Daily Archives: January 2, 2013

JAN13 Goals

Yesterday I mentioned that one way I’m setting goals this year is on a monthly time frame.  My decision to measure goals this way for the entire year has a lot to do with my taking the I Choose self-guided workshop at Big Picture Classes.  I am thrilled to be focusing on about 30 days at a time, and plan to use some of my monthly goals as progress points in the 13 goals I set for 2013


  • Try a variety of home workouts.  As with the rest of the world, the idea that January brings a clean slate and the opportunity to reset in all avenues of health, I’m taking advantage of all the new year excitement to refocus on getting the work outs in.
  • Cook from Cooking Light. Julie sent me a subscription to Cooking Light magazine as one of my Christmas gifts.  The first issue of my subscription has already arrived and I’m super excited to dive in.  Cooking Light is a magazine I’ve heard many friends rave about, but I’ve never actually even looked at an issue before this one arrived.  I love that the magazine is filled with delicious looking recipes I’m eager to try, as well as tips, suggestions, and more. 
  • Find a work scheduled that’s right for me.  I’m ready to get back to a normal, non-holiday schedule at the office and to re-introduce a weekly schedule to my at-home work, too.  This week is a little funny, because it’s only a 3-day week for me at the office.  But I plan to try to find a bit of structure to my evenings, especially.  I want to spend time working several nights a week, but I know I will be most creative and productive if I don’t work EVERY night after getting home from work.  Here’s where I’ll be focusing on my word for 2013: BALANCE.
  • Design the Valentines.  I didn’t send Christmas cards or holiday greetings.  I’ve been thinking that Valentine’s are a lot more fun and unexpected to find in your mailbox, six weeks after all you had all those great envelopes of fun from everyone else.  I’ve already started a list of people to send to, but I know that I need aim to have these babies designed, printed or crafted, and addressed by the end of the month in order to allow for projected procrastination and still making a timely delivery by February 14.
  • Read a book.  As I write this, I don’t know which book I plan to read this month, but I know I want to read something.  Having a book I’m into helps me to make taking an away from the computer lunch break a priority at the office.  I would really like to get into the habit of stepping away for an hour each work day, taking time to eat away from my screen and read a good old fashion book with pages. 
  • Eat something from the freezer. A while back, I went on a major prep and freeze a bunch of meals spree.  I’ve barely touched all the stuff I’ve made and stuck in the frozen tundra of my kitchen, and if I don’t start eating it NOW, it’s all definitely going to be way past it’s prime.  I also know I have a lot of frozen fruit that could happily be made into nutritious smoothies if I just took the time to blend it up.