#SummerCravings To Do List [and a prAna Giveaway!]

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This post is sponsored by Stonyfield as part of my participation in the Stonyfield Clean Plate Club.


This month Stonyfield Clean Plate Club is partnering with sustainable clothing brand prAna to ask what we are craving this summer! You know I love a seasonal goal list, so I spent some time this thinking about what has the potential to bring me JOY this summer and created a  2016 #SummerCravingsTo Do List for myself.


Here are the things I’m craving this summer and will myself to make time for before autumn arrives…

#SummerCravings To Do List

Sway my way at outdoor concerts.  Is there anything better than being outdoors warm evening listening to live tunes as the sun sets into sweet summer nights?  I think not! Thankfully, there is a park very near by that has a variety of amphitheater performances all season long. I’ve also seen a handful of local bars hosting outdoor shows, too. I could get down for jams with cider and pub food! Who’s in?

Find a go-to easy up-do. I’m 100% in favor of the gather hair on-top of head in the messiest, uneven bun possible and finish with BAMR band look, but I’m also really digging this quarter-up top knot found at The Beauty Mark [Though I did also find a few BAMR band patterns I’m digging from the new release, too…]


Get away from my Weekend Leggings routine.  I’m uber thankful for this month’s partnership with prAna giving me the chance to take a pair of the Kara Jean our for a spin.  These pants come in a variety of solid colors and prints, too; my pair is indigo. I love how soft and stretchy these low-rise slim-fit jeans are, but my favorite two features are the length [perfect for my fellow tall ladies!] and the beautiful design detail on the button.  The Kara retail for $89 regular price, which is a bit outside of my normal clothing price-point for a pair of jeans, but I’ve seen them on sale for $59.50 which is much more my style. For a chance to win a pair of Kara Jeans for yourself, leave a comment on this post telling me what’s on your #SummerCraving To Do List!

Go Garage Sale Hunting! I’d love to stumble upon some treasures to help me complete one of my DIY Dream List Projects; I am hoping to find a clip board collection in need of some decorating.  And I’ve got a handful of buttons ready to create my own wall art inspired by this Brigitte Herrod piece, I’d love to uncover more on the lawns across town.


Pack a breakfast picnic. Who says picnics can’t happen in the morning? We’ve got a great location a couple blocks from THS HQ; just close enough that even a pre-work day breakfast picnic would be do-able!

Sip on Shugarmom’s Summer Slush is a summertime staple.  We recently picked up new rainbow colored lidded containers that will be perfect for storing batches in the freezer!


Create some more s’mores! Can we talk about these 9 fancy-them-up s’more recipes? [Side note: I really dig the stuff that is shared on the Shari’s Berries blog, and this is yet another example of that.]

Venture to outdoor Happy Hour with my co-workers. There are a handful of locations in Schenectady with great patios and there is one specific location I’m really looking forward to visiting – Centre Street Pub. I’ve visited inside for trivia a handful of Tuesday evenings, but I’ve yet to take advantage of the outdoor space which I’ve heard has a great vibe and includes yard games like corn hole. I also know of some rooftops in need of a visit soon; I’m looking at you Nico’s.

time capsule

Build a time capsuleShameless reminder of these “Let’s Make a Time Capsule” instructions from #THS30Days.

Enjoy COLD foods. Fresh fruit and yogurt for breakfast, stacked sandwiches for lunch, crunchy crisp salads when it comes time for dinner and endless frozen treats for dessert.  I’ve been collecting some refreshing meal ideas here: Summer Yums

Add more tarty citrus drinks.  Fresh squeezed lemonade is one of the BEST nostalgic summertime treats, and lately I’ve been all about lime beverages after trying [and falling for] this Stewart’s Fountain Classics Key Lime soda on a whim. I’m all about tart, sweet, citrusy drinks right now.  As a matter of fact, lemon and lime tarty goodness totally inspired my smoothie creating in the kitchen this month.


Straw-Cherry Limeade Smoothie [Single Serve]

Add ingredients in order listed to single-serve blender cup. Pulse until well blended. Enjoy!

Wild Blueberry Lemonade Smoothie [Single Serve]

Add ingredients in order listed to single-serve blender cup. Pulse until well blended. Enjoy!


Both of these smoothies are fabulous, but the Straw-Cherry Limeade Smoothie blasted to the top of my favorite smoothies list so much so that it has replaced my previous go-to morning blend [Pineapple Coconut Cherry] which I haven’t made since first sipping this new fav!

_PRANA2Hey, you!! Don’t forget: For a chance to win a pair of super soft, hella-flattering prAna Kara Jeans for yourself, leave a comment on this post telling me what’s on your #SummerCraving To Do List!  I’ll choose a winner at random after Wednesday, June 15th so be sure to enter by then! 

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44 thoughts on “#SummerCravings To Do List [and a prAna Giveaway!]

  1. Samantha Reese

    I want to give my kids a very relaxing and carefree summer!! They work so hard during the school year, I want to give them a summer where the only thing they need to worry about is when the pool opens!

  2. Ashleigh

    We live 20 minutes from Lake Michigan and we hardly every go to the beach! Our goal is to make the trip AT LEAST 3 times a month. Also, we’re doing a literary tour around the world with library books–I’m SO excited to cook a special meal each weekend. PS-Those smoothies sound TASTY!

  3. Kathleen

    My summer to do list is to fly to New York and spend time with my two favorite people!!!!! 6 weeks, yay

  4. Katie

    On my list includes making more jam (just got the rhubarb to go with more strawberries!) And hitting up the local outdoor aquatic center with the boys!

    By the way you are looking fab girly! And thanks for the BAMR band shout out 🙂

  5. dianne hall

    I want to throw a nice outdoor bbq with all our friends and family. I just started planning!

  6. Annette

    Repairing my patio (finish the fence and gate, power wash, paint) so I can enjoy it is on my #SummerCraving To Do list.

  7. Anel

    My #SummerCraving To Do List consists of beach trips, evening walks, and a lot of frozen yogurt!

  8. Evie B.

    On my #SummerCraving to do list is to have a big backyard barbecue and spend lots of time by the pool!

  9. Katie

    My summer craving to do list includes going to the beach, drinking iced tea and having s’mores.

  10. Nicki J.

    My #SummerCraving is hiking and camping! Hope to get in a few weekend trips this summer 🙂

  11. allyson tice

    Hiking with my hubby in the adirondacks this summer!! been on our list for a few years now! this year its happening!! r #SummerCraving

  12. Nikki

    Moving this week that is priority. Then looki to finish yoga training. Maybe lose so,e wait and tone up. Prana is great thanks for the chance it’s hard to find clothing…

  13. Susan

    Spending time in the sunshine, going to farmers markets, and eating alot of bbq (and s’mores) are my #SummerCraving

  14. Michelle B.

    We want to take our dogs on a road trip halfway across the U.S. And hit up as many national parks as we can.

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  16. Emily @Sinful Nutrition

    Start hiking some of the spots here in Maine, actually go to the beach, and make some new recipes with my first farm share haul! Like that cold food idea though to, so I’ll be over for a slush soon 😉

  17. valerie sobus

    it may be too late to enter the contest but i’ve just gotta say…..breakfast picnics? why i have i never thought of that!?!?! my summer craving this year is blueberries!!! in pancakes, smoothies, muffins, any way i can get them :p

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