Twosday XLV

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Favorite Non-Food Swag Items from #HLS13

  1. My Ninja Kitchen water bottle. It fits in cup holders, is easy to clean, comes with a straw, and has been encouraging water consumption since Thursday of HLS Weekend.  Bring on the hydration!  Thanks, Ninja Kitchen.
  2. Sargento sting cheese/cheese stick coolers.  MINI COOLERS FOR YOUR CHEESE.  Yep – they exist and they are AWESOME.

Favorite Food Swag Items from #HLS13

  1. Blue Diamond Toasted Coconut Almonds.  These have been my favorite snack of the summer and I was so thrilled to find them in our swag bags!
  2. Musselman’s Big Cups. They’ve made adult sized cups, my friends, and I’m so thrilled about it!  [so thrilled, in fact, I expect to tell you more about my love for Musselman’s soon!]

mingle collage

Mini-Mingles I Attended While at #HLS13

  1. Dinner at Chino Latino and drinks at Sky Bar, planned by Mollie and Molly.  LOVED this spot and every bite of food and sip of drink I consumed.  Thirteen of us had dinner at Chino Latino on Thursday night, starting with happy hour at the bar.  We then moved to a long table where we split into three groups to order dishes to share.  This worked swimmingly, as I shared plates with Molly, Mollie, and Julie and let them do ALL of the deciding when it came to what I was eating.  It was the right choice trusting these ladies handling of the menu!  The tostadas and shrimp curry were especially phenomenal.I LOVED the location and definitely want to add Chino Latinos to my must-visit list next time I’m visiting the Twin Cities. The drinks were not only delicious and well poured, but fun, too.  The glasses were decorated and the menu was full of fun (and funnny!) cocktail names.

    Chino Latino on Urbanspoon

    After dinner we made our way across the street to Sky Bar for gorgeous views and chatting on the roof top.  We ordered a round of drinks, most of the group choosing an whiskey cocktail that tasted a lot like apple cider to welcome in the fall weather.  I loved toasting the start of Summit weekend with this awesome group of ladies.  Such a great way to kick off the fun!

  2. Tea tasting at The Tea Garden/Steepery.  They brought us many different pots of tea to taste, and I really enjoyed chatting with Nick, whose family has been in business for eleven years.  More on this mingle to come in a future THS post!


#HLS13 Attendees Who Double as Best Friends from High School

  1. Danielle from News from Alameda Street
  2. Megan. Also known as the officially unofficial #hls13 photographer. [you may also know her from her writing here on THS! ]


Special Moments from Wednesday of Summit Week

  1. Eating dinner at Newsroom with Kelly, Mindy, and Julie.  Julie and I split appetizers off the happy hour menu, and everything we had was just a notch above standard, good bar food – except for the Thai Tacos; they were OUT OF THIS WORLD.  If you ever spot them on the menu when you are visiting Newsroom in Downtown Minneapolis, they are a must-order.  Also had to have my photo snapped with Nixon, of course.
  2. Kelly brought us special #HLS13 cupcakes from Cupcakes A-Go-Go in Madison.  We had six flavors to choose from and I’m pretty sure I tried at least a bite from each over the course of the weekend. I had a lot of fun discussing the flavors and taking first tastes with Kelly, Mindy, and Julie at our slumber party Wednesday night!

Special Moments from Friday of Summit  Weekend

  1. Friday morning, well before registration opened, Kelly and I joined Mindy and Alicia for a couple of miles to round out their long run for the weekend. I wanted to test the route I was planning on using for Sunday’s Fun Walk/Run, and jumped at the chance to run with three of the women who impact my running journey to this day.  The run was nothing fancy, just two miles through a park and back, but the 20 minutes or so that we took to jog together was one of my favorite moments of the weekend.
  2. When Elizabeth, Julie, and I headed to the Guthrie for Cocktail Party set up, there was a limo waiting.  I consider Elizabeth our cocktail party queen, as this was the second amazing event she’s planned with us, so taking the limo was an easy choice [especially when he quoted us the same price as the car service we were planning on taking.]  This year’s HLS Cocktail Party went off really well with the all-star being a party game Elizabeth created that I’ve read MANY rave recaps of last weekend. That woman is a party planning rock star!


Fun Best Friend Adventures I had in St. Paul Last Monday

  1. Teaching three classes of middle schoolers about blogging. Totally unexpected, this was thrown together over the course of Summit weekend, but I’m so glad I took a jump into the unknown and agreed to this invitation.  Kelly taught the first two classes with me before heading back to Madison, and I took the third class on my own.  It was a blast and a great experience to add to my blog resume.  I loved getting to share some swag with the school nurse and well-deserving of treats teachers, too.
  2. Lunch at one of my favorite spots to grab a quick meal whenever I’m in Wisconsin or Minnesota – Noodles & Company!  This was an extra special meal, as I was eating with Danielle and her two wonderful little ladies, A and J!  I had so much fun hanging out with these three ladies for the afternoon.  I will cherish this day for a long, long time.

Adult Beverages Consumed to Celebrate a Successful #HLS13

  1. Red wine, with Kelly, Danielle and my little sister, Melissa, in the hotel room, Sunday night.
  2. Simply Pink Lemonade and Prairie Organic Vodka with Melissa after a nighttime walking tour of her new campus.

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9 thoughts on “Twosday XLV

    1. Heather Post author

      I want to go back to Chino Latino SO BADLY! I was so impressed with how your mingle went, my dear. DOUBLE HIGH FIVES, to you! From happy hour at the bar, to chatting along through dinner (and all the delicious food!!!!) – it was a blast. Definitely one of my favorite events of the weekend, for sure!


    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks, A! It actually wasn’t TOO difficult…mainly because I could talk about blogging for hours and hours on end 😉 It was a lot of Q & A, which was a breeze. [especially because they got swag in exchanging for asking questions 😉 ]

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