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This Week I Will 33

A weekly post of healthy-intention goals for the sake of accountability; [inspired long ago by Jess and her #sayitdoit style]


A review of last week’s goals:

Eat according to meal plan. I didn’t eat “off-plan” at all throughout the week, and even spent time Friday evening planning out our meals for the weekend.  I was on a mission to not buy ANY groceries before Tampa, and thanks to a pretty well stocked freezer and pantry I was able to pull meals together through the weekend.  We are definitely low on freggies, though. We need a freezer and canned goods stock up, STAT! 

Finish the book I’m reading. DONE! I highly recommend scheduling in self-care to your weekend like you would an appointment or event.  I was serious about setting aside an hour on Saturday, even though my day felt especially busy, to read the last 50 pages of my book. It ended up I only needed about 40 minutes, and I think that the break to relax and read in the middle of the day helped to recharge my motivation before facing the rest of my productivity for the day. I’m currently on track for reading 1 book a week this year, even though the I the goal I set was 1 book a month this year [yes, I know it’s still very early!]


Keep a fitness focus forward.  I’m trying this new-to-me concept of listening to my body in terms of what kind of activity would be good for me, and this week I enjoyed this awareness in practice.

I naturally woke up early Monday morning and spent the bonus minutes moving through a “find what feels good” yoga flow.  When I was feeling lethargic and frustrated, a quick dose of high-speed cardio intervals one night, and a long walk in the fresh air and winter sunshine another, both brought their endorphin powers to my rescue. After an especially long day at the office, extra time on my yoga mat gently stretching and breathing into my motion was necessary. When snow fell overnight twice this week, a full-body workout arrived literally outside my doorstep via shoveling before getting ready for work. Fitness focus met!

Keep tracking. Towards the end of the week I didn’t rock at this goal in practice, but I was consistent in measuring servings and following the food and fitness intentions I sent every day. I didn’t use my tracking app, but I still wrote out my food choices every day and listed off my workouts in my healthy intention Polos every morning.


Tomorrow I’m leaving for Tampa, and I’ve got consistency on the brain!  I did well keeping the momentum and engaging further forward motion this week and I would HATE for that motivation to dissipate just because I leave my home-zone. The mission this week is simple [and familiar] #Make1HealthyDecision at a time. Then make another.

This Week I Will

Set daily healthy intentions. I’ve been successfully reporting my intentions each morning via the Marco Polo app to some friends. I truly believe this #SayItDoIt habit is helping to keep me focused as I work towards weight loss and health goals. Keeping up with my daily out-loud intention setting is sure to be a great tool to keeping my out-of-office head in the #make1healthydecision game.

Drink all the water. Lead with protein. Eat all the freggies. Business trips like these always mean dining out, celebratory dinners with friends we only see a couple of times a year, and lots of free alcohol.  Rather than focus on cutting OUT all those delicious but not good for weight-loss things, I want to focus my intentions on getting MORE water and MORE freggies instead. I’ve already scoped out some promising salad locations, one of our groups favorite lunch meal options which should definitely point me in the right direction.

Starting my mornings with a healthy dose of protein is also important to keep me moving through our busy schedules satisfied and with energy. Knowing this going into the week will hopefully help me make smart choices for my “most important meal” of each day.

Do yoga in my hotel room every day. Tomorrow I’ll complete the #30DaysofYoga home practice series from Yoga with Adriene and I plan on keeping this habit going strong. For at least the next couple of weeks, I plan to continue making daily yoga a priority but I’m not going to be working through a program. Some days I may create a music playlist to flow my way through.  Others I may choose a favorite video from the 30 Days series, or another from Adriene’s YouTube series.  I’ve collected a few videos I think will come in handy in a “Hotel Room Workouts” playlist.

And do something more, too. Boss-Friend Jennifer and I have plans to fit in long cardio walks together as many days as our schedule/the weather allows.  It’s one of our favorite ways to scope out the local sights, and in this case, the sunshine and warmer-than-home weather!  On days we don’t make on a long walk, or I’m feeling like I may want to give myself more workout points for the day, I’ve added some non-yoga Hotel Room Workout videos to my playlist, too. We’ve also got the last few days of the Butts & Guts Challenge to complete, too.

What healthy intentions are you setting for the week?  Tell me about them on twitter and show me the proof on Instagram by using the #Make1HealthyDecision hashtag!

This Week I Will 32

A weekly post of healthy-intention goals for the sake of accountability; [inspired long ago by Jess and her #sayitdoit style]

A review of last week’s goals:

Continue my healthy intentions. Daily check-ins via Marco Polo and/or email with my accountability partners have made such a positive impact on my healthy choice making. I’ve been successful at checking in each morning with my list of intentions.

Do #30DaysofYoga PLUS. This goal was a total win, thanks in part to those healthy intentions mentioned above. Every morning I would list my fitness plans; some days I would be specific about my “plus” workout – walking for 2+ miles on a warm-ish day, for example. Other days I game myself a “choose your own fitness adventure” list of suggestions to choose from after I completed my yoga and strength workout.  Even when I gave myself a list of choices [15 minute Zumba video, 20 minute additional Yoga flow, 40 minutes on step machine, etc], I made each choice specific so I had a plan ready for me to complete when it got to my designated “post-work workout time.” 


Read my daily pep talk. I did well on this during the work week, remembering to read the short pep talk to myself while getting ready before work. I did forget about it on Thursday morning while at home, but remembered when I was walking into the office. I had previously sent a video of my reading the pep talk to a friend and was so thankful that it was stored on my phone. I watched the video while starting my computer and gave myself a mental check mark [and high five] for still getting it done. I’ll continue my plan to spend time with the words each morning for the next week and will then evaluate the practice and what it has done for me. [spoiler alert: so far it’s not making me feel as silly as I thought it would going in to the experiment!]

Make progress in #THSTheJesusYears. I stated my goal was to progress a few months forward, and that’s exactly what I accomplished – 3 more months from book number two. I also spend a little time organizing the structure of the document and adding date headings for easy sorting moving forward.

I was really happy with my goal success this past week and hope to take that momentum with me moving ahead.  I leave for Tampa a week from tomorrow for a work trip, and I really want to stay healthy in body and mind as the trip approaches. I have A LOT of work to get done at the office before I leave. I have a lot of determination to not get stressed, sick or lazy before I leave, too.


This Week I Will

Eat according to my meal plan. I’ve been on a mission not to waste ANY food this year. And more recently to clean out the fridge before I leave for Florida.  I’ve prepped all of my breakfasts and some of my lunches for the week. I plan to spend 30-60 minutes on dinner each night, with podcasts playing in my ears as I meditatively cook my way through each recipe on the menu.

Finish the book I’m reading. I’m currently reading my 4th!!! book of 2017 [What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding] and I since I’ve seemed to of caught a reading bug this year, I’m want to keep the momentum going with my 1 book a week completion rate for as long as I can. My eyes love the rest that reading books has given them from all the screen time. Plus taking breaks from work and looming to do’s will also be good for my wellbeing, too!

Last week I shelved what I had been reading because I just couldn’t get INTO it, but this collection of travel stories from TV comedy writer Kristin Newman has been able to keep my attention without much effort on my part, and I’m embracing that to stay on track. I’ve still got well over 200 pages to read as I write this, so we’ll see how this goes.

Keep a Fitness Focus Forward. Goal: do not loose the will to keep moving! I’ve had a lot of fun with my mix of fitness this month and I want to keep chasing those endorphins, especially as I face my pre-trip To Do’s.  Listing and stating my fitness plan each morning has been truly beneficial and I’m planning to keep that up this week, determined to continue my evening follow through each day.

Keep on Tracking. I’m in a few different health challenges/goal setting groups that have me tracking my nutrition, fitness, water intake, and weight pretty regularly this month.  As a productivity, list and organization lover, this is a habit I’ve never dreaded. I find the simple act of keeping tally so comforting it’s nerdy.

What healthy intentions are you setting for the week?  Tell me about them on twitter and show me the proof on Instagram by using the #Make1HealthyDecision hashtag!