Twosday LIV

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Exciting Happenings on the Docket for the Week

  1. Today is my faux-Friday!  Five-day weekend from the office is a welcomed treat after several very busy weeks in a row.
  2. It’s #savvythanksgiving 2.1! I’m making a trip to spend a bulk of the holiday weekend in Ithaca at Julie’s and I am pumped.

Things I’m Mega-Stocked About Regarding My Trip to Ithaca

  1. Umm…have you seen the menu for Savvy Thanksgiving?  I can’t stop geeking out about all the deliciousness we’ll be devouring Thursday afternoon. [and the leftovers that are sure to happen throughout the weekend!]
  2. Julie and I are having a work day on Friday, in her mega-awesome new office. The last time I visited, Dan was working on the giant desk the day I left and Julie and I were day dreaming about working side by side during our loved work session weekends we plan throughout the year.   Can’t wait to be mega-productive together!

give and get box

Favorite Details from the Gift I Received From Kelly of Living the Before Last Week
which by the way, was filled with so much fun  and goodness!  I especially loved that Kelly included a list of the gifts and why she chose each one – such a great detail adding to the experience of gift receiving!

  1. Kelly loves Lego (which is one of the reasons I know she and Nicholas would get along swimmingly) and she included a few mini-figurines in the package. I love love LOVE the little welder pictured above and can’t wait to show him off to the welders at work.
  2. The Tea Storage Tin is so awesome!  The print/design of the tin is adorable and totally something I would qualify as “my style” and I love that there is a sealable inner lid to keep in scents and freshness.

Television Programming I’ve Started Watching on Netflix Recently

  1. The Carrie Diaries.  I originally gave this show up after 2 episodes, but after hearing some rave reviews on Extra Hot Great [specifically in Joe Reid’s last episode, which is bittersweet.  I’m happy for his new adventures but will miss his regularity on EHG!] I decided that this show would be a good bet for a weekend computer work worthy show. I’ve been digging it.
  2. Bones.  Hot damn, I love procedurals. I simply move from one to the next to the next.


New Granola Mixtures I Made this Weekend Using this Nutty Pumpkin Pie Granola Recipe as a Base
Because apparently I am obsessed with granola these days.

  1. Chocolate peanut butter, blueberry almonds, and walnuts.
  2. Maple syrup, chocolate almond butter, and mixed nuts.

Deliciousness that Came out of THS HQ Kitchen this Weekend

  1. Crockpot Cheesesteak Pulled Chicken from Jessica was definitely the most delicious thing to come out of my kitchen in the month of November. [and I did a LOT of cooking in November!]  I served it on super soft rolls and when I added honey bbq sauce this tasted 99% exactly like my most favorite sandwich in all of Scotia that you can’t get anymore because the place closed. To say I am excited about this development would be an understatement. I think I found a new favorite special meal to make for celebrations and holidays. [you know, like, making it through a tough week at work or President’s Day.]
  2. Peanut Butter Cookies with pink sanding sugar.  Because sometimes Sundays need extra special treats, too.


Traditional Medicinals Teas I’ve Been Drinking this Past Week
I have loved Traditional Medicinals teas for a long time, and have been fortunate to have worked with them on a few projects in the past. [including HLS! woot woot!]  Though I have received free teas from the company a couple of times in recent years, this is a brand I choose to spend my money on, as well.  When they reached out about a giveaway to welcome winter, I was happy to be given the opportunity to share my feelings about this brand with you guys once again.

  1. Throat Coat. Anytime I feel a little scratch in my throat, I turn to Throat Coat for some soothing.  In my most recent package from Traditional Medicinals I received a new box – perfect timing for the winter weather we have rolling in.
  2. Another tea in the package I received was Echinacea Plus.  This is one of the teas I ALWAYS keep in stock at home and at the office and drink often.  I especially like to make a cup of this whenever I’m not feeling “the best.”  I also am in the habit of drinking a big ole travel mug of this anytime I’ve been traveling, in recent years.

How You Can Enter to win a Winter Wellness Package of Your Own from Traditional Medicinals

  1. Leave a comment on this post, sharing the last flavor of tea you enjoyed before Saturday, November 30.
  2. Make sure to use a valid email address, as winners will be notified by email on December 1.

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11 thoughts on “Twosday LIV

  1. sarah z

    oooohhh, that tea! the last flavor of tea i had was toasted marshmallow from david’s tea! such a treat. 🙂

    i’m excited about savvy thanksgiving FOR you! i hope you have a great long weekend.
    sarah z recently posted..november loving

  2. Stina

    The last tea I had was the Wild Harvest Pomegranite white tea from my HLS/ Wild Harvest care package!

    I am obsessed with Bones. It is one of my Top 5 favorite TV shows!
    Stina recently posted..Do the Can-Can

  3. Holly

    Just enjoyed a delicious cup of orange spice tea that is specially created at my favorite hometown restaurant, Adams mountain cafe in manitou springs, Co!

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