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Twosday XXII

Ideas I’m Seriously Considering for 2013 [I’d love to hear if you’d be interested in either!]

  1. Hosting a THS Netflix Club. It’s like a book club, only we watch a certain movie, mini-series, or television season within a month.  Then we gather together at the end of the month to discuss our thoughts and opinions, choose the next month’s work, and celebrate our love of screen entertainment.  I’d consider doing HuluPlus items, too!
  2. An HLB Book Club launch, with Google + Hangout virtual meet up discussions.  I’m dreaming of local bloggers gathering together for their book club, then joining in on a video chat with HLB Members across the globe who are doing the same in their own areas. 

Goal Setting Time Frames I’m Using in 2013

  1. A list of 13 goals for 2013, because I’m a fool for numbers and matching.  Tracking via a spreadsheet, with bi-weekly check ins.
  2. Monthy goals.  I’m working my way through the I Choose self-guided workshop at Big Picture Classes, and so far it’s really making a case for using a monthly goal setting platform.  I guess I should finalize my January goals, it being January 1 today, and all.


Things I Did to Celebrate the End of 2012

  1. Opened all the memories I had written throughout the year and added to my jar.  We relived many hilarious conversations we’d once had.  Many which were about Benson.
  2. Read through the book of top 5’s I had created in 2012.  I kept a journal throughout the year in which each day I wrote a High Fidelity type Top Five list.  Some lists are random and some have specific topics relating to life happenings of the day it was written.  Reading through the book from start to finish was an interesting way to see my growth and changes throughout 2012.

Teenage-Nostalgic Top 5 Lists from January 2011

  1. Cheers from Lodi High School days.
  2. Places to order breadsticks. [with mention of the Two by Two café at Noah’s Ark Waterpark. TRUST.]

meliska and me

Things I Appreciate about My Sister, Birthday Girl Melissa!

  1. I know she will always give me her true opinion, and never just say something to butter me up.  She’s real.  And she deals with people in a way that makes me trust the words that come out of her mouth.
  2. She always has something new to teach me about; a television show I need to start watching, a game that instantly becomes my favorite, a website with great discounts…the list goes on and on!

Posts Melissa has Shared on THS

  1. Cocoa Cones – a popular handmade Christmas gift to give.
  2. DIY: A Bed for Your Pet – a tutorial for a DIY bed and crate pad for your furry friends.


[Speaking of Birthdays] Components of Nick’s 31st Birthday Celebration

  1. Watching the original Star Wars Trilogy, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.  I’d never seen them before our all-day movie fest and I’m really happy we made a special event out of it.
  2. So much food.  I went all out – a different “favorites” meal to be eaten during each of the movies, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Buffalo Chicken Menu Items We Indulged In

  1. Buffalo Chicken Dip. I used Iowa Girl Eat’s recipe, which has been my go-to for small get togethers for at least a year now.  We did a variety of munchies, dips, and snacks for our “lunch” meal.
  2. Baked Buffalo Chicken Pasta.  Another repeat recipe, this one from How Sweet Eats.  I made this dish for Nick’s 30th birthday party last year and it’s a dish that’s often mentioned when we’re talking about the best things to come out of my oven.  Nick has an aversion to warm crumbly cheese [weirdo! It’s one of my favorites!], so we scrapped the gorgonzola, and a spread a thin layer of Marzetti’s The Ultimate Blue Cheese Dressing on half of the dish.  The extra creamy cheese addition was really tasty and something I’d definitely plan on doing again.


Dishes Made with Eggs and Sausage This Weekend

  1. Breakfast Pizza – served as breakfast during A New Hope.  I cooked sausage and egg the day before and threw them atop of a Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough with a blend of shredded cheese about 15 minutes before we were slated to start the movie.  Having the prep work out of the way made day of preparation super easy.
  2. Scrambled Egg Muffins – as inspired by Anne P [with the leftovers from the pizza].  We’ve been dreaming up new recipes to try in an egg muffin soon, too.  I’m dreaming up a leftover party with a variety of ingredient combination scrambled muffins in our future.

Trader Joe’s Products I Purchased for the First Time Last Week [and plan to try this week!]

  1. Garlic & Herb Pizza Dough – when I make my own dough, I swear by The Best Pizza Dough from Eat, Live, Run.  Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat dough is my favorite premade to use – it’s so easy to shape and manipulate and it cooks up perfectly on the pizza stone I use.  When I saw the herbed dough last time we were shopping, I grabbed a ball for the cart.  
  2. Smoked Apple Chardonnay Chicken Sausage – I always pick up at least a couple of convenience food options to keep in the house for nights when I’m super busy or much too lazy to cook a real meal.  Sausage or hot dogs of many kinds have found their way into our fridge over the past several months. I’m thinking I might pair these with that pizza dough and some goat cheese.


Travel Plans Already Scheduled for 2013

  1. Tampa, FL at the end of June.  We’re celebrating my Burton Grandparents 50th anniversary with a family vacation to the beach!
  2. Denton, TX at the end of December.  The awesomeness that is the Burton Christmas will be held at my parents place next year!  HOORAY!!

Blogger Workouts I Plan to Complete This Week

  1. Courtney’s Last Call Workout 

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