Twosday XXIV

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Shows I Binge On Each Week, Watching All 5 Episodes of the Week in One Day, While Doing Computer Work

  1. The View – I was so happy to learn that episodes are available on Hulu Plus.  Was not as happy to learn that they are web-only, meaning I can’t watch them on the Xbox, meaning I can’t watch them on the TV, meaning I sometimes sit with two computers open as I work.
  2. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – let’s see how many more Twosdays I can mention Jimmy and his show, eh? [ps – if you haven’t already seen it: watch the recent episode with Bill Cosby.  It’s spit that water you’re trying to drink out of your nose, funny!]

Computer Work I Complete While Watching Said Shows

  1. Editing Photos. Mostly I use Microsoft 2010 Photo Editor. Sometimes, when I want to pretend I’m fancy, I use PicMonkey.
  2. Making Simply Saturdays. I use Microsoft Paint. Every time.

pcooking light

Cooking Light Recipes from the JAN/FEB Issue I Plan to Make Before February

  1. Slow-Cooker Marinara [on page 99] – I’d love to try a new sauce [I currently use my mother’s, of course – it’s my favorite!! but I am a firm believer in having more than one kind of favorite, and the six different meal suggestions also listed on page 99 are making my head spin with ways to use up [and celebrate!] this sauce inspiration!
  2. Roasted Cauliflower Soup [on page 158] – I’m on a major soup kick, these days and I love that this one is listed in Cooking Light’s Budget Cooking piece.

New Fitness Challenges I’ve Accepted

  1. Planking every day.  Thanks to a welcomed challenge from my new friend Elizabeth. [you can join, too!]  I’m keeping track of my progress on one of the MANY calendars I keep near my at-home work space.
  2. I’d like to complete one knee push up.  Just one. By the time I’m thirty. [which, spoiler alert, is only months away.]  I’m really great at the lowering of the push up, but not so good at the raising at all able to get myself back up to the raised position. 


Ridiculous Accomplishments I’m Ridiculously Proud Of, to Boot

  1. Yelling out the correct answer to every question of the quiz about TV series finales on NPR’s Ask Me Another podcast.
  2. I spent 6+ hours with my Gmail account on Saturday evening.  I replied. I organized. I assigned due dates. I can’t believe I finally did it. 

Quotations I Can See from My Desk Chair

  1. To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work. – Sister Mary Lauretta
  2. Our intention creates our reality. – Wayne Dyer.  This one is displayed on my desktop wallpaper, thanks to this great post from Katelyn Brooke – 10 Great Desktop Backgrounds. [I came across Katelyn’s blog late last year and she has quickly become one of my favorites for her quality content, valuable sharing ability, and beautiful design inspiration.  Check her out!]


Recent Purchases Made Only for the Fact That a President was Displayed on Them

  1. American Farmer popcorn.  In Old School Movie Theater Popped Corn [featuring a 3D Viewing Lincoln]  and Sweet & Salty Kettle Popped Corn [featuring a tractor driving Washington.] How could I not?
  2. Presidential Facts Treat Boxes.  I saw them when I was ordering some craft supplies on the Oriental Trading website [I made craft kits for our friends’ daughters for Christmas] and when I noticed they were marked down to $1.69 a dozen, I added a package [or two!] to my cart.  The wheels are already turning to how I can put these to use this year. Hey, it won’t be the first time I celebrate Presidents Day or a POTUS Birthday with some treats Winking smile 

Lessons I Learned This Week

  1. Eggplant doesn’t freeze well.  Especially eggplant you didn’t remove any liquid form in the first place. That helped me to clean out a few of those freezer meals I was hoping to dive into this month… in one big sweep into the garbage.  WompWomp.
  2. The lyrics are "Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart. You’re shaking my confidence DAILY" …. not BABY, as I have been singing at the top of my lungs for years.

p.s. some of the items I share [because I love them & think you’ll love them, too!] and link to on this post are available for sale in my amazon affiliate store. I’d love if you made amazon purchases through my store – you can search and shop for ANY item on Amazon as you normally would, by following this link. It helps to keep THS alive and well. xo

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8 thoughts on “Twosday XXIV

  1. Stina

    I made the less loaded potato soup (also featuring roasted cauliflower) last night, and it was delish! If you’re a fan of potato soups, I highly recommend it.
    Stina recently posted..2013: Grow

  2. Megan

    Wow, you spent 6+ hours organizing your email, amazing! I have been putting this off for SO long and someday I need to do it. Any tips for breaking the task up into small and more manageable pieces? I find just the thought of it to be very daunting!

    1. Heather Post author

      Megan! I started writing you a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong reply with tips and such, but then i realized that I should publish it as a post. Look for it at 6AM eastern time tomorrow!

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  4. Miranda @ Biting Life

    Hahaha that last one is really funny. Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? There’s this episode where, completely out of nowhere and with no later explanation, one of the characters says that line of the song. I was so confused for the LONGEST time until I finally looked it up, haha.
    Miranda @ Biting Life recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday 1/16/13

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