrected, and moved forward from discovered transposed digits in a work task.

I gave myself permission to remove podcasts which bore me mid-way through before finishing the episode.

I decided to write and publish what you are currently reading, even though this is not what I had initially envisioned for this post.

This is a ridiculously elementary concept, but I guess overall, it’s a lot of allowing myself to be who I am, like what I like, do what I do – and being okay with all of that.

Here’s to acceptance, in the little things and the big, too. And to moving forward, one step at a time.