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Twosday XCV

Easy Non-Recipes I’m Eating a Bunch of Lately

  1. “Leftover Party Quesadillas.” Shredded cheese and tortillas are two ingredients we always keep on hand. At least once a week I find myself transforming some sort of leftover into a quesadilla filling for a warm, quick, and delicious weeknight dinner. I’m thinking of getting a variety of different types of tortillas and wraps next grocery trip to raise the flavor variety levels. 
  2. Eggs and toast.  A few weeks ago I started to make this for myself for breakfast just about daily. Taking the 5-10 minutes to make myself a quick plate of simple and yet still uber-yummy food has added a dose of joy to my mornings, a special kind of self-care.  Some mornings I make runny-yolked eggs to dip my toast, other times I may scrambled eggs with leftover roasted veggies and toss with goat cheese. Most often I fry eggs in butter and eat them on toast, sandwich style.

Easy Slow Cooker Recipes Found in the #BlogHealthy Community I Want to Make ASAP

  1. Slow Cooker Barbacoa Beef Tacos with Pickled Onions and Pineapple Pico from How Sweet It Is.  I mean REALLY. My mouth is watering just looking at Jess’s photos, I can’t imagine what will happen once my apartment smells like this deliciousness.
  2. Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken and 3 Easy Meals from A Nutritionist Eats. Talk about making a meal plan EASY on a girl! I could totally see myself making this slow cooker recipe on a Sunday and using the goods for several lunches and dinners throughout the week.


Iced Coffee Recipes I’ve Got My Eye On to Welcome Spring

  1. Iced Lavender Dirty Chai Latte from The Almond Eater.
    Dirty Chai’s are one of my favorite warm lattes to indulge in when working at coffee shops or traveling, and this recipe offers a cold brew concentrate version which is perfect for warm mornings when I’m too lazy to use our espresso machine.
  2. Toasted Coconut Cold Brewed Iced Coffee from Ari’s Menu
    Coconut is a flavor I can easily become obsessed with, and Ari’s simple cold brew with a tropical punch thanks to toasting coconut DIY style is the way I like to spend my time in the kitchen; taking simple recipes and adding special details. This iced coffee is something I want to drink every morning this spring. 

Google Play Music Playlists I’ve Been Listening to While Working

  1. WISCONSIN MEMORIES.  This playlist brings me BACK. You know that feeling of hearing songs that seem to rewind your mind to high school? A good portion of this playlist brings all those emotions back.  It’s a lot of upbeat pop punk and alternative jams, which is why I’ve found myself bopping along and pushing through administrative tasks while this is on.
  2. Work Mix Feb. I made this for February, but haven’t been able to give it up yet. All of my most favorite cast recordings from Broadway, plus a dose of Ben Folds and Mates of States.


Media Consumed While Working on #THSTheJesusYears Journal Transcription

  1. Jolly Napier’s Twentyone Even album. I adore this album to this day and remembering it existed is definitely on the list of favorite things to come of this transcription process. 
  2. Project Runway All Stars on Hulu Plus. Perfect background noise that continued to be perfect background noise for HLB tasks this weekend, too.

Recent Additions Saved to My Pocket

  1. Ask Polly: Am I Pretty? from NY Mag
  2. 12 Fantastic Pieces of Fiction from 2016 You Need to Read from Buzzfeed


Artwork I’ve Got My Eye on for the Location Gallery Wall We’re Building

  1. Ideal Bookshelf NYC from Jane Mount. I’ve always liked these bookshelf prints, and the location theme to this print would make a great addition to our collection.
  2. DIY City GPS Coordinates Sign from Little Glass Jar. Would love to have our little village coordinates added to our wall!

Frame Inspiration for the Gallery Wall

  1. I’m going to be transitioning the wood and colored frames to black options, but this Hallway Gallery Wall from Little Bits of Home has me thinking that pairing black with a few white frames will look fantastic, too.
  2. We have been looking for ways to incorporate more poster-sized art to the wall, and this photo found on Lonny helps me visualize how we could better arrange our collection if we were to frame and add some of the location themed posters in our collection and from our wish list.