Thirteen goals I’m planning to accomplish in 2013. I’ve also included my plan for the first step I need to take to move closer to completion on each goal. [I find it helpful to breakdown long term goals into “one step at a time” tasks and mini-goals.  It helps make things a lot less intimidating!]

long term goals

Goal 1: Complete the “I Choose” self-guided workshop from Big Picture Classes.
Status: Class completed 2/24/13!

Goal 2: Plan and execute 30 Days of Heather in April
Step 1: Complete the list of post topics and reread Amanda’s blog challenge presentation recap.
Status: The list has been started, but this is a first quarter goal I really need to dedicate some time to soon!
Next Step: Complete Step 1.

Goal 3: Keep in more frequent contact with my family
Step 1: Make a plan for dedicating time to catching up with the family each week.
Status: If my Christmas Vacation 2012 laid any lessons on my heart, it was that I really wanted to cultivate the relationships I have with my family members.
Next Step: Schedule a Skype chat or Google Hangout with my parents and sister.

Goal 4: Run a sub 30 5K
Step 1: Build a strong core and base to start training strong when spring comes.
Status: I’ve also made a playlist with songs from this Running Songs for 9:00 Miles list that my Dad sent me last week.
Next Step: Write out a training plan for increasing my speed. [and continue building core]

Goal 5: Donate Unneeded/Unwanted Belongings
Step 1: Bring the already sorted give away items to the collection area.
Status: I finally took the already sorted items to the donation spot.
Next Step: Make a list to break down the task, listing rooms and storage areas to go through one at a time.

Goal 6: Keep an internet time sheet.
Step 1: Set up a document for tracking time.
Status: I’ve set up the document and have already begun making notes and keeping tally of how much time I’m spending doing what sorts of tasks for what I call the “internet work” part of my life.  I did a great job keeping detail of the tasks I was working on during my time in January, but in February I got lazy and just tracked the amount of hours I logged without detail.
Next Step: Keep better records in the month of March to better understand where I am spending my internet time.

Goal 7: Log 7500 Fitness Minutes
Step 1: Creating a tracking sheet for logging workout time.
Status: I’ve been keeping a log of my workouts via my tracking sheet, and have been trucking along.  Winter always means less workout time in my life, and I’m looking forward to warmer temps for some outdoor fitness activities. 
Next Step: Continue logging minutes and aim for 800+ in March. [to catch up to the “625/month” average I’m aiming for]  I’m also introducing a daily 20 minute walk to my routine in an effort to increase the fitness.

Goal 8: Publish 200+ posts on Then Heather Said.
Step 1: Look through drafts and notes to see what I already have on my hands.
Status: 17 posts for the month of January and 14 for the month of February.
Next Step: With my plan for 30DOH in April, I know I can scale back on my posting this month and still be in good shape on this goal.  In March, I’m aiming for 12 posts on THS.

Goal 9: Increase followers and subscribers [on all accounts] by 10%.
Step 1: Take inventory of what the numbers are now, and make note of goal number for each field.
Status: I’ve made a spreadsheet tracking the followers for HLB and THS accounts for feed subscription, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and HLB Membership.  So far I’ve reached THREE of my goals!!
Next Step: Continue to update the spreadsheet tracking and make a list of creative ways to reach out for new followers.

Goal 10: Add an extra $500+ to savings account.
Step 1: Plan on adding an extra $10 a week to segmented savings account.
Status: I’ve set up a sub account in my savings account to store this little bit of extra savings I’m setting aside.  It may not be a lot, but $10 a week is something I should be able to handle and it will add up over time.  So far I have moved money to this account ONCE.
Next Step: Set a reminder to move money on a weekly basis.

Goal 11: Send Valentines
Status: Goal completed 2/12/13!

Goal 12: Make 13 recipes from cook books.
Step 1: Find a recipe I’m excited to make in one of the many often unused cookbooks in my kitchen.
Status: So far I have marked about 100 recipes from cookbooks and made ZERO recipes.
Next Step: Decide on cookbook recipe and add to meal plan.

Goal 13: Reach the 170s.
Step 1: Weigh in and start a document for tracking.
Status: I’ve created a document for tracking my weigh ins, which I will complete on the 1st of each month.  I have been doing a great job making healthy choices and am slowly starting to see the weight come off.
Next Step:  Continue with strength training, but increase cardio.

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