Fresh Friday II

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If you haven’t been reading THS for long, let me tell you about my GOLDEN year.  The year I turned 28 [on the 28th! hence the “golden”] I set out on a year long mission to TRY. NEW. THINGS.  [You can read about the experience here: Golden Year Goals: The End ] The experience gave me a new appreciation for stepping away from the comfortable favorites and taking a bite of the yet-to-be-experienced things in life. 
I’ve tried to carry on with the desire for trying new things, and I love Fresh Fridays [hosted by Katherine at Real Food Eats] because of the encouragement to look for, notice, and celebrate NEWNESS in your life. The focus on FRESHNESS reminds me to choose something other than the regular each week.  [and I encourage you to give it a try, too!]

 Real Food Runner

Three things that brought FRESHNESS to my week:

  1. North Pole scented wax melt, from Yankee Candle.

    Me: If this is what the North Pole smells like, I want to move there.
    Nick: I don’t care how good it smells, the warmest it gets there is probably similar to how cold it is here now and I’m definitely not doing that.
    [it was ten below zero this morning!]
    Psst: It’s the Yankee Semi-Annual Sale!!

  2. Alias. Season 1. 

    Alias - alias Wallpaper
    This television series has been in my Netflix queue for an uber-long time, and this week we finally took a dive into the world of double agents, secrets, and a doe-eyed pre-Affleck J. Garner.  I’m quite certain I’ve said, “Oh my god. This show is crazy.” at least five times each episode we’ve watched [I think we’re about to start episode five,] as I’m on the edge of my seat for most of the time I’m watching.  

    Also, I have finally figured out where they were hiding Bradley Cooper in the beginning of the 2000s.

  3. Stuffed Pepper soup from the [recently relocated] Scotia Diner. 

    Starting at about 9:00 AM, when my friend Kristine and I discussed going to the diner for lunch, I started dreaming about a soup and sandwich combo to battle the cold weather blues going on in our office.  When we arrived at the diner, I saw a hot turkey sandwich on special, served with gravy, cranberry sauce, fries, and a cup of soup.  I passed on the gravy, but was so excited to see exactly what I had a taste for on the menu board when I walked in.

    Two soups were available, chicken noodle and stuffed pepper.  At first thought, I decided chicken noodle had to be the winner. I HATE stuffed peppers.  But then I got to thinking about how the only stuffed peppers I’ve ever had were made by my mother, and even more so, that I had deemed myself a hater of said stuffed peppers and stopped eating them once I was old enough to choose.  There was a good chance that the last time I had a stuffed pepper of any sorts was over 15 years ago!! Maybe I do like stuffed peppers and I don’t even know it.

    So I bit the bullet, and ordered the stuffed pepper soup.  And it was FANTASTIC.  So fantastic that I plan on finding out their soup schedule and planning visits accordingly.  From what I could tell, the soup had a tomatoey broth, chopped peppers and tomatoes, rice, beef, and was seasoned perfectly.

    The new location of the diner [114 Mohawk] has lots of room for parking and the fun 50’s themed décor [complete with tunes from the juke box] bring an extra dose of fun to your meal.  I’ve been about half a dozen times since it’s re-opened and have loved my experience each and every time. If you’re in Scotia, give the diner a try!

    The Scotia Diner on Urbanspoon


What has brought freshness to your life this week?

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2 thoughts on “Fresh Friday II

  1. Julie

    I loved Alias back when it first aired, and I’ve been meaning to rewatch it sometime! Fair warning: the later seasons get more crazy. Like “later seasons of Lost” crazy.

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