16 SnapChat Storytellers You Should Follow [and Their SnapCodes]

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In case I haven’t mentioned it enough, I’m on Snapchat and I LOVE Snapchat. 

It’s easily the social media platform I spend the most down time with and I’ve been loving getting to know the ins and outs over the past couple of years. 

As Snapchat gains popularity, I’ve had a handful of friends request a list of my favorite folks to follow. After taking screenshots of SnapCodes to send as a reply to just that question, I thought sharing them with here was a fun idea, too!  That way any of you who are on “the Snap” can find some fun folks to follow, too.

First things first – if you don’t already know how to add someone by SnapCode, I made a super quick video to show you how. Check it:

Here! You can practice by adding me via my SnapCode first Winking smile 

z (6)


And here are the SnapCodes of 16 SnapChat Storytellers I’ve been recommending a lot lately.  In an effort to continue on the “super quick resources” train, I’ve included three types of shares you might find on each Snapchatters stories.


the_rewm – behind the scenes at the BuzzFeed office, puppy puns, and inspiration for your inner DIY goddess


wtfrankie* – NYC day and night life, what life is like working in social media, and overall consistently interesting and creative content

trainer paige

trainerpaige – stunning Colorado views, healthy choice inspiration, and fitness techniques and tips


cheapash* – simple weeknight dinners including “make it better” hacks, usable money saving advice, and DIY cocktail hour inspiration 


brandenharvey – motivation for a happy day, mouthwatering donuts, and buckets-o-smiles

jess merchant

howsweeteats – gorgeous food spreads, glittery things, and one too-adorable for words toddler named Max

matt photo

mattaphoto – suggestions for upping your photography game, total prop lust, and DITL of a professional food photographer


backtoherroots – food prep inspiration, cute-as-a-button toddler shares, and practical advice for your home and garden


joythebaker – Tron the super cat, travel adventures, and behind the scenes of Drake on Cake


kandeejohnson – make-up and beauty favs, life as a YouTube star, and a lot of contagious positive energy


juliepbfingers – a-frickin-dorable baby and pup, style inspiration for your OOTD, and behind the scenes of life as an internet influencer


thatwifejenna* – gorgeously honest vlogging regarding ridiculously relatable topics, her journey in the world of coding, and lots of content which will make you lust for a California life

erin weaver

eweave03 – inside the Men’s Health offices, life with a freelance #SideHustle, and healthy dinner inspiration


chezuseats – advice on food photography and videography, delicious dishes which will get you cooking, and tips to help you in your own kitchen


oldkelsnotchels – Life as an YA author, teacher stories a la “kids say the darndest things” and relevant to your life jokes which will make you LLOL 


tshutterbean – uber-cute content by her young son Cooper, flatlays of recipe shots that will have your mouth watering, and organization inspiration to make your life happier


*The list above is in absolutely no order…but I will say that WTFrankie, ThatWifeJenna and Ashleigh from Dash of Evans are my Top 3.  I recommend them to everyone who asks me who to follow.  [BONUS RECOMMENDATION: WTFrankie is also the host of “WWW.” on the Shorty Awards Snap story each Wednesday – highly recommend!]

Oh! And if you are interested in SnapChat and want to know more about it in any way, this is a great post from Buffer that really covers the basics and beyond. Getting to Know the Ghost: The Complete Guide to Snapchat Snapchat updates on the regular with new filters and fun options and [sometimes annoying until you get used to them] display things like the recent text update, but this is a great place to get started or find out something you didn’t already know about The Snap.

Are you on SnapChat? Who are your favorite Storytellers to follow?

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