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This Week I Will 34

A weekly post of healthy-intention goals for the sake of accountability; [inspired long ago by Jess and her #sayitdoit style]

A review of last week’s goals:

Set daily healthy intentions. This was a goal I met 100% while I was in Tampa for work last week, and I’m sure this had a lot to do with the successes of my other goals. I truly believe there is a lot of power is stating your goals out loud and even more so, to a friend for the sake of accountability.

Drink all the water. Lead with protein. Eat all the freggies. Well, two out of three isn’t too bad,right? I was awesome when it came to hydrating and eating freggies all day every day, but morning protein was only a focus for me on travel days. Most mornings I had fresh fruit and a latte for breakfast, giving me 11-16 grams of protein each day. On travel days I made sure to eat a protein heavy breakfast, which was smart since we didn’t have lunch either day that we flew, sticking to snacks and beverages throughout the three hours of flight time.

Do yoga in my hotel room every day. Another goal met 100%, thanks to Yoga with Adriene via my iPad near an open door to the balcony overlooking the bay. Yeah, Tampa was awesome.


Plus additional fitness. My boss-friend Jennifer and I went on at least one long walk along the Downtown Tampa Riverwalk every day we were in Tampa, including our travel days. I also did extra hotel room workouts all but one of the days we were away, and kicked my step goals out of the water thanks to being in trade show mode all week long. 

I was really happy with my #make1healthydecision attitude while I was away from home. I did a great job of making fitness a priority every single day and making the best food choices I could during every meal on the road, focusing on salads featuring lots of veggies, lean protein and mega-flavorful-so-you-don’t-need-a-lot-to-enjoy-them toppings. I went into the trip with a plan to make the best, most healthy/clean food choices I could at the group meals and travel spots throughout the week and planned to enjoy one full-on celebration meal on Thursday after the trade show ended.

My plan was beyond a success, as I enjoyed the healthy choices I made throughout the week but also didn’t obsess over avoiding sandwiches and fries all week long, either.  When Thursday’s lunch didn’t go as planned and ended up being an apple, I added a piece of soft pretzel when offered and enjoyed each bite.  Thursday’s dinner consisted of a shared appetizer plate and a freaking-delicious honey mustard grilled chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries for dinner.  Have I mentioned bar food is my favorite? I also enjoyed two of the most delicious pineapple coconut mojito’s of my life with my eats because while in Florida, you’ve got to chase those delicious tropical flavors, right?

I felt especially happy about my “splurgey” meal when I went right back to choosing the healthiest items on the menu with every single meal throughout the end of the trip. I felt like I nailed the concept of balance with my choices this trip.


This Week I Will

Daily time in a book and on the mat.  Reading and Yoga; I’ve seen how these two habits benefit both my brain and my body.  Reading gives my eyes a break from screen-time and works my imagination, too. Yoga gives me a break from desk sitting or slouching and can be a great workout or relaxing, stretch-filled break for my body, too. I’m determined to make both happen every day this week.

No caffeine after 1PM. I’ve started working on this goal last week. My dear friend Danielle asked if I wanted to choose 3 February goals to focus on accountability partner style and I knew as soon as she asked that stepping back on caffeine intake was going to be one of my focuses. 

I know that cutting off caffeine early in the afternoon is a key to my getting better quality sleep and that it is a supportive choice for my anxiety.  I’m still allowing decaf tea in the afternoons, but no coffee or other “energy” drinks. 

Hit my step goal daily. This is another of my February focuses I’m working towards; hitting my step goal 21 out of 28 days is the aim for this one.  This is a true challenge for me right now, since my week in Tampa logging miles walking on the River Walk, standing all day in the trade show booth, and walking through hotel and airport halls bumped up my tracker’s goal by over 1,600 steps since my last week in the office. Bring on the office laps and kitchen dance parties this week!  

Start a new strength training challenge. While we were in Florida, we finished up our 30 Day Butts & Gutts challenge. Tomorrow we’re starting our next accountability strength program. We haven’t chosen it yet, but I have a Pinterest board of options ready to discuss tomorrow: At-Home Strength Challenges

What healthy intentions are you setting for the week?  Tell me about them on twitter and show me the proof on Instagram by using the #Make1HealthyDecision hashtag!