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This Week I Will 35

A weekly post of healthy-intention goals for the sake of accountability; [inspired long ago by Jess and her #sayitdoit style]

A review of last week’s goals:

Daily time in a book and on the mat. I read every day, finishing my Sedaris book and starting a new fiction mystery Kelly gave me. Even though I read daily, I’m feeling a bit behind on my February goal of reading 4 books, which is silly because I’m waaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of my Goodreads goal to read 12 books this year.

I skipped yoga three times this week. I felt distracted, frustrated, and blue all week, which kept me justifying my desires to skip yoga again and again. In the end, I realized that yoga is a tool that helps me #FightWorry and chase the blues away and that sometimes when I’m not feeling it, I need to force it.

No caffeine after 1 PM. I’ve been doing well with this goal and think it’s a helpful way to cut back on quantity without going totally cold turkey. I’m definitely falling asleep earlier, as I’m usually feeling exhausted by 7:30 PM each evening. I usually end up falling asleep by 10 nightly, but often wake up and move to the couch in the early morning.  Since I’ve cut back on caffeine I’ve been able to fall back asleep much more easily, sneaking in a few additional hours in the mornings before work which is key to getting through busier than normal days thanks to co-workers calling in unexpectedly.  


Hit my daily step goal. So far I’ve hit the goal 9 of 12 days of February. [As a reminder, the goal is to hit it 21 of 28 days this month!] Other than taking advantage of a 42 degree and sunny afternoon walk home from work, it’s definitely been hard to get steps in this week with the winter weather advisories we’ve been in. 

Throughout the week I managed getting above my goal by walked laps in the training room during my lunch break and taking breaks every two hours to walk to the copy room and do an extra lap throughout the hallways to stretch my legs. Even though I haven’t hit the 9K mark since Friday, going out to shovel every 4 or 5 hours has helped add another 1,000 steps to my tracker each time I’ve gone out throughout the weekend.

Start a new strength training challenge. We choose this 30 Day Sleek Arm Challenge from Blogilates and I’ve been doing one workout every day, being sure to focus on form to make the most of each day’s session. Loving it so far, but then again, I’m at the beginning/easiest part of the challenge.


I haven’t been feeling myself this past week, falling into thought cyclones of worry and mind traps filled with anxiety. Thinking about similar seasons I’ve waded through reminds me that focusing on the areas of my life that I can control will help me fight through gloomy, cloudy, hazy days.  That’s why, this week, my goals seem a little more control freak than normal. Breaking them down into specific, daily motivations and tiny intentions can help me move forward, one day at a time. Even if I force it, even if I hate it at the start, saying it now and doing it later will likely help me #FightWorry and #make1healthydecision at a time.

This Week I Will

Check in with my accountability folks. Setting healthy intentions each morning to my accountability partners has been one of my favorite tools for keeping a #make1healthydecision attitude this year.  I also recently joined an accountability Facebook group hosed by one of my Registered Dietitian friends, and I want to make time to check in and participate every day this week. Receiving and sharing encouragement is an important part of goal chasing in my mind!

Finish my current book by Thursday and read every day. It took me a bit longer to finish the Sedaris essay collection than I was expecting, and though I’m doing a great job of making time to read every day, I’m not feeling very confident about my “Read 4 Books” goal for the month of February. 

I figured if I focus on numbers and specific measurable daily goals for my reading I will start to feel more encouraged about my progress. If I spend 6 days or less on the next 3 books I read, I will finish 4 books in February. In order to finish my current book in 6 days [by Thursday] I need to read approx. 70 pages a day going forward. I’m reading with a two bookmark system right now, moving the second bookmark to my “read to this point today” goal every morning.

Follow my new Yoga with Adriene Plan. I think one of the reasons it was so easy to skip yoga last week was my lack of plan. One of the reasons the #30DaysofYoga home practice series was a great experience is because I didn’t have to think about what kind of practice I wanted to do that day. Following the program meant that Adriene had already decided it for me.

Once I realized this may have something to do with my lack of yoga last week, I set aside some time to make a new plan. I made a spreadsheet collecting yoga videos on Adriene’s channel that interested me, categorizing by what day of the week I would like to give them a try.  Longer, heavier workout videos are for the weekend, energizing flows for early in the week, and practices for rejuvenating or stretching sore muscles or moods are in the columns for Thursday and Friday.  Each day I will choose a video from the document to try, adding practices I especially enjoy to my favorites.

Aim for 100 oz of water a day. My water intake has been up and down since the beginning of the year and I want to make sure to track each day this week.  It’s also important I make sure I’m feeling well hydrated throughout the day, and not just in the early morning when I tend to start strong.

What healthy intentions are you setting for the week?  Tell me about them on twitter and show me the proof on Instagram by using the #Make1HealthyDecision hashtag!