This Week I Will 39

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A weekly post of healthy-intention goals for the sake of accountability; [inspired long ago by Jess and her #sayitdoit style]

A review of last week’s goals:

Send snail mail. Along with a note to my original pen pal, I put together 8-days of Tea Snail Mail for another friend.  I went with a rainbow theme and had a lot of fun matching the colors on the tea bag packaging to a coordinating envelope and note card. I went a little over the top and matched my address labels and postage stamps, too. I then took every washi tape I have in the apartment in the appropriate color to over-secure the back of the envelope, too.  Operation use all the snail mail supplies is in full session!

Yoga Camp EVERY DAY. I did not do yoga camp every day, but I did practice yoga every day.  After shoveling for two days thanks to winter storm Stella, I took a serious “find what feels good” approach to my daily practice and instead of following a video, I following what my body was telling me and gave myself extra time in the stretches that felt most needed. A few times this week I flowed through favorite poses on repeat to help me wake up in the morning while listening to my iPod, which is a habit I’m a really digging.

I’m also 100% on par for the 30 Day “Butts and Guts Challenge” I’m doing and it’s helping me feel focused on strengthening my base before running REALLY starts over the next few weeks.


Cut off caffeine at 1:00 PM. I didn’t even remember I had made this goal until I sat down to recap today.  Oops. I also found myself turning to caffeine a lot this week thanks to feeling a bit stretched focus-wise and sore body-wise.

Keep transcribing. I was off of work on Tuesday due to the snow and spent 70 minutes of my snow day transcribing Journal #3. This weekend I’ve spent another 20-30 minutes finishing #3 and starting #4.

I’m really happy with my progress this far and have been trying not to get too far ahead of myself in what I want to come from this project. I’ve been jotting down ideas and making notes along the way, but even if the only thing that happens is a digital copy of my writing from 2003-2009, I’ll be happy with that, too.


This Week I Will

Set Healthy Travel Intentions.  I head to New Orleans for a business trip on Monday and I’m planning to keep a #make1healthydecision attitude throughout my travels. We’re flying back on Thursday, and have just the right amount of work-meetings planned for Tuesday and Wednesday that will allow for quality tourism time, too. I am thrilled to be traveling with two of my favorite work travel buddies who are right in-line with where I am in terms of the balance of healthy choices and travel indulgences.  I love being with friends who don’t pressure me to over do it at meal time and want to meet to run the stairs in the morning, but also look forward to a celebratory dinner with cocktails and dessert at the end of the trip.   

I have five points of focus for my healthy decision making:

  • Choose Freggie-Heavy meals.  I know a food haven like New Orleans is bound to deliver delicious, flavorful, freggie-focused meals without difficulty.  I’m looking forward to eating giant salads in the warmth that is the Gulf Coast early Spring, specifically.
  • Hit my step goal daily.  Speaking of that early spring warmth, I’m taking advantage of it – along with the central time zone I’m easing into.  We’ve got a plan to log morning miles and I’m looking forward to soaking up the vitamin D. I’m on a mission to raise my step goal level by the end of the trip.
  • Don’t quit my morning pages. I’ve been rocking my March goal of spending at least 5 minutes writing in the mornings.  I don’t hold myself to any form or theme, letting whatever is on my mind translate to a Google doc through my fingers. 

    Instead of typing while I’m away, I’ll be bringing a journal and favorite pen for handwritten thoughts each morning.  I’ve also packed a selection of teas to help me relax, energize, or focus [depending on the variety] and plan to pair a cup of tea with my journal time for daily self care.

  • Hotel room yoga.  I’m not putting any restrictions on what this means other than what it says, simply: do yoga in my hotel room. I can yoga camp, I can free flow, I can go to my favorite Warrior Dance or slow it down with my favorite restorative practice after enjoying a NOLA night out. I also packed my Butts & Guts workout sheet so I can be sure not to skip a workout while I’m away.
  • Enjoy this trip! I want to enjoy the touristy bits, the media I consume during my travel time, the sunshine and warm air, the good food and company I’ll find at the dinner table, and the break away from my normal routine.

Seek calm. I’ve been fighting some anxiety the past several weeks and I’ve learned over time that one of the best things for me when I’m feeling this way is to seek out calmness. I’m keeping a list of “seek calm activities” in my bag this week. The list is a great reminder that I have the tools to find calmness in chaos.

Rest. Another key to feeling my best is getting rest.  I want to keep my desire for rest at the forefront of my mind as I head to party-central NOLA.

Plan. I’ve started writing out my running training plan for the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2017, looking forward to a 15K PR in mid-November. I hope to hit some other shorter distance PR’s along the way, too! I will be focusing on building a base in April and working on speed in late spring with my eyes on a 5K PR before building my endurance later this summer.  I want to flesh out my training plan and be ready to jump in at the start of April.

What healthy intentions are you setting for the week?  Tell me about them on twitter and show me the proof on Instagram by using the #Make1HealthyDecision hashtag!

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