Twosday XXVII

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Audio Snippets I Highly Recommend

  1. You know my dear friend and THS Contributor, Megan Orcholski? Well, I’m begging you to listen to her story, My First Fake Grandchild. You’ll laugh. You’ll smile. You’ll probably become a bit more understanding of my undying love for this women, too. [If you like podcasts like The Moth, Risk!, True Story and the like, you’ll love this story, especially!]
  2. This few week old episode of the Joy the Baker podcast: I’m Mrs. Loblaw The whole thing is normal Joy and Tracy greatness, but I’m specifically recommending the section on working from home: tons of great productivity tips for anyone who wants to kick procrastination in the pants!

Songs from Last Weeks Glee Episode I Purchased While Watching the Episode, Before the Scene with Said Songs are Even Over

  1. Torn. I love love LOVED the two Rachel voices singing the two parts together.
  2. Love Song. Sara Bareilles + Glee Graduate Ladies Trio = so much fun!  You’ll find me belting along as I clean the kitchen for the remainder of the month.


Realizations of the Weekend

  1. Dual screens = the best way to work. Also, I spy FIVE calendars in this photo. Ridiculous or awesome?
  2. It seems that Benson has decided what he wants to be an alarm clock when he grows up.  He’s been hard at work training every morning; clearly he believes practice makes perfect!

Productivity I Never Saw Coming That Happened This Past Weekend

  1. I mended five items of clothing which have been in a pile waiting for my attention for over two years. I was totally procrastinating other work when I got my hand stitching on, but I’m still oh-so-happy this task finally got done.
  2. Organizing a kitchen cabinet that was giving me a stress-headache every time I opened it.


Highly Recommended Podcast Episodes I Listened to While Prepping Produce

  1. Exiting the Friend Zone – Sex Nerd Sandra – The discussion on “Nice Guys” and “Nice Girls” was quite interesting.  Loved thinking about the idea that being a nice girl isn’t 100% the best idea.
  2. Nerdist Podcast: Dave Grohl.  I have a deep affection for Foo Fighters and always have loved listening to Dave Grohl’s stories in interviews over the years and this discussion on his latest Directorial project, Sound City, is filled with excellent stories, too.  [My love for the band started after I saw [and LOVED] the documentary Foo Fighters: Back and Forth – have you seen it?]

New Podcast Subscriptions I’m Digging

  1. By the Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin – Especially because although I haven’t yet seen an episode of girls, I really dig Lena Dunham and the second episode of this new Earwolf production made me love both Lena and Jeff even more than I already did.
  2. Monsters of Talk. I love Margaret Cho, so you know I’m down for 30-40 minutes of conversation with her and her equally witty co-host Jim Short.

birthday crown

Plans Already in the Works for The Big 3-0 in April

  1. I will be wearing a pink “Happy Birthday” tiara which has already been purchased from the Dollar General.
  2. Food from Bombas. A couple of months ago we declared Bomba’s our favorite pizza place.  Then we tried their wings and they became our favorite wing place, too.  Then on Friday, we ordered lunch at the office and I had the most amazing sandwich; so amazing, in fact, that I declared it the best sandwich I’ve had since I’ve moved to New York. [Nick then asked me what the best sandwich I’ve had ever is, to which I replied; “that’s too much pressure. I need a few days to think that through.”]Anyway- I’ve been talking about a boneless wing buffet for my birthday since December, but now that I’ve had this sandwich, I’m definitely increasing the spread to include other Bomba favorites as well. I have a rough draft list already started and I’ve decided that I’m not going to eat anything from Bomba’s for the six weeks leading up to my birthday for some added anticipation of the most delicious food in all the land!

Movies Played via Netflix This Weekend

  1. The Lorax.  Was a bit surprised to see this was the film Nick chose for us to watch together Saturday night, but we both really enjoyed it and decided to give it a four-star rating.
  2. Butter.  Every now and again when I have a bunch of tedious work to do, I put on the most random movies I know nothing about but are “recommended for me” from Netflix, as interesting, head-turning, procrastination inducing background news.  I didn’t pay close enough attention to really review the film, but I did enjoy the scenes I did focus on and can give this much on the topic: So many great actors are cast members in this dark comedy.  And Jennifer Garner in a role I’ve never seen her in before, which I always really enjoy; her character doesn’t blend into the same face from Catch and Release/13 Going on 30/The Invention of Lying/Alias/and so on. [aka: no doe eyes and pouty lip to be seen!] Also, as expected, Kristen Schaal is hilarious.

p.s. some of the items I share [because I love them & think you’ll love them, too!] and link to on this post are available for sale in my amazon affiliate store. I’d love if you made amazon purchases through my store – you can search and shop for ANY item on Amazon as you normally would, by following this link. It helps to keep THS alive and well. xo

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8 thoughts on “Twosday XXVII

  1. Joy

    This is a silly question but you know the answer and I’m clueless about podcasts if you find one you like (and admittedly I haven’t yet – I think I’ve listened to… 1 maybe 2) can you subscribe or something like I do with my DVR so EVERYTIME (no idea why my iphone insisted on capitalizing that) Parenthood (for example) is on it ends up on my queue, would it do that or would I have to look all the time?
    Joy recently posted..30 things day 20

    1. Heather

      Yep, Katie is right – you can download podcast on an episode by episode basis, or you can subscribe in Itunes so that each time there is a new podcast, it automatically downloads.

      In ITunes, go to the ITunes store, then search for whatever you want in the search bar or browse the podcast section. You can download individual episodes or subscribe here.

      Also, a note: When I find a podcast I want to try, but don’t know if I want to SUBSCRIBE right away, I download just an episode or two that sound interesting. [sometimes I start with the first episode of the podcast, other times i just search through the titles and descriptions to find one that interests me!]

      Let me know if you need any more help – I admittedly begged Julie for a play by play the first time I ever used ITunes. It’s always so nice to have someone teach you rather than just figuring it yourself, ya know?
      Heather recently posted..Twosday XXVII

  2. Alissa

    Looking forward to listening to the Joy the Baker Podcast, I am really behind and this is something to look forward to. Congrats on the cleaning the food storage and fixing clothes! That is GREAT! I have to say that The Lorex surprised me too, in a good way and I have been interested in watching Butter but was waiting on reviews.

    Thanks for the post!
    Alissa recently posted..Game Day Tuesday: Tsuro of the Seas!

  3. Diane @ Life of Di.

    Whenever I have work to do, I do the same thing with Netflix. If it’s not a random movie, it’s a random television show. 🙂 We have a few laptops in our household so I usually put one next to me with Netflix and use the other for my work! Gotta love the convenience.
    Diane @ Life of Di. recently posted..Sunday Confessions.

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