13 Good Deeds for World Kindness Day

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This Wednesday, November 13th is World Kindness Day!  I subscribe to #BeNiceBox, a service that sends a box of kindness to my address at the start of each month.  In each box, Diana, who I consider a blog-mother in the kindness movement,  has included a list of good deeds for all of us #BeNiceBox subscribers to complete throughout the month.  It’s kind of cool to think of the waves of kindness that are going out all over the country as dozens of us are focusing on acts of kindness in similar ways.  On the November list, we’re encouraged to think BIG in celebration of World Kindness Day.  I came up with a list of 13 Good Deeds to Complete on World Kindness Day and I wanted to share it with YOU, too, in hopes that you’ll join in the kindness movement and celebrate along with us.


// Leave a bag of tea on your co-workers desks and include a note to remind them they deserve to take a break today!  Work from home?  Send a bag of tea to another friend you know who works at home in the mail.  I happen to know you can send two tea bags in an envelope/card with one forever stamp.

// Participate in a fundraiser of some sort.  Some ideas: donate to a friend’s race money raising, your neighbor’s school wreath sale, or a kickstarter campaign you’d like to support.

// Bring a treat or snack to your office or neighbors.  I don’t know about your break rooms, but at my office smiles spread quickly when someone brings in homemade goodies to share!

// Spend quality time with someone who is lonely.  Visit a friend who you know would truly appreciate a visit, or a call a relative who would cherish the time.  Make time. Take time.

// Write an email to a blogger who inspires and motivates you, thanking them for what they’ve added to your life.

// Write an email to a newer blogger who you really enjoy and encourage them on their journey.  Point out what they do well and why you like their blog.

// Donate unneeded clothing, winter gear, kitchen supplies, and linens to a local shelter or salvation army.

//  Send a card to a friend or family member who lives far away.

// Go out of your way to pick-up after someone else, in the tiniest of ways.  Do the dishes in the kitchen, empty your bosses recycling bin, pick up liter on the ground.  It takes two seconds and it’s a simple, kind thing to do.

// Support a blend online. Promote a giveaway or project, give a social media shout-out, or give them a feature on your blog.

// Take a moment to promote a small-brand you really dig and appreciate.  Interact with their Facebook page, leave a comment on their recipe blog, share about the brand with your readers or followers, or simply share a product with friends and tell them why you love it.

// Be kind to yourself.  Set a timer for 5 minutes and write as many of your favorite qualities about yourself as you can.  Go into detail and allow your heart and soul to seep in the self-appreciation.

// Be kind to your FUTURE self, too.  Write an email to yourself at FutureMe.org.  May I suggest you schedule it for February 14th?  It’s 3-months away and not a bad day to get a letter from your younger self with a reminder of something wonderful [like, “reasons why I’m awesome!” or “what I hope you always remember”]


BONUS KINDNESS: My friend and fellow kindness enthusiast, Kelly from Living the Before is hosting an awesome un-random Kindness swap that sounds super fun.  I hope you’ll check it out and participate: Give and Get  Sign up closes on Tuesday the 12th.

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