In March I Will [& a Giveaway]

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A post of healthy-intention goals for the sake of accountability; [inspired long ago by Jess and her #sayitdoit style]

This Week I Will

Get Prepped for My March 2017 Goals; and start STRONG. This weekend I spent some time setting my goals for the month of March.  I drafted intentions in four categories and tried to be as realistic as possible about what I can accomplish, while still giving myself a bit of a challenge and room for growth.  I had a Google Hangout with Kelly this weekend and we talked about our goals, the reasons behind them, and our plan of attack for the month ahead.  Here’s what I’m planning to accomplish this month:



Walk home from work as often as possible. I’ve started a tally on my white board in my home workspace to keep track of the days I’ve walked home from the office in 2017. I want to see how quickly I can get to 100 tally marks. So far I have managed four days.

Build and begin a running plan; which includes choosing races in to register and train for this summer and fall. I did some interval running this weekend and felt REALLY great about it. I’m eager to start seriously training for a race again, but I also know it’s important to start slow and build a base to stay healthy and injury free while working hard towards race day.  My other goals this month support my continued Q1 quest to “Build a Base” to prep for a sort of “spring training” I expect to rock next quarter!

Complete Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga Camp 30 Day Home Practice, working through the series with daily time on my mat.  I’ve missed the goodness that comes with home practice consistency after the past several weeks of feeling unmotivated and not making yoga a priority.  I think a daily series really works for me because I don’t need to think about what I’m going to do each day; the video is selected for me because I do the series in order. I make a commitment to do my best through each video and make any and all modifications I need along the way.

Complete this Butts & Guts challenge [again.] It starts out feeling simple, but it is NOT easy by the middle of the month.  It does make me feel REALLY strong. And I want to be REALLY STRONG as I continue to prepare for spring running.



Get back on the hydration track.  I’ve also been slacking on hydration the past few weeks and I can feel it. Hydration will be especially important as I begin running more often, so tracking my water intake is a habit I want to work on again.

#make1healthydecision at a time and when it comes to snacks and meal planning, choose well. That’s how I’m feeling about food right now.  I’m sure I’ll get more specific on a week by week basis, too.


Get organized for pre-inventory prep. Our physical inventory at work is in April and I am a firm believer in Brian Tracy’s concept: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Have an awesome work trip to New Orleans. We’re going to visit a vendor and a branch/RDC and have a bit of touristy fun, too. I’m looking forward to likely nice weather and outdoor fitness plus great food while we travel!

Spend time transcribing #THSTheJesusYears journals each week. I have no idea where this project will take me in the end, but I know I want to finish phase 1: transcription this year. I’m trying to break it up into chunks throughout the year so it feels less daunting, but reading through some of it can stir up a bunch of buried old memories and certain sections can feel daunting

Pitch strong pitches. I have set A, B, and C goals for number of pitches I want to make in March, but I also want to be sure they are strong, well researched and written – each and every one of them.  Quality is much more important than quantity with this goal.



Write in the morning. I am aiming to complete at least 5 minutes in my Morning Pages document at least 23 days this month; that’s about 75% of the days, and I think it’s totally manageable.

Read daily. Either from one of the books on my stack or one of the many articles and posts I’ve saved to pocket [I made a promise to myself I would actually clean OUT pocket in 2017, and not just add to the endless collection of “read later,” this is an attempt at follow through.]


Speaking of reading, did you know you can enter giveaways on Goodreads to get advanced release copies of books that are coming out in the near future?  Every so often I spend a few minutes entering giveaways and I’ve won a handful of books over the years.

You can also sign up for the Blogging for Books program, which gives out review copies to bloggers, retailers, librarians and media outlets in exchange for an honest review.  I’m not always diligent about reading the book immediately when it arrives. I received an advanced copy back in 2014, but it wasn’t until earlier this year that I read Kristin Newman’s delightful memoir, What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding.

It’s one of those books that you’ll find yourself genuinely giggling out loud while reading.  Kristin’s travel adventures and hilarious stories about life’s relationships in her twenties and thirties are both unbelievable and totally relatable. When I was cleaning out my bookshelves last week, I found I had two copies of this book and wanted to share the travel essays goodness with one of you.

To enter to win a copy simply leave a comment on this post before Friday, March 3, 2017.  A winner will be chosen at random and notified via email to work out shipping details.

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8 thoughts on “In March I Will [& a Giveaway]

  1. Katie

    I keep meaning to buy that book on my kindle but haven’t yet. I also don’t even have a goodreads account, even though I know i should. i’m about to dive in to at least 3 hours worth of homework i’m not looking forward to it, but I already went for a run, went to church, and went for a walk with my grandma and aunts. So hopefully that will help me sit down and focus.
    Katie recently posted..Joy: Running Again

  2. Mindy

    I love your March goals! I’m reading Sophie Kinsella’s latest, among a few others, right now. It’s cute and lighthearted, much like her other novels.

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  4. Starla

    I have got to do better with my nutrition and hydration, too. I work in the ER so if I fail to plan I end up eating out which is horrible. I didn’t know you can enter giveaways on Goodreads! I will totally check that out! This sounds like a book that I would totally be interested in! 😉 xo

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