Twosday LII

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I Can’t Stop Watching UpWorthy Shared Videos

  1. I want to be this 12-year old when I grow up: Madison Kimrey
  2. Doc Brown is witty and brilliant and has a great point.

Recommended Reading

  1. On recognizing opportunity, embracing challenges and unseating comfort zones
  2. “My husband was heckled for running behind me at a race”


#BeNiceBox Kindness Activities Completed

  1. Leaving friendly messages with the homemade chalk that was included in the box.  It was especially nice that I passed these messages three times on my run.  I didn’t expect the messages to have an impact on me, too, but I couldn’t help but smile each time I saw them!
  2. I’ve got a great plan going for tomorrow.  It’s World Kindness Day and here’s how I’m celebrating: 13 Good Deeds for World Kindness Day!  I welcome you to do these good deeds, too!

How I’m Making Running a Priority These Days

  1. Change my work schedule to get evening runs in.  Mondays are big meeting days at the office, so I usually skip lunch to fit in some productive time, most often un-intentionally [it just never feels like there is enough time on Monday!!]  Now that the daylight is fleeing earlier in the evenings, I purposefully skip taking a lunch break on Monday so I can leave early twice a week.  I bring my running gear to work, change at the office and run home.  I am so thankful for a flexible work schedule to get daylight [though often sunset] mileage in.
  2. I take advantage of decent weather and make the most of it, no questions asked.  Each week I look at the forecast and pick which days I plan to run.  On the days with the nicest conditions, I aim to get as much mileage as possible.  I battle “not being in the running mood” by looking forward to the longer runs.  I have been focusing on the great things about when I run and it’s really helping to keep my attitude up about running as the weather changes.  On the days I run that the weather is less pleasant, I allow myself to enjoy short and speedy jogs.  Because I’ve been piling on the miles when the weather is great, I never feel guilty cutting short a run because is colder/darker/windier than expected.


Podcasts I Listened to on My 8.5 Mile Run Sunday Afternoon
Sunday I ran long just for the hell of it and it was glorious. I saved these Podcasts all weekend for my run and enjoyed how they made the time pass.

  1. Dining with Doug and Karen. Though Karen was out sick, Doug experienced trendy flavor tripping  with three guests, Greg Proops, Graham Elwood, and Brendon Walsh. Added flavor-tripping to my life list, by the way.

Tried for the First Time on this Long Run

  1. Stopping at home. I broke this run into three parts with purposefully placed stops at my apartment.  I knew I would want to start with long sleeves but ditch the shirt partially way through, which is what inspired the idea to try the stops.  I also knew I didn’t drink enough water earlier in the day so I would definitely want to take a couple water breaks.  It was also a GREAT mental-trick in breaking up the log run.
  2. Chewing gum with strategy.  Before my last 2.5 mile stretch, I popped in a piece of flavorful gum to give me a bit of a kick. [5 Gum in RPM Energizing Fruit, if you’re interested]


Recent Additions to My Office Décor

  1. My favorite from this set of Alisa Burke postcards, which is basically my life motto.
  2. Thanksgiving turkey window clings of adorable.

Wreaths I’m Considering Making This Month to Hang on my Office Door for December
And to complete my November goal of making a wreath 😉

  1. Wreath of Tin from Elise Blaha. Actually, I have another idea using a supply I have overflowing in my craft room which is totally inspired by this post.
  2. Flower Bauble Wreath. I love this wreath and am quite sure I have all the supplies in my apartment as I type.  Though, I would like to get some fun new garland to use for this wreath if I do decide to make it.

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8 thoughts on “Twosday LII

    1. Heather Post author

      thanks, friend!! I want to try a 10 miler this weekend – eek!!!!! I know I can do it, though! 😀

    1. Heather Post author

      Isn’t she awesome?! Seriously inspired by that 12 year old! Hope you had a great weekend, too! From the looks of your instagram feed it was full of fun dress/make-up times 😀

  1. Danielle

    Love that postcard! My house is a near constant mess these days. I need to learn to accept that it will not be perfectly clean as long as little feet are running around. And I’d choose the little feet any day.

    Glad you have figured out a good running routine for you. I’m trying to embrace the “nice” days and get a few miles in, but I’m giving myself a break if I trade some runs for the elliptical too.

    Also, just painted my nails with Essie Eternal Optimist. Loving it!

    Danielle recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Fall Leaves Photo Overload!

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